A Humble Submission Regarding Japa Mala (Chanting Beads)

Monday, 9 January 2012

(Translated from Gaur Krishna Kirtan Archan Bithika written by Sri Kandarpa Gopal Goswami)

Though I may commit an offence as to speak an unlike truth  but still keeping in view of the well being of the devotees I am unable, but to speak. As Sriman Mahaprabhu has broadly announced “Always chant and there are no rules in regards to chanting” still I believe that it is not for those who chant in Japa Mala (Chanting Beads). While eating, sleeping, walking etc. those who always remember and glorify the Lord it is only for them but for those who chant a limited number of rounds with their japa mala for them there are certain rules and regulations. Detailed explanations are written in Sri Hari Bhakti Vilasa and our Guru Vaishnavas are well aware of it. I am just writing in short some common practices which are forbidden in the shastras.
1.Never visit a market place with japa mala in your hands.
2.With the japa mala in your hands do not argue or get angry or hit anyone with your left hand.
3.Never take part or give advice in any sorts of gambling with japa mala in your hands.
4.During morning walk and evening walk or having a chat with your friends never go on with the japa mala in your hands.
5.In Sridham Nabadwip or Brindavan or any other dhams or anywhere in the society do not go out with the japa mala.
6.Quickly finishing the required the rounds is not the main aim of japa.
7. Do not talk while chanting.
8. Never take any oath with the japa mala in your hands and never swear in the name of japa mala.
9. Never utter slander or praise a person with japa mala in your hands.
10.The power of chanting should not be used in any kind of material activity neither it should be used to harm anybody.
11. Holding the japa mala in the right hand never pay obeisance with your left hand.
12. Holding the japa mala never collect Tulasi leaves or any other paraphernalia etc. for the deity.
13. Never count money keeping the japa mala in your hand.
14. Never use the japa bag for keeping money or other valuables.


sushe said...

I want to start mala japa.Is taking any mantra for this is necessary? want to know more about mala japa.