Mahaprabhu's instructions to Srila Sanatana

Monday, 7 May 2012

                        Yasya prasadadgyo he sadya:sarbagyatang brajet
                        Sa Srichaitanyadevo me bhagaban sanprasid tu
                                                         18th Vilas, Sri Hari Bhakti Vilas
            Among the instructions Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has given to the advanced people of the society, the blessings he showered upon Sri Sanatan and Sripada Rupa is considered as the topmost essence. These are extremely beneficial for any human beings and are endlessly auspicious. Those who are seeker of chinmaya (an epithet of Supreme Being) brahma for their welfare also there are many things to be known from these advices. Those who are indeed eager for the Lord, those who have a natural thirst in their heart for dharma, they can quench their thirst from these nectar of instructions. Segregated from chinmatra Brahma the pursuit of another Brahma is also dormant in the Vedanta. By speaking about the chinmatra brahma also the all auspicious srutis inculcates about the rasa brahma (brahma filled with juice). Further that rasa brahma in its condensed state is named as Govinda. He is the chief of unending energy. The leela-rasa which he displays alongwith His swarupbhuta, greatest essence of hladini energy, embodiment of ananda-chinmaya rasa energy alongwith other anandamayi energies, accept bhakti rasa there is no other way by which it could be found. In his instructions, Sripad Rupa Goswami has clearly elaborated about this bhakti-rasa and the means of attaining bhava-bibhava-anubhava  and sancharita bhava etc. how this rasa (juice or honey) could be tasted.
            The directions Mahaprabhu gave to Srila Sanatana, in that also he very vividly elaborates that Akhil Rasamrita (akhil-universe, rasamrita‑nectar juice) Sri Krishna is the worshipable God who not only attributes opulence etc. but madhurya (sweetness) is His real nature and it can be relished only by unalloyed prema-bhakti and gopi-bhava bhajan is its extreme tattva (fundamental truth) – all these He explains extensively and successively along with scriptural evidence. Beginning from the 20th chapter of Chaitanya Charitamrita’s Madhya Leela till the end of 23rd chapter the gist of all the directions Mahaprabhu gave to Srila Sanatana Goswami are explained very briefly.