Guru Mukha Padma Vakya (XII)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Q. Maharaj you were saying something about artha dosa (flaws in wealth).
Ans. Artha dosa  is a dangerous dosa. Those who possesses wealth they have lots of dosa, firstly they becomes proud, then all these madness, can do whatever they want, but one who is poor  has only one dosa that is absence of wealth/want. Narada muni also said the same thing to Nal, Kuber and this a fact.
Q. But it is also seen that those who were Rajarishi they were not influenced by wealth.
Ans. Yes in their case it is different, they were not influenced, Rup-Sanatan etc. were like that.
Q. So our aim should be to renounce both artha and bodily pleasures.
Ans. Not renounce, that which is your requirement that you have, biological needs you already possess, money should be only to maintain your body,  javat jivet javata as said in Bhagavattam, why should I take food, to save my body, why I should save my body, because of my atma jigyasa (queries about the soul), who am I, from where and why I have come, to know about all this.
Q. All these things people could not calculate properly, there may be diseases for which I require money.
Ans. Yes you must save money. There is a requirement of money, but that money, there is a story in Pancatantra, composed by Sri Bishnu Sharma, that there was king, one day one employee comes to his place. He is also a prince, he had his wife a child and daughter, he approaches the king, the king enquires why do you want a job, he says I have some need, how much remuneration do you want, he says 400 gold coins per day. The king gets astonished, so much, what will you do, the employee says that see if you can afford than you keep me otherwise I will leave. When he was about to leave, the ministers of the king says, dear king you can try him. The king calls him back and says, I will ask you some questions, that, will you do whichever job I give, he says yes, what do you have, he says first thing I have is, I have intelligence, secondly I have my two arms, thirdly I have this sword I am also a king. Hearing all these, the king says ok for three, four days I will examine you do you agree, yes says the employee. So he is engaged for three, four days, daily 400 gold coins is paid to him, now the king, the king is not foolish, he thought that let me see what he does with so much money. He sees that 200 hundred gold coins he spends for religious activities, and the rest 200 hundred gold coins 100 he donates to the poor and the needy and the rest he spends for his self and family. You become my dwarpal (door keeper), for three days I am engaging you as my door keeper, the king orders. First day, second day, the king was surprised, let me see what he does, the king thought. On the third night the king hears a woman crying and says that doorkeeper to go and see who is crying. The door keeper went and saw a beautiful divine lady crying, when asked she says that I have to leave the capital, I am Rajlakhi (raj-king, lakhi-goddess of wealth and prosperity) the king had committed an offence so I have to leave. Is there no remedy, yes there is, what, says you have to sacrifice your life, if you give me your life, the door keeper says ok please wait till the night ends, let me go to my wife and children and take their permission. In the morning his wife says, yes for the safety of the king this has to be done, let us all go there and give up our lives and in this way they all sacrificed their life. Now the king was following them, and when he saw all this he thought that such an employee of mine has left, what is the use of my life and kingdom, let me also die and taking out his sword as he was about to cut down his head  Mother Rajlakhi appears and stops him. What kind of mother you are the king asks, says no I just wanted to test you tell me what do you want. The king says return my staff, so the staff gets back his life. The next day as he was standing at the door the king asked what happened last night, who was that woman crying. The employee says that oh that’s nothing, I have solved the problem. The king than realized, how this man has kept everything secret and did not let the king know anything about the incident he faced. Later on the king appreciates his loyalty and says from now onwards you don’t have to stay as my gatekeeper, and donates him one of his province. That place is still there in Karnataka and the doorkeeper’s name was Birbahu. So this is Bharatvarsha, in this land all persons are like this but later on due to influence of foreigners everything is spoiled. There is a vast difference between their and our culture. Our people finds happiness in giving. One of their president says that I says that I don’t know who is my father, but I can say who my mother is. So this is their culture. An animal can say like that but a human being, can he say like that. Who is my father my mother knows, I am not interested.
Q. But God has given them so much opulence.
Ans. That is a different thing. They have taken all our opulence, they have exploited and looted us. Our people never thought this as opulence. A dairy of Robert Clive who was the first viceroy of India was found. In that he has written that when he went back, he had taken with him a full load of 900 ships. The worlds biggest Kohinoor belonged to our country. But everything has been looted. Many foreigners came and taken away and our people says they are all our guest, even today this nature is followed.
Q. But at present we are following the foreigners.
Ans. Yes, but that is what the government is doing, but we bharatvasis, previously we had not done so. We have the technology and our technology is very much advanced. Now today it is said that Tulasi is the best among all medicinal plant, but we knew it much earlier, but research has not been made. Tulasi is God’s love, we have to worship it by saying such things, also water of Ganges, even today it is proved that it is the best. Today they are proving all this scientifically, some days back there was a conference about the world environment and it was announced that in every corner, in every house, in every place, Tulasi should be planted, why, because of ecological balance, a tulasi plant provides as much oxygen as a banyan tree.
Q. But now they realize their fault.
Ans. Yes they do, but only a small amount, not everybody, I myself in my life met some foreigners, they are very good. In many countries they have closed down slaughter houses, they use homeopathic medicines, and follows ayurvedic treatment etc. these things are being done. One thing is there, as they are so much educated, and in our country there is so much population but their population is less as well as poverty, so they are improving. One thing about Mother Teresa which I liked very much. Once, when America has legalized abortion, everything has been completed and the law was about to implement, at that  time Mother Teresa went to the American court and said please wait, give me one answer, today if you legalize abortion than I had something to say, what, that if it is legalized than from today, if somebody commits a murder, if somebody murders a person, he should not be given any punishment, why, because if a mother can kill her own child who is in her womb, if she can murder and after that if it becomes legal than a person who is killing another person, a mother has no reason to kill her child but a person who is killing another has at-least some reason, for wealth, or for women, or land or house there is some cause, but the case of mother it is causeless and if it is as per law then no other murderers can be termed as guilty. The court than realized that this is dangerous issue and till now it has not been legalized.
Q. The Indian society is not at all conscious.
Ans. One thing is very important, and that is education, with education persons will never become conscious.
Q. Education means material education.
Ans. Material education also, at least he should have some learning, for his activities, to continue his life, till now the people of our country are not at all educated, if somebody gets proper education than he can understand the fact, but if the education is only to fool others than he can very nicely make others foolish, but if it is not that, if education is for education purpose than a person will obviously change.
Q. But what can we do?
Ans. At least if we can modify one person, if a movement can be created at least some people will change, for example Iskcon they have a movement, atleast they are doing something, in some villages in some interiors at least some people are created. So to help them, to give them a chance, to contact them and find what are their other programmes or in what way I can help them, these are necessary.
Q. But if I think that let me first attain some thing.
Ans. No no whatever you know, if I am doing sat-karma (activities which are based upon  truth) than why should I fear, I am not going towards any asat-karma, and it a fact, so if I can do something, if I can help a person to study then there is no fault.
Q. But if I do not understand properly and try to explain others.
Ans. No no there is nothing which could not be understood properly. A person whom you are explaining, he also know what is good what is bad, what is day and what is night, but the main thing is I have to honest and if have altered myself, even though very little, but to achieve that is also very difficult, so as much you know you inform others, that little what you know, to achieve that much is also not so easy. Today the knowledge which you have and other opportunities you got, if you had invested it in some other activities, than today you could have earned lots of money, if this things, about dharma etc. if it had not come in your mind than you could have earned more and enjoyed more, but you have not tried on that front, isn’t it a kind of going forward, from ignorance towards enlightenment, I will say it is.
Q. But the main thing is people do not want to listen all these.
Ans. Yes it is, but there are also people to likes it. All will appreciate that cannot be, there will be very little people who will listen, who likes, but if atleast one person could be found than also the work is done. Another thing the women folk should me made to know all these things more, the women are becoming more materialistic, they are becoming greedier, selfish.
Q. Wasn’t it like that earlier.
Ans. Earlier it was not upto that extent. As there were joint families, but nowadays as they are leading a single family life, I knew a person, a very nice boy, very nice but because of his wife he could not do anything, he is from a respectable family, it is not possible for him to fight with his wife. But if these things happen we should not lose our patience, we should try to convince her and realize that as she has come from a different family, different atmosphere so to adapt my present situation may not be so easy for her.