Guru Mukha Padma Vakya (XIII)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Q. Maharaj in our day to day life there is necessity of money?
Ans. Why would there be no necessity of money, necessity is alright, but their necessity does not have any end, everything there should be a limit, but they wants eternal happiness, eternal riches, Hiranyakasipu, have you heard the name of this gentleman, so the word hiranya means gold, kasipu means, as mentioned in the shastra, soft bed, and to explain this soft bed the panditas says, it means women’s body, there is nothing more softer than women’s body, so the mentality of Hiranyakasipu was, all the riches, gold in this world, everything should be mine, all the women should be for my enjoyment, but, that Hiranyakaipu was also finished.
Q. But in the present position, earning money has become very tough; it is not like early days.
Ans. But by means of dishonesty you can earn, how many are earning money in a honest way, and if it had been in a honest way than this would not have happened, it is only because they are not following the right path, so their heart, mind, intelligence, if people today have earned money following a true path than they would not have gone astray, never, and because of this, as clearly mentioned in Bhagavattam, Parikhit Maharaj meets Kali and shows him gold means shows him wealth, and says that in four kinds of untruthful activities like gambling, drinking liquor, illicit relationship and malice, by all these means the wealth which will be earned, and at present this is what happening. The open market policy which has been created, what is the meaning of open market, it means that in all the markets, everywhere you will get all these, go earn money as you like, enjoy your life, and dharma, karma, today as you went to a temple what did you see, have you seen anything which is related to bhakti, which will make me happy, which will give peace to my heart and soul. Same thing, same songs, same dances, stereotype, that same enjoyment, counter has been opened for 24 hours, buying prasad and eating, and various other activities. Where is ananda, nowhere you will find a little peace, if you talk to somebody, you will find each of them an embodiment of  pride, wearing saffron cloth etc. but filled with ego and vanity, seated as tridandi swami. Tridandi means giving danda (stick) to three thing speech, mind and thought.
Q. Maharaj it is said that Dham bash (residing at dham) is one of the limb of bhakti. What is your opinion? Under the present circumstances how much practical is it or how much applicable is it.
Ans. At present if you say, in Kali there is only Nam Sankirtan and nothing else.
Q. But, Maharaj whether there are some advantages in staying at dham.
Ans. Advantage is there but at present there are many activities going on and that kind of atmosphere which should be, is not there. Further the respect and faith which people had towards a dham, that respect and faith wanes away after coming to dham.
Q. But is there a chance to develop bhakti.
Ans. Yes chances are there, as God had performed His pastimes here, and now if I can feel that, than I can develop, but if I do not have any feeling any awareness than – dham is a auspicious place, but except making it inauspicious what else will happen, and at present this things are taking place. Otherwise there is always an advantage of staying in a dham.
Q. But Maharaj one who is a devotee, for him, the present atmosphere of the society is not at all feasible for development of bhakti. So a devotee, if he wants to develop bhakti, will he have a better prospective while staying in dham?
Ans. If he had a firm intention than it will happen, he must be mentally prepared. But nowadays it is seen that imitating others had become a trend, nowadays dharma had become a kind of fascination – he is doing, I will also; this kind of thinking. But if he is genuine than the specialty of dham, the action of dham will take into effect.
Q. Maharaj as you said earlier that for a month or two we should come and try and feel the situation.
Ans. Yes that I will surely suggest, say during the month of niyam seva (serving the regulation) or any other month one should come and stay for one or two months and in this way a tempo will create. It is better than coming permanently. Coming in the dham and staying, take bath in Ganga, visiting temples, a different kind of rule and regulation is followed and it develops devotion and faith towards dham. A divine dynamo is always there in dham, a kind of specialty, namkirtan (singing songs glorifying the Lord) is being performed and so many temples, so many pilgrims coming and going. Another specialty in a dham is, what I feel, you can see sadhus and bairagis (detached persons) specially in the dham which could not be visible outside and it said that a person should meet or atleast have a darshan of a bairagi in a day.