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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Q. Maharaj people generally take dharma very emotionally.
Ans. Generally it is, either emotionally or some party’s self interest with some sectarian views, for example a person from one math cannot tolerate another person from another math; you have come to our math you take diksha again from here, again become our disciple than only you can stay here. So such things; but dharma is not that, dharma is a universal affair, especially our Sanatana dharma, as there is no other dharma above this and they view the entire universe in a different way, Bhagavad Gita or else the entire philosophical treatise we have its for the entire humanity.
Q. Nobody sees the practical side. Some says that Mahaprabhu was also emotional.
Ans. Yes, people become emotional and that emotion lasts for sometime and then it goes away. But if you say about Mahaprabhu that is different, Mahaprabhu was emotional, but He had reached a certain stage and then became emotional but if we act like that than it will not do, the sentiment has to grow inside me and then only emotion will come within me. So in the shastra it is said that first you follow Vaidhi Bhakti and then gradually you will develop to Raganuga Bhajan, not directly. Some may have bhava (emotion) spontaneously, he may have pure bhava, but that is exceptional, it is not applicable for everyone and it is very rare, say 1% or 2% and hence it is not countable. But here, dharma is taken just to make the general people emotional and exploit them and this is the only tendency, so what happens, the real purpose of dharma is not fulfilled. If you look into the history of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama etc. you will find how struggling there life was. Lord Krishna, although he was Bhagavan Himself, but still He took birth in a prison and after that He went away to Gokul, so these things we have to think, as He is Lord Himself why did He took birth in a prison and as soon as He took birth why He has to leave His parents, due to some reason or the other and went away to another place, to some unknown place and there He grew up and from there on began to struggle, began to kill the asuras (demons). Therefore this kind of life, if I look into the lifestyle of Bhagavan than I can realize that where am I, just doing some Puja path offering some tulasi, chandan and some bhoga doing some singing, some kirtan and are keeping myself within. But whether it is Sri Ramchandra or Mahaprabhu, they were unable to lead their life in a normal way perusing dharma, all of them had to struggle extensively and had to carry out great effort. But is our lives, where is the struggle, we don’t want to do any effort, just changing our clothes and becoming bald, that is not enough. So these things we have to think, what is dharma, first to save my body is dharma, to save my community that is my dharma and those who are in touch with me to look after them is my dharma and the society which have helped me to grow up, helped me in my studies, I have some duties for it also and that is also my dharma. To look after my parents that is my dharma and above all Bhagavan who is safeguarding me from the beginning as He is the greatest energy and to always think of Him and that is inevitably dharma. In the root He is there in every particle and to link everything with Him that is the highest dharma.  

Sri Kandarpa Gopal Goswami
Q. But some says that at the time of death if we remember God than we can go back to Him and my aim should be only that.
Ans. Yes your aim has to be that but only in this way you cannot attain, at the time of my death I will take the name of God tyajetante kalebaram taking the name of God and leaving this world and going to Vaikuntha, if you do this with this kind of thought than it will not be done. Somebody asked me that Sir if it is like that than I will hang myself and die now by taking the name of Lord, means he had preplanned everything, otherwise who knows if I forget to take the name of the Lord. But if he dies in this way than does he goes to Vaikuntha. Therefore if you do it only with this aim than it is not correct. To connect the whole society, the people inseparably associated with you, with the Lord than only it will be successful, but if I only sit in my home and I will take the name of Lord and all kind of arrangement is there for me, my servants will be there to help me so that I don’t have any physical hardship and I do not have to earn anything do not have to do any physical labour nothing and in this way if I take the name of God than will it be the name of God, tell me. I will remember Him under any circumstances and for this reason Mahaprabhu instructed Srila Sanatana Goswami “Para Byasaneri Nari” a lady who has her husband and everybody in her home but still she loves somebody else, the whole day she is doing all her house work but in her mind she is always thinking about her paramour. Although she is thinking about him the whole day but nobody is able to recognize. She also does not have any give and take relation with him as her husband in her home is providing everything to her. Even if her paramour gives her something it will not be possible for her to bring it as there is no place in her house to keep it. So in this way you should be-Mahaprabhu says, therefore if somebody has this kind of relation with God who is to be kept in my heart, unknown to the external world without beating drums to the outside world that I am doing many things but in my heart how much I have the feelings that nobody knows.
Q. After death what will happen to us that also we don’t know.
Ans. Yes before and after death, both of these are unknown to us. For any kind of creation the same thing implies, neither we know the past nor we know the end but only the middle portion. Now this the fact and this is the ultimate fact, even though we keep on dancing and capering and keep on doing bhajan, kirtan but we are unknown. Hence it is said that which beginning is unknown and end is also unknown only a little part in middle is only known that is also said to be false, beginning unknown i.e. false and the end is also same so the centre is also false. For example knowledge, if you have immense knowledge, you have store-house of knowledge but unused, that means it is ignorance that is no knowledge, if I am unable to utilize my knowledge, if my knowledge does not materialize, if it remain unexploited than what is the use? something which I hold if I do not pass it properly than its of no use. Same thing in case of dharma, I am doing my dharma very nicely, but only for myself, but it does not serve any purpose for others, I am unable to change the conscience of others, forcefully if something is done than it is done otherwise not, like other religions, but our religion is not like that, in our dharma one should follow it automatically as it attracts the people towards it, people loves it so they dashes towards it, I like it so I do naam japa. So our dharma is Manav Dharma (humanity), at least I take it as Manav Dharma  and it is repeatedly publicized by Mahaprabhu and all others who have incarnated in the land of Bharat Varsa, just to establish ourselves in this Manav dharma which is dhriti, ksama, damah, asteyam, saucham, indriya nigraham, sri, vidya, satya ba akrodham dasakam dharma lakhshnam (self restraint, mercy, control of mind, not to steal, purity, control of senses, beauty, education, truthful and not to get angry are the ten symptoms of religion of an human being). So dharma is established upon these ten principles, after that as said in Bhagavad that dharma is standing on four legs and there also it is said that saucham, daya,satya and tapah these are the four legs of dharma.
Q. So you say that the samata (equality) is the highest achievement in dharma.
Ans. Surely, not the best but it is an achievement, and for a shadhu it is his foremost symptom, if I am a dharmic person, if I am a vaishnava  than it is my first sign, if there is any standard demarcation than it is that. Samattam yoga uccate, as there cannot be any bismatta (inequality) as Lord Himself has accepted and showed us in His incarnation as Matsya (Fish), Sukar (Boar) etc. In His incarnation as a Boar what He has done, He has cleaned this earth, what is the duty of a boar, bistha bhojan (eat the excrements) that means to purify this earth by consuming all the excreta or dirt. So this is a great work, He has done the duty of a scavenger. So this is our first duty, to purify the ingredients we use, in our first mantra also we utter gange cha jamune chaiba godavari saraswati narmada  sindhu kaveri jaleasmin sanidhing kuru i.e to purify the water we use, but today see the condition of ganga, jamuma and other sacred rivers, in these rivers nowadays let alone doing achaman you will feel disgust to even touch that water, such impurities, but in Vrindivan I am building big big temples, but I am never thinking of that. So in this way…. actually our dharma is exceedingly scientific and it is totally based on science.
Q. Why is it scientific, earlier also you said it is scientific.
Ans. Scientific because, this very water, air, sky etc. to keep them pollution free to keep them pure that is dharma.
Q. Because it is changing number of times.
Ans. I will not say it is changing, the original thing is there, but as in science, Einstien has said something, and later on it is further researched and further rectified and moved forward. Similarly in our Hindu dharma, today you see the Vedas speaks in a way, the Puranas says something else, the Upanishad, the Samhitas all speaks differently and moreover later on the vaishnava acaryas, goswamis like Srila Rup Sanatan who have compiled a large number of scriptures, they have also created some new tattvas. For example, Achinta Vedaved tattva, before them there was Advaita tattva, Dvaita Adviata tattva, Suddha advaita  tattva etc.etc. these are coming one by one refining itself. So our Hindu Sanatana dharma is massively explored and no other religion till now has been so much researched. So it has been refined and rectified a large number of times and everybody has included and excluded his own conclusion.
Q. Will it not create confusion as different people say different things?
 Ans. No it will not because the aim is at one point, for example my aim is to reach Kolkata from, say Delhi, but there are various ways, you can come by bus, by train, by plane anyway you want there is no question of confusion because your ultimate aim is to reach Kolkata, you may come very easily, you may come slowly halting at every places to experience everything properly, etc.etc. so the taste differs.
Q. But for this you have to be broad, as for example there are people who do not at all want to hear about others, except my religion I will not listen to anybody, I will not speak to people who are not follower of my dharma these kind of mentality is mostly found nowadays.
Ans. No these things are not at all correct, the esteemed carriers of our dharma never made these kind of ordinance, neither Krishna, nor Sri Ram, nor Mahaprabhu, nobody. So in this case we have made it ourselves and if you say it truly, than, do you know where the dharma has reached today after Mahaprabhu, and as Mahaprabhu has understood it he had forbidden it but later on it was not followed, that is Byaktibad (individualism) and this comes from Gurubad which is later on followed by many later formed institution. Keeping a statue of Gurudev and worshiping him, it is being done with a completely different viewpoint which I do not want to elaborate here. But in case of our previous acaryas, you will not find any temples of Srila Rup-Sanatan or any other goswamis or any acaryas where their worship is being done. Earlier there was no temple even of Mahaprabhu. Rup-Sanatan or 64 Mahantas or any other followers of Mahaprabhu never made any temples for Him but later on these types of worships are created and these is called as Gurubad or Byaktibad. So when Byaktibad arrives you cannot go to God directly, the byakti (person) comes in between.
 Q. But it is said that you cannot go to God directly, but Guru will take you to Him.
Ans. Yes a Guru can take you and a Guru can also stop you from going to God, as for example Sukracharya and nowadays all gurus are like Sukracharya. You don’t have to go up to God, just satisfy me and remain subjugated to me.
 Q. Does it mean that we will not do any seva to my Guru.
Ans. Hundred times you will do seva but not by leaving the seva of the Lord. In fact except your bhakti sadhan there is no extra seva for guru. As seva for guru is correct similarly guru does not accept that seva that is also correct. If he accepts seva of all his devotees than the life of guru will become a kind of oppression. If all devotees think that I will do seva to my Gurudev, I will massage his lotus feet, I will pour water to bathe my Gurudev and everyone began to do so than in one day Gurudev will be… Guru is your suhrid means friend, guru is like your friend, he is said as Istapresta means Ista (God) presta (love) God loves him, Krishna rupe guru, Guru rupe Krishna kripa kare bhakta jane that is said in Chaitanya Charitamrita, Tulasidas has also said the same thing –  Rama kripa bine sulabha na hoye without the mercy of Ram to find a Sadguru is not possible. Solely by Bhagavad kripa, if Bhagavan is merciful upon you than only He will send you to a Sadguru otherwise, the Guru cult which is created, the Guru business which is created, temple business which is being created you will get trapped in it. Only when Bhagavad Karuna (Lord’s compassion) will be upon you, when you attain punya of many lifetimes than only you will get sadhu sanga and when your vivek chaitanya (conscience) arises than you will approach a guru.
Q. But Maharaj coming back to one of the previous question, if somebody remembers God at the time of death won’t he go to the Lord.
 Ans. Offcourse he will go to the Lord. If somebody remembers Iswara at the time of his jagaran (awakening) that is in the early morning means beginning of life means birth and when you sleep means your are dead, if somebody remembers Him during this two time which is termed as sandhikshan (juncture of two ages or periods) and another time in the middle termed as sandhya (evening, juncture of day and night) if you chant the name of Lord in these three times, trisandhya daily than there is nothing more than that. If you die taking the name of the Lord than that death is mangalmay (auspicious) here your sleep will be auspicious otherwise what will happen, one great sadhu once told - a person who can keep his sajjya(bed) as uncontaminated as his bhajanasan (a seat where we sit and pray) he can go to God much more earlier than others. In general we make a separate room for the Lord, we go there do our worship, finishes it as early as possible than come out and get a kind of relaxation. But it should not be like that, as it is said that your bed has to be purified and has to be untainted like your Puja room.
Q. When we try to remember God what happens, normally our mind dashes towards material things to withdraw it back and take it towards God isn’t it very troublesome?
 Ans. No it is not troublesome, one thing you try to understand, spirituality is inside you that is why you are dashing towards material, it is automatic you don’t have go, it will automatically go, a living thing, it will automatically become dead, it is natural, but to make a living thing more living, more living if it approaches further towards spirituality that is its natural phenomenon. So everything that is happening that is only because the spirit is inside me, without which nothing will happen.
Q. But the mind does not want to go there.
Ans. Yes mind does not like to go there because we are not self realized. In Bhagavatam three things are very nicely said, one is bhakti yoga, another is gyana joga, and the other is karma yoga.  Do you know the meaning of karma yoga, it means all your karma (activities) are to be performed for betterment of others, than only it will yog (add) for yourself you don’t have any karma, if you do karma for yourself than it will not be added, gyana yoga means, you have immense knowledge, you have studied hundred of books but that is not considered as gyana yoga it will become yog when you have attained atmagyan (knowledge of self) why you are here, what is your actual duty, when you know these things that is called real knowledge and bhakti yoga means your believing in God, in every activities of your life if you think He is there, once Mr Jaynal Goenka a famous man who built Gita Press was asked that you have done a lots of sadhan bhajan, daan (donation),punya etc.etc. one of his friend was asking him, now tell me which is best among all these. Then he said that see I have never thought about these but I feel that the best activity is to surrender oneself to God, means I am not doing anything, whatever I am doing its is because He is making me to do, to feel like that is the most important and most easiest thing. But as soon as I begin to think that I will do japa, I will do bhajan, I will do sadhana etc.etc immediately self ego appears than I trend away from the right path.
(The above conversation is translated from Bengali as I have heard from the lotus mouth of my Gurudeb Sri Kandarpa Gopal Goswami).


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