Guru Mukha Padma Vaikya (I)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Q. Maharaj, as you said the rules are not so important but the main thing is our realization.
Ans. Why are these rules given, to purify  our consciousness, mind, intelligence and false ego. Only to purify these things the rules are given otherwise there is no need to follow rules. As I have said earlier who gets liberated? practically the mind because the atma(soul) is always liberated and the body is to be perished so the mind is to be liberated which is  serving the senses and I am experiencing happiness and distress. So as long as the mind is not liberated it will sometimes sunk and  sometimes rise you. So  sadhan bhajan which I am doing is only to liberate my mind otherwise it is of no use. This we should always keep in mind that the rules are there to develop my self otherwise only for rules (niyam) sake if we perform our sadhana than it is of no use. Categorically we set some rules for ex. to chant 1 lakh a day. So what we are doing? we are busy to fulfill the rules and our days are passed to perform the rules only not realising the actual thing. If we just perform the rules and do not have any realisation than what will happen? the rules will be a kind of conditioning for us and we will be bounded by the rules and rules becomes heartless, lifeless only pose and postures.
Q. But Maharaj the disciple has to be disciplined and so rules are to be given.
Ans. Correct, everybody has to be disciplined. Look at the sun, the moon and others are they not disciplined, the whole world is in perfect motion only for this discipline, everybody is doing their duties perfectly. Only we the humans are indisciplined. Yes the rules are there, to maintain my body and to purify my consciousness, but we should see that the rules are to be performed understanding it properly or else it will become a kind of conditioning for us.
Q. But Maharaj the rules seems to be difficult at the begining but if we go on performing than one time it will become a habit.
Ans.  No, no, I never said to avoid the rules, but why these rules are, that we have to always keep in mind, . That is why Srila Rupa Goswami has stated as niyamagraha. Just performing the rules is not enough, we have to careful about our development. For ex. education, if I go to school from 10 to 3 only for my attendance is that enough? No, 24 hours we have to be alert and always keep our eyes and ears open and every moment we have to be learn. Same is the case here, in Dharma. We have to  maintain our relationship with the Lord 24 hours with love. The main relationship is love (prema) like a father and son or a husband and wife etc. etc. so this has to be kept in mind 24 hours. So, in these kinds of relationship where is the requirement of rules. The  mother loves her child or vice versa what are rules to do.  These things has to be understood. Rules has to be there primarily as we are developing from animal mentality,  animal life. The word "math" itself means field, those who are loitering in the field  are brought and  their training centre is math. This was done by Sri Sankaracharya, but we are unable to understand this.

(The above conversation is translated from Bengali as I have heard from the lotus mouth of my Gurudeb Sri Kandarpa Gopal Goswami).