Bhagavad Saptaha (X)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

            Maharaj Parikhit says, Munibar, how do Paramatma create this entire universe. The advices you are giving, you say that this Bhagavad dharma was first spoken by Sri Narayana to Brahmaji, how it all happened, please tell me. Acharya Sri Sukdev says, Rajan at the beginning of this creation there was nothing, no movable-immovable, no andaja (born from eggs), udvija (from seeds), sweda (originating from sweat) and jarayu (from womb) nothing, only Parabrahma (superior to Brahma) was there. Then Parabrahma considered from one I will become many. Thus, at first He creates water. Water is called nar in Sanskrit. Then in nar means water He creates ayan means creates a place to live. So One who lays down in this water, He is Narayan. But Narayan thinks I am one, if I become many than it will be nice, so by the wish of Narayan from His navel a lotus spreads out and upon it emerges four headed Brahma. Because of his four head, Brahmaji does not have to look around; he can visualize all the ten sides at the same time. But from where he emerged, he could not envisage that. Then he enters in the hollow stalk of the lotus, goes down, comes up again goes down, again and again doing the same thing but could not find the source of his emergence. Than hears a word consisting of two alphabets, one is ‘ta’ and another is ‘pa’ means tapa means you do tapasya (meditation and austerities) than you will know. Holding the hand of Brahmaji Lord Narayana says from today I am making you the Providence of this creation. Brahma says Prabhu venerable opulence makes a living being touchy; you are making me the proprietor of this entire universe – if I also become proud, so You kindly say about Your existence. Prabhu in four mantras counsel’s the entire Bhagavattam. Paramatma says – in this total creation only I was there, after creating, only I will be there and after this creation is destroyed only I will remain. Like, from gold various ornaments are created and again turns into gold which was its previous stage similarly before, after and at present there is only One and that is Narayana. In this samsara that which is not there yet can be seen and that is there but could not be seen that is my maya (illusion). It is said that this sphere is created by the five constituents - earth, water, heat, air and ether. Dogs, cats, and humans, everything is created by these five constituents and they are both inside and outside our body. In this way I exist inside every element as well as outside and again I pervade everywhere. If somebody is inquisitive about atma tattva (fundamental truth about the soul) if he can understand this much knowledge that it is enough. In various forms One who is present everywhere, He is Dibya-atma (divine soul)/Paramatma. The Lord says, these instructions which I gave are known as Bhagavad. I am telling you clearly that Bhagavad has four meaning –one who is devotee, he is a Bhagavad, the dwelling place of the Lord is named Bhagavad and the instructions and advices given is called Bhagavad and the persons who are dear to the Lord are Bhagavad. So anyone who makes a relation with God is a Bhagavad.
            Now you tell me one thing Maharaj Parikhit, who attains Lord most quickly? Maharaj Parikhit says one who bathes three times a day, I think he attains God very promptly.
Tales of Bidurji
            Sri Sukdev Goswami says Rajan the Kauravas were doing all sorts of atrocities upon the Pandavas and tries to kill them by lighting fire in the Lakha griha (house made of lac/shellac) where they were made to stay. At that time Bidura who was uncle of both the Pandavas and Kauravas and also one of the chief minister of the Kauravas, comes to Dhritarasthra the father of the Duryodhana and says – Maharaj what I am saying is not because I am a minister of yours, neither as you are my brother, but as a general citizen I am submitting it to your lordship. That Rajan, the flower of injustice will never bear a nectarous fruit, the misdeeds which are meted out against the Pandavas by your son, you please stop them. The Pandavas are not weak, but as they respect and love you, they don’t say anything. In the shastras it is mentioned that if by losing one city a country is saved than you should sacrifice that city. In your house Duryodhana is a personification of disrepute who has taken birth – he will take your family towards the gateway of ruination. Your brother in law Sakuni has covered your intelligence. As you do not have your external eyes from your birth, your internal eyes are also cast away by Sakuni. Don’t listen to Duryodhana, save the Pandavas from burning in Lakha griha, stop this injustice. Duryodhan enters inside and as he hears the comments of Bidura, he becomes furious and says, Ohe dasiputra (‘O’ son of a maidservant) it is only because of me that you have received this ministership and you are intriguing against me, get out of this place and never enter this palace again. Bidura says, my dear child I don’t have any intention to hurt you, but nevertheless you didn’t liked it. Bidura had unflinching faith in God and thus taking his wife goes to the forest. There in kadali ban (forest of banana trees) he erects a hut and alongwith his wife begins to reside there. He spent his days chanting Om namah bhagavate Vasudevaya (namah)”. Today Bidurji comes to his wife smiling, for the last twelve years he didn’t took boiled rice, sustained only on fruits, comes to his wife and says, do you know,  Hastinapur is adorned today like a newly wedded wife because ruler of Dwarka Sri Krishna’s Rathayatra is coming, the Lord is coming here as a messenger of peace. Hearing this Bidurani (wife of Bidura) also becomes overwhelmed with emotion and pleasure and says how you will have his darshan, now that you are not a minister. Bidura with a chocked voice replied – Devi don’t get disheartened, what even if we don’t have darshan of Sri Krishna, the Lord will positively see us and once if His vision fall on us, than as I believe, our life will be blessed. Duryodhana is happy with the arrival of Sri Krishna, very nicely dresses Hastinapur to show his deceitful friendship towards Him. He had made man and woman stand in front of his palace to sprinkle water upon Sri Krishna and at the back side of that procession Bidrua and his wife were standing slanting their heads along the door. Lord Sri Krishna comes in his chariot glancing over all sides and when his sight falls upon Bidura – such a beautiful union, the eyes of bhakta and Bhagavan meets together, Bidurji’s mind in the form of peacock, begins to dance and in the ocean of his heart, the waves of bliss begins to rise, says to his wife that see Govinda has cast His sight upon us, now listen, you go home paint the floors nicely with cow-dung dress up a tray with banana and place a nice mat, I will be back after witnessing what is adjudged in the destiny of the Pandavas.  The Lord looks at Bidura and gives him a gesture, “I will however visit your place”. Duryodhana is thinking we have made such an arrangement and whom is Sri Krishna looking upon. A huge stage has been constructed and numbers of thrones are placed, all are made of gold. Among all these golden thrones there is a special throne containing special jewels and in that my Lord King of Dwarka Sri Krishna is seated. Bidurji has been dishonored, so he is not allowed to enter the assembly and so with the general citizens he sat down below the stage. Duryodhan welcomes Sri Krishna – Welcome Sri Krishna, we are obliged and fortunate that you have come here, but we don’t know the reason of your arrival. The Lord says, I don’t call you Duryodhan (duryog means bad, evil, foul and dhan means wealth) because you are Suryodhan (opposite of Duryodhan), but one thing I want to ask – whether Pandavas are your brothers or not, they are your uncle’s sons or not and if they are your brothers than are they not entitled to get half portion of the kingdom. No no, not at all, why, see if you view morally then the Pandavas should get half of the kingdom, but here I am not asking you to give the half portion, atleast you give five villages, I will try to convince them and this is my only request to you. Duryodhana proudly says what you saying Sri Krishna – Without a battle, I will not give even a portion of land which comes in a tip of a needle. The Lord says, Duryodhana you have not yet experienced the horrors of war, you might have heard stories about it from your grandmother or grandfather or during your childhood read it in books. Thousand of women will become widows; lakhs of children will become orphans. But seeing Duryodhana’s arrogance the Lord gets displeased and says Duryodhana, how to behave with a messenger of peace that is also unknown to you. Dhritarastra understanding the situation presses the hand of Duryodhana and says, you crazy boy, you don’t even know how and whom you are speaking to, Duryodhana realizing the situation quickly folds his hand and begs forgiveness. Says from my childhood I am unpunished, could not control my speech, so political discussions will continue later on, now please come to my palace; mother had cooked 56 varieties of items for You in her own hands. See Duryodhana, the Lord says, eating is possible under certain circumstances which makes it competent to accept. First is sraddha (respect) which is to be there in your mind towards Me, second is if I am in need and third is your intention and its influence upon Me. Now sraddha is not there in your mind, secondly I don’t have any scarcity or else I am not in need and your influence will not work upon Me. Apart from that, it is not at all possible for Me to attend your place as I am invited by Bidurji. Hearing this Bidurji began to think, when did I invite, blessed my Prabhu Sri Krishna and blessed for your affection towards your devotee. Bidurji leaves the assembly and hurriedly moves towards his home, anytime Sri Krishna may arrive and I don’t have any arrangement. Bidurji goes to the houses of gopas (milkman, here it indicates those who accompanies the Lord during His pastimes) and there he collects butter from somebody, sugar candy from somebody, sweet-balls etc. for his Prabhu Govinda. He was worried; I don’t have any whereabouts about my feeding than with what shall I feed my Lord. Duryodhana laughs and says, Bidurji does not have any arrangement for his ownself, how can he feed you. Lord Krishna says, I don’t care for that, as he had invited he will surely do something. But Krishna from Dwarka you have come straight to me, when did you meet Bidurji, Lord Krishna says, he had sent a letter to me at Dwarka asking, as you are coming to Hastinapur, than first You feed Yourself at my house. Duryodhana says, ok I will also see how Bidurji welcomes You, what he gives you to eat. Gopal sets out for Bidurji’s residence. Now a remarkable thing is, Bhagavan is going to the house of his bhakta, He took off his footwear, and going barefoot as we go inside the temple. So a house of a devotee is also a temple. At that time Bidurani was having her bath and the Lord knocks the door. As she was absorbed in her bath and suddenly when she hears Krishna calling, she hastens out in that condition and opens the door, even forgets to put on her dress, come on in Keshava, come my Lalla, come my dear Kanhaiya, my Dwarka-dhish (ruler of Dwarka) has come. Govinda observes that Bidurani became extreme due to his arrival and quickly places His chadar (piece of cloth worn in the body) over her body. Bidurani covering herself with that chadar brings the Lord inside and thinks where to seat the Lord, what to give Him to eat, to drink, here or there and makes the Lord ramble all over here courtyard. At last she finds a corner and places a bedstead and makes the Lord sit down. The Lord also did not see whether the bedstead was properly placed or not, just placing his hands in his stomach says, I am very much hungry, please give something to eat. What I shall give you to eat, Bidurji will come just now and in the meantime you eat this fruits. By saying this she goes and brings some bananas, than throwing away the eatable part, she feeds the Lord with the skin of those bananas. Such a wonderful emotion of love has awakened and God also gets immersed in that love, goes on eating those banana skins satisfactorily. One by one He goes on eating, praising Bidurani that your bananas are so tasty, and Bidurani also replies that Lalla as you are saying than certainly these are delicious. In the meantime Bidurji reaches there and his hands are filled with various sweets and other foodstuff. He shouts at the door – can you hear, please open the door, Bidurani runs and says why are you shouting, Bidurji says, Devi what I will say what has happened today, amidst the packed assembly of the Kauravas where Duryodhana, Dushashana, Karna, Bikarna and everybody were present, in front of all of them Govinda says that today I had an invitation in my house. Now get ready and prepare all these, I am standing at the door, as the Lord said, He will definitely come. Bidurani says what He will, He has already come and it is nearly one hour. Have you gave Him anything to eat asks Bidurji, some bananas were there and that’s what I could offer. Bidurji goes inside and sees Govinda is eating the skins and the bananas are lying in a distance. What have you done, Bidurji asks his wife, for the first time Dwarkadhis has come to the house of this poor man and you made him eat all this skins of banana. Now Bidurani comes back to her senses and says – Krishna why are you not telling me that I am making you eat the skins throwing the bananas. Infact Prabhu was also oblivious about it, He says I could not guess what I was eating; I was only enjoying auntie’s love and affection. Please forgive Krishna, we are in ignorance; please have these sweets, saying this Bidurji puts in some butter and sweets in Krishna’s mouth. Krishna gets hold of his hands and says, uncle if you don’t mind please give me those skins of bananas, they were much tastier that these sweets. When the Lord finishes His pastimes and returns back to His abode, Bidurji remembers all these pastimes. to be continued
(A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)