Guru Mukha Padma Vaikya (II)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Q. Maharaj, firstly we have to aquire knowledge (gyana) and that gyana is to be offered to the Lord, as Lord says that the knowledge has to be offered to Him. Is it the main issue?
Ans. Not offer, knowledge itself means to know God. So as soon as we realise God than our knowledge is automatically offered because at that stage there is nothing which remains unoffered. When I will be able to feel or see that murti by any means than knowledge will be offered automatically at His lotus feet.
Q. So to know Krishna should be the only aim of our life.
Ans. Our only aim is to know Krishna, javat jivet javata. I shall eat food to maintain my body. Why to maintain this body, it is only to enquire about the Absolute Truth (Tattva jigyasa).
Q. So in which side we should endeavour more towards puja archana or gyana.
Ans. Puja is required but gyana is the root, very important.
Q. What about the manjari bhava could you say something.
Ans. It is a bhava, physiological fact and scientifically proven that we human beings  by nature belong to female specis as we take birth from a female body. So by  nature we are females but externally some are given male organs to maintain the ecology but internally we are all females. As  mango will come out of a mango tree. So this thing is to kept in the depth of our heart always that by nature how we are; we are females of 12, 13, 14 years of age we are in the bud and our youth has not yet come out. So we are manjaris, which means bud, the flower has not come out. So this thing is to be always kept in mind. Krishna is the only Purusha (male) the anadir adi Govinda. He is the only enjoyer and He provides enjoyment to the senses, cows, brahmanas and the whole creation. Every thing is maintained by Him and every thing is only for His enjoyment and I am a part of that eternal lila, my Guru is there, Guru parampara is, they are all shakhi rupa, Rupa manjari is there and I am serving under them. Whenever they give me any kind of seva I have to perform, for example decorating the kunjas for the Divine Couple. This is called manjari  bhava.
Q. But what does these things actually mean. It seems like a normal life.
Ans. Completely normal life, but the difference is in our normal life we enjoy ourself but here we are enjoying by giving enjoyment to the eternal Kishora and Kishori. It is a great thing. As soon as we grow older than there will be no enjoyment, so this position is an eternal position. Many philosophers and poets has imagined about this age and described in their literatures and poetry. So this is called Kanta bhava upsana in Gaudiya Vaishnava theology and this is the principal reason for Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's appearance. After  marriage this pleasure fades away. As Krishna is married and Radharani is also married but they are attracted to each other. As soon as we marry there comes adhikara, I want this and that. But this is a case of real love it is different because there is no  take. If I take something than where shall I keep it, my family or parents will enqure and I shall be caught and problems will be created and so there is no  take, only give. So to give is pleasure and not to take. Only to see Him is the real pleasure and so the whole day thinking as to when I will meet him what I will say . So this is called parakiya rasa tattva which is being manifested fully in  Vraja and the rishis of Dandkaranyas had imagined  like that and participated alongwith the nitya gopis.
Q. The gopis are said to be niya siddhas etc. Will the jivas reach that stage?
Ans. There are Nitya Gopis, Sadhan Siddha Gopis and Shruti Gopis. All jivas will achive the nature of gopis. What does gopi means? go means senses and pi means to drink. To drink the nectar of Krishna with all the senses. The jivas by their sadhana will attain  gopis bhava and become sadhan siddhas not nitya siddhas.
Q. Are Vaishnava can be called Hindus. As it is said that it is an offence to think Vaishnavism as a caste.
Ans. A Vaishnava is neither Hindu, neither Muslim etc. it is a natural dharma of a Human being. The word Vaishnava comes from the word Vishnu tattva, Vishnu janati jashya Vaishnava. So as Vishnu is omnipotent tattva so are the Vaishnavas. They are not called Krishnav although in Bhagavatam the family members of Krishna are called Krshnav. In fact if we go through the shastras very deeply we will find that there is actually no puja being done for Krishna. The gopis and even Mahaprabhu did not showed any example to worship Krishna. The gopis even did not treated Krishna as God. So we worship Krishna in Vishnu tattva, like Vishnu. During puja, during vigraha sthapana, in mandir everything is being done in Vishnu tattva only.  So we take Krishna in Vishnu tattva and  worship Him accordingly. That is why Vishnu tattva/Vaishnava tattva is for all living entities and because all living beings comes from Vishnu. So the love for the living entities is towards Vishnu because it originates from Vishnu and that is what the Vaishnava philosophy is. That is what Mahaprabhu had preached "Jiver swarup haya nitya Krishna dasa" Living entity is eternally the servant of Krishna.
Q. It is said that God is omnipotent. But if a jiva has got his minute independence than how can God knows what is next action would be. So does God knows all the future action of the jivas.
Ans. Yes God is omnipotent. He can calculate what the jivas next move would be according to the minute independence, karmas and natures of the jivas He can understand the next move of the jivas, but he never indicates.
Q. Then there will no surpirses and pleasures for the Lord. It is said that He does not know what next day will be in Vraja alongwith the Gopis.
Ans. No that is a different issue, during lila He forgets. When He goes to the gopis He forgets that He is God when He goes to mother Yashoda she thinks that He is her child. This is called prema. What happens for ex. if I am a Prime Minister, when I go home, can I always remember that I am a Prime Minister?Than I cannot move around in my house. If you go and see a Prime Minister in his house you will find him to be a most common man and his family members are also dealing with him just like a common man like you and me. Same is the case with God. When He is performing His lila nobody is thinking that He is God, He is most powerful, He can do anything, but nobody thinks like that.
Q. Does the minute independence of the jivas decreases or increases when he develops his relationship with God.
Ans. It increases manifold. As God is completly independent so becomes the jivas and it is called sajujya (independence same as the Lord). Though Mahaprabhu did not recommend this kind of independence but the jivas has the ability to reach that stage as qualititively he is equal to God. But the jivas does not want to have this, for ex., I like sugar and  if I become like sugar than I cannot taste it anymore, so to taste sugar I should never like to become like sugar or else I could not taste it.
Q. When we say that my guru is the best is it a kind of false ego.
Ans. Yes, my guru is best means I am the best and the case is not like that. Everybodys' guru is best for him. If somebody is saying like that he is misusing the word Guru.
Q. But if I say that I am glorifying my Guru because I love and respect him.
Ans. That is OK, when we respect our Guru but it has to come out from my heart not that I am saying like that but I myself do not think like that, which is prevailing in the present situation. So Mahaprabhu has cautioned Rupa-Sanatana and other devotees not to worship Him and that He is a devotee. It has become a fashion now days to glorify guru to worship guru and if I get a chance I will also become a guru. It is not at all humility. Only Vyas is the original guru. But where will  find temples for Vyasdev or Rupa-Sanatana? nowhere. Thinking of superiority is false ego. Even if I say that Krishna is the best than question will come have you experienced or realised it? Or you are just repeating what you have read in the books. So the main thing is first you understand Krishna, understand the tattva understand Shiva understand Shakti tattva and then you realise that how Krishna is controlling them and how they are related to Krishna. Even Vyasdev, in Bhagavatam, he disclosed Krishna in the 10th Canto and before that he gradually moved explaining all other avatars. So this things you have to judge. If you keep this kind of inequality in your mind than it will be difficult for you to realise everything. We have to respect everyone and as Mahaprabhu has said trinad api sunichana.... and I believe if there is any other teachings as good as this one for the Vaishnavas.
Q. What about preaching?
Ans. Yes we should obviously preach to should save our Vaishnava Dharma, we should save our culture our Vedic religion. We should preserve of nature, our character, our land (Bharat Varsa) which is a place where religion is practised by almost all. Always it has to be saved. Krishna has demolished so many demons killed Kamsha and established religion. So similarly we have to follow the same philosophy as Krishna has demonstrated and particularly in Kali Yuga how Mahaprabhu has taught us.  The demons are always powerful and so we shall have to be well armed with shastric knowledge and mainly by setting examples of purity and compassion.
(The above conversation is translated from Bengali as I have heard from the lotus mouth of my Gurudeb Sri Kandarpa Gopal Goswami).


Partha said...

Shri Jai Dev Das has sent this comment via e-mail.
Thank you for tagging me. Any opportunity to spread God Consciousness I welcome and encourage. ! Please accept my Dandavat Pranams. First of all,
I have a great respect for any Guru, whether we share identical siddhanta or not it is irrelevant. What ones Guru says is the law that one should never doubt, even if another Guru says otherwise.
Because only Guru knows what is relevant to us, any any particular time , to know or be aware of. Guru instructions are above all philosophy.
Ok let's get to the question :

With Krishna anything is possible for He is not bound by rules,
( except for one which He arranged - that He cannot experience the Highest Rasa without Srimati Radhika - but that is another subject )
So Krishna can make a jiva appear ~equal ~ to Him if He so wishes. HOWEVER
Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura point out in Bhakti Rasamrita Sindu Bindu ( which means so does Rupa Goswami in His Bhakti Rasamrita Sindu ),
that a jiva will never qualitatively become one with Sri Krishna, because
only Sri Krishna is capable of possessing all 64 Supreme Qualities. The most a jiva can reach is 50 Supreme Qualities. So not just quantitatively but also qualitatively jiva will be never be equal to Krishna. ( But again Krishna can do anything ).
It's like asking if Krishna can create something which He cannot lift ?
Sure , He's God. Krishna will create something which he cannot lift and then...? He will lift it.
Spiritual law is build around Krishna and His desires, and not the other way around. That is why in the spiritual law there exists dichotomy.
The same dichotomy exists among the various Vaishnava Sects.
'Right ' or ' wrong ' ' is only relative to the accomplishment or failure of a particular path, under a particular Guru. For example one Guru may instruct His disciples that what another 'Guru' is saying is 'bogus' or 'nonsense ', in order to protect His disciples Sadhana and help to make their mind one-pointed in one particular philosophy. ( which is already vast and confusing as it is ). This however DOES NOT mean that what another Guru is saying , is actually 'bogus' or 'nonsense'.

Philosophical boundaries are necessary to help us define and solidity a singular perspective. Its the fastest way for us to get from point 'A' to point 'B', without getting side-tracked. If one is not satisfied with a particular method, then he or she is welcome to look elsewhere. However give it a sincere try first with an actual dedication, without continously switching and bouncing from path to path.

So please I pray that all of us honor and at least try to understand the significance of the dichotomy of the spiritual laws ( especially me ! )

We need to be very careful not to commit a Vaishnava Aparatha, which results in attracting the Mad Elephant of Aparatha , to completely trample all over our spiritual progress thus bringing it to an utter spiritual ruination.

Partha said...

Pranam, Thanks for your comment. Srila Viswanath Chakravarti Thakura has correctly said that the jivas can never be equal to the Lord. One is compared to the Sun and the other as sunrays. However in general if the jiva is not qualititively equal than how can he love the Lord.
Radhe Radhe

Partha said...

This is the second part of message by Sri Jai Dev Das:
As for jiva's minute independence, ?
the minute independence of jiva upon developing a relationship with Krishna does not increase or decrease.
It changes into Spiritual Independence, which is complete different from what we know as independence. Regular independence is only a faculty of our 3 subtle senses , mind, intellect and false ego, it's based on the mood of selfish exploration. While Spiritual Independence is based on the mood of selfless devotion.
So for the fun of it we can say that Spiritual Independence is independent from regular independence. Spiritual Independence completely evolves around how we can utilize it to provide pleasure to Radha Krishna through and with Their most intimate Associates. Spiritual Independence is without 'I' or 'mine' motive.

I invite all to comment on what I wrote or even post opposing views. Or point out any mistakes i might have made, since i just typed it out, upon invitation to the discussion.
It's the best way for me to learn other philosophies.

This will be better explained in my upcoming book " God - a simplified version. "
Let me know if you are interested , and I will send more information upon its completion.
The book was inspired by the need for some simplicity after repediately encountering an utter confusion coming from so many people about Krishna Consciousness. ( especially my own confusion )

Partha said...

The following comment is sent by Shri Dhaval Yash Das via e-mail.
Dandvat Pranam ..Vancha Kalpa......
Das anu das....Devotees are more happy than God in one more way.
Which is similar to your Sugar example. God himself cant appreciate his beauty but a devotee can.
God wont sit & hear his kathas & enjoy but a devote can do that
Devotee got one more extra Quality than God which is Request/Sifarish - We can request only those who are higher in any feild. Example - In a Company the Boss is on the Top most level & so If I want my collegue to join the company I can request My Boss. But there is nobody higher than God & so God cant even request anybody but a devotee can request - Prabhu this is your ansh & please do call him at your Dhama, he is your great devotee etc.
Conclusion :- Devotees can enjoy the beauty of God, Kirtan, Bhagwatam, etc but God can't.
Devotees can request GOD but God cannot request anybody because there is nobody higher.
Devotees are more happy than God, even if he is Sachid Ananda Vigraha Devotees are more happy because even he cant resist & appeared as Mahaprabhu in this yuga to understand the pleasure a devotee can get.
Hare Krushna