Opinion of Swami Vivekananda about Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Friday, 20 April 2012

 (From the book-Bharate Vivekananda, collected by Swami Birjanandaji Maharaj from Belur Math)
            “Now I am mentioning something about God Sri Chaitanya Dev appeared in this Aryan country in a foremost Brahmin family. He has distributed the idealism of love-addicted extra-special mood of Gopis to the world “Apani Achari Dharma Jivere Shikhaya, Apani na koile dharma shikhana na jaya” (Religious works are to be taught to others through self-performance. If one does not act himself, he can never teach others). He has shown the idealism of these words to the world. Although many other love-addicted great acharyas have descended but Sri Chaitanya Dev has been the supermost amongst all of them. Being God himself he has followed the path of the acharyas. Huge devotional waves originating from him have flooded the entire Bengal bringing serenity to the entire mass. There has been no limit or end of his love lore. For that reason his glory spread not only in India but engulfed throughout total universe. He has not made any sectarian outlook amongst honest-dishonest, pious-sinner, Hindu-Muslim, pure-impure-fallen-harlot, this nation-that nation, this country-that country, this sect-that sect and the like; entire humanity have shared his own love-wealth, he has flooded mercy to everyone untiringly. Till now this community has become the place of shelter for poor, weak, de-classed, fallen, inferior, sinner, distressed and persons having no place in the society. What a magnanimous proposition it is, till now no other Hindu acharayas have performed in such a way as almost all others possessed a narrow sectarian communal outlook. Introduction of his Sikshastakam (eight fundamental learning) are applicable for the entire mass. Those who have assisted him in his performance, they too are exemplary entities and formed a favorable base for preaching Prem-Dharma (Religion of love). So the world today has been blessed by the information of pure love-abode of the spiritual world and shall continue to relish it.