Guru Mukha Padma Vakya (XI)

Friday, 1 June 2012

Q. Maharaj you were saying that there are four pillars of dharma.
Ans. Yes there are four pillars of dharma, and these four pillars are the four Vedas, these four Vedas are carrying the Bhagavad in their shoulders, holding it upon their head. That is why it is said “Vedo upanishada saram jata Bhagavati katha” when Sri Sukdev Goswami was narrating Bhagavad at that time Devarshi Narada came, Devarshi Narada, when Krishna departed from this mortal world, comes and finds that there is no dharma anywhere, only some days have passed since Krishna departed and within this short period if the condition of this world is like this than how will it be, Kali has just only began. Then wandering for some time as he comes to Vrindavan, he finds Bhakti devi. He notices that Bhakti devi is full grown young girl but her two sons gyan and bayragya, they are in lying unconscious in a wretched condition. When Bhakti devi sees Narada she says, as you are a saint and as you have come here, I feel my suffering will end, please obtain back my sons youth and make them conscious again. Narada goes to them and recites many Upanishads, Vedas in their ears but they just open their eyes, flickers , yawns and again becomes unconsciousness. Narada than wonders, what is this, I have recited so many Vedas and Upanisads but there is no affect. As he was wondering what to do, he hears a celestial voice that you do sat-karma (solemn rites), safasltyeam it says, your enthusiasm, your endeavor will be successful, you do sat-karma. Devarshi Narada begins to think what’s sat-karma, I have already recited Veda-Upanishad etc. are these not sat-karma, than where is sat-karma, what is sat-karma. He wanders many places but does not get any suitable reply and so again returns back to Himalaya. There at Naranarayan khetra, Badrika ashrama as he was planning to meditate, at that time, from a long distance, the four kumars  Sanat, Sananda, Sanatan, Sanatkumar, the first incarnation of God, senior brother of Devarshi Narada and Brahma’s manash putra (sons who appeared from the mind of Brahma) gives him their audience. They enquires, what happened Devarshi, from where have you come and you are looking so gloomy. Narada says that see I have come from the mortal world, and narrates them the whole incident. He says, I had the vision of Bhakti Devi and gyan/bairagya in an embodied form. Actually bhakti,gyan and bairagya they are bhava murti (imaginary concept) they do not have any physical form but Naradji saw their personified form in his own eyes. Then after hearing the full happenings the four Kumars suggests Narada to organize a Bhagavad saptah (week), what is Bhagavat saptah Narada asks I have read Veda and Upanishad, isn’t Bhagavad included in these. Yes Bhagavad is also there in Veda-Upanishad, but there are lots of karma kandas and gyana kandas in Veda-Upanishad but the Bhagavad is created taking all their essence. Rest, where it is held, when it is held, these are all mentioned in Bhagavad, in Haridwar’s Ananda Tat you arrange everything and invite everybody we will recite Bhagavad.  Now when they heard about Bhagavat both gyan and bayragya stood up and alongwith bhakti devi approached the place where the recitation is going on. All the rishis, munis came from their respective areas,  all the previous great devotees, starting from Prahlad Maharaj, Bali etc, all demigods of heaven even the Lord Himself, Radha Krishna accompanied by Asta sakhis (eight female friends) arrives. Gyan,Bairagya and Bhakti devi comes and asks Narada and Sanak Sananda, that rishi where will we seat, please give us a place. Narada then says, all these listeners of Bhagavad, you please go and sit into their heart, and so bhakti,gyan and bairagya  they all went and sat in the hearts of the listeners and the questioners of Bhagavad. There they sat down and enjoyed Bhagavad, everybody became overwhelmed even God Himself comes and says that Devarshi you have a done a grand yagna (religious sacrifice), you have done a great sat-karma tell me what benediction do you want. Then Narada says that see the condition of mortal world is like this, so as and when anywhere Bhagavad Kirtan is held, the devotees who comes to listen, you please appear in their heart and along with bhakti, gyan and bairagya so that they can be graced by your mercy, at least for that moment they do not bear the sufferings of samsara, please you do this, you please arrive at the gathering of Bhagavad. Then the Lord says, ok that will be done Devarshi, that will be done as per your wish. Thus those who listen this Bhagavad, and it is written in the Bhagavad also that, I will listen Bhagavad when this desire awaken; immediately God appears in your heart  and gets besieged.
Q. Maharaj there is another Bhagavad which Lord Shiva recites to Parvati.
Ans. That is also Bhagavad, but that was said privately and from there Suk overhears it. Later on Suk narrates it taking the form of Sukdev. He enters into the womb of his mother and then takes birth as  son of Vedavyas and while in his mother’s womb he again hears Bhagavattam from his father who use to narrate it to his mother. After birth he goes out in search of Brahman, but his father brings him back and attracts him with the form, qualities, pastimes etc. of the Lord.