Bhagavad Saptaha (XI)

Friday, 10 August 2012

Pastimes of Jay-Vijay
            Uddhab asks Sri Krishna, Prabhu you have 24 incarnations and in various places you are fed, but which is the sweetest and charming meal you ever had. Govinda with tears in His eyes says, Uddhab, in two places I got utmost happiness and bliss, one is when I ate the partly eaten fruits of Sabari in the incarnation of Rama and the next is when Bidurani served me with skin of bananas. That kind of happiness I didn’t enjoyed anywhere else.
            At the time of ending His pastimes the Lord says, Uddhab today the remembrance of Bidurji is upcoming in my mind, the place where you are going, you will meet him, give him my news. Later on while going, Uddhab had an auspicious association with Bidurji at the banks of Jamuna, where the two great devotees meet each other. One is a great gyani bhakta (learned devotee) and another is a great niti bhakta (devotee of morality) and the union of these two great devotees is termed as Bidur-Uddhab Sambad in Bhagavattam. The person whom Paramatma remembers, in this samsara who is more fortunate than him. Everybody remembers the Lord and the Lord remembers Bidura. Respected Sukdev Maharaj says, after the departure of the Lord, Bidura and Uddhab meets each other, both of them are depressed, nobody has any words in their lips, became dumb. Bidurji says you are very lucky Uddhabji, and Uddhab say you are the luckiest.
            Uddhab narrates Sri Krishna’s childhood and adolescent pastimes to Bidura for which Bidura was very anxious to hear. At the end Uddhab says, Bidurji in the banks of Ganga in Haridwar you will find Maitrayee muni, you depart towards him. As Bidura reaches there, Maitrayee muni, seeing a great devotee comes and embraces him, asks Bidura about the reason of his arrival in the house of a poor brahmana. Bidurji says Bhagavan I had some confusion and I wish to make it clear, if you kindly answer my questions. Munibar, why did Paramatma created this world, in this creation some are happy and some are unhappy, why, to save some bhakta why do the Lord incarnate and in His incarnation sometimes He becomes Nrisingha, again becomes Bamana again becomes Baraha etc. how is it done.
            Maitrayee rishi elaborates the context of creation and at the end says Bidurji in this samsara whatever is seen, whatever is contemplated, everything is a pastime (sport) of the Lord. This samsara is a place for Lord’s pastimes. About your second question, why the Lord does gives happiness and distress. Bidurji, these happiness and distress are created according to one’s Karma (activities) which he has to suffer or enjoy. Everything happens according to the activities commenced. Leave the thoughts of past and future so that the present is not foiled. Time should always be spent in truthful activities. The future is ascertained upon the present. Third question is to save bhakti why does Paramatma incarnate? According to the Vedas to save the honest, to save the doer of virtuous activities the Lord Himself incarnates. And among the incarnation, the Lord once took a variegated form which is that of a boar. The incident was - Kashyap muni has 13 wives and Diti was the seniormost. Everybody has sons, except her and so with a desire for a son she approaches Kashyap muni. As it was just day-break Kasyap muni refused her, saying that now it not the right time as Debadidev (Lord Shiva) along with His followers travels around this time and if you become pregnant at this time, the evil spirits will have influence upon the child. But Diti neglects the instructions of her husband, and because of her contempt eagerness Kasyapa curses her. He says you will have two sons and both of them will become wicked. Hearing this Diti becomes very unhappy, but as it is not possible to destroy the power of the seed, Kashyapa says, however your two sons will die in the hands of the Lord, that could be done. Then my two sons will be very fortunate says Diti, Kasyapa further says, but your grandson will be very talented and his name will be Prahlad, he will be tejaswi, yashaswi, tapasyi (lustrous, renowned, ascetic) and a great devotee of the Lord. Hearing this Ditti becomes pleased.
            The demigod says to Brahma – the twin sons in the womb of Diti are growing up day by day – God only knows what will happen. Brahma says these two sons in Diti’s womb are not ordinary children; they are courtiers of the Lord, Jay and Vijay. One upon a time my four manash putra (sons born out of mind), Sanak, Sananda, Sanatan and Sanatkumar went to have darshan of the Lord and as they were about to enter Vaikuntha, the two guards at the entrance named Jay and Vijay stopped them. They asked, please forgive us but now it is the time for our Prabhu to take rest and so you cannot go inside. At this Sri Sanatkumar gets very angry and in his anger he curses Jay-Vijay saying, you being the courtier of the Lord is not allowing us to meet Him, now go you become rakshash (cannibal). Jay-Vijay falls down at the feet of the muni and begs for forgiveness. Sanatkumar feels pity and says three births you have to suffer the life of rakshash and after your death in the hands of Bhagavan Sri Krishna you will again be released and get back to your present position.
            Sanatkumar later on feels disgraceful for his angry nature. It is to remind that by performing tapasya the result which is achieved, all that will be destroyed by one moment of anger. This anger is a very dangerous thing; it is the executioner of all truthful activities. The Lord Himself arrives at the door and bestow them darshana, the four Kumars falls flat at the lotus feet of the Lord and begs pardon for their becoming angry and cursing Jay-Vijay. Later on they returned back to Badrika asrama.
            On that day Jay-Vijay appears as a child in the womb of mother Diti. Both of them gets birth; one by the name Hiranyakasipu and the other Hiranyaksha.
            Kashyapa means sataguna (truthful qualities) “Pasyati iti Kashyapa”. Sataguna Kashyapa has two wives, Diti and Aditi. Diti is discriminating intelligence and Aditi is identical intelligence. Diti has two sons Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha. Hiranyakasipu is (kasipu) offended state of mind and Hiranyaksha is greed. Where there is discriminating intelligence there is pride and greed. Hiranyaksha was very wicked. As the demigods were anxious about who will pick up the earth from the ocean, Brahma arrives there and while doing kirtan as he sneezes, from his nostrils a tiny boar emerges. That boar goes to the bank of the ocean and took the form of Baraha avatar. He caught hold the earth in his fangs and brings her out. If the earth descends in water the mighty people will fly in the sky. In the ancient times India was scientifically so advanced that the people could really fly. Hiranyaksha and Narada came face to face while passing and Hiranyaksha gets hold Naradji and ask – Naradji do you only play bina (playing lyre) and bani (speech) or do you know something else, do you know how to fight, how to quarrel. Naradji smiles and says “Sri Krishna Govinda Hare Murare, He Nath Narayan Basudeva”. Says I only know how to do kirtan, but Hiranyaksha persists, you have to fight with me as my hands are becoming restless to fight and I cannot hold them. Naradji says I am giving you the name and address of a great warrior, go straight to the ocean and there you will find a boar coming up with the earth, you get hold of Him and He will quench all your thirst forever. Hiranyaksha goes and vaunts in front of Baraha Bhagavan resulting a terrible fight. After some time by a severe blow of Baraha Bhagavan’s club Hiryanaksha’s head gets separated from his body taking away his life breath. The demigods get a great relief and showers flowers upon the Lord.
             Among the 24 incarnations of the Lord, Baraha is the second and after executing Hiranyaksha the Lords brings and establishes mother Earth. Mother Earth becomes self esteemed and thinks, without me God cannot do anything, just as I sank for a while the Lord has to become as a boar to bring me up. Antaryami (indwelling) Lord says, Hiranyaksha although I have destroyed you but I have to descend again to demolish the vanity which appeared in Earth in the form of Hiranyakasipu. Prabhu Baraha Bhagavan than shows the all auspicious Vrindavan dham to mother Earth. What is this! wondered Mother Earth, so beautiful place, beautiful flowers, fruits, creepers, trees, stream alongwith various animals and birds, such a nice forest. This is my Sri Vrindaban Dham says the Lord, mother Earth says I am sitting upon your nostrils and moreover I was beneath the ocean, than without me how did this Vrindavan dham appeared. The Lord says even if the entire universe is annihilated there is no annihilation of Vrindavan dham.
            Vrindavan is not a tirtha (sacred place of pilgrimage) as its name is not found among the four dhams. Prayag is the king of tirthas and the guru is Puskar. All the tirthas pays tax to Prayag but this little Vrindavan does not come. King of tirthas Prayag approaches the Lord and complains that if you had the intention to insult me than why did you made me the king, all tirthas comes and pays tax but Vrindavan never comes. Govinda smiles and says – Prayag I have made you the king of tirthas that is true but I didn’t made you the king of My dwelling, Vrindavan is not a tirtha, in its every dust particles resides Sri Krishna.
            Maitryee muni says Bidurji the question which you have asked, why Lord killed Hiranyaksha, the main reason is this, he had opposed the Vedic religion. Then to exterminate the greed which is there in the heart, Lord Kapila appears. The enemy of knowledge is Hiranyaksha. There is a mystery in the description of sequence of appearances of the avatars. When greed in the form of Hiranyaksha is killed, knowledge in the form of Kapila Bhagavan appears.
             All the four sons of Brahmaji became birakta (dispassionate), and at the very beginning they announced that we shall not marry. Brahmaji has another son named Kardama – the simple meaning of Kardama is Kar-dam means who can restraint (daman) his senses. Kardama rishi also denies marrying and tells his father that he wishes to go to the forest. Brahmaji says – my dear child, sometimes I say that renounced life is superior but the path of renunciation is very tough. The life of those saints, those rishis become more successful, more fulfilled who were previously householders. The scripture says – first preserve brahmachari (celibate), than householder than spent your life as a sadhu or saint. However those who obtains special mercy of Paramatma only they can maintain the life of a celibate from their childhood. Nevertheless rishi Kardama goes away to jungle and there he starts to practice religious austerity. But by the consequence of fate when rishi Kardama became old a desire to marry came to his mind. Everybody marries, why should I be alone, I will also marry a beautiful girl, he began to think. God laughs, says see some perform religious austerities to get liberated, some do it to attain bhakti, some do it to achieve Bhagavan and see Kardama is doing to get a beautiful wife – strange. To conquer the mind is very tough.
            Viswamitra muni had done religious austerities for five thousand years but at the end one apsara (celestial nymph) by the name of Menaka breaks his meditation. So always pray at the lotus feet of Govinda so that the contemplation remains pure and life becomes pleasant. Kardama rishi does severe meditation for ten thousand years but later determines to marry. But one who dedicates his life at the lotus feet of Govinda, if that devotee has any desires to enjoy, the Lord fulfills even that desire. Four armed Narayan appears in front of him, says son you wish to marry, Kardama feels ashamed. The Lord says rishi I have fixed your marriage – now you say what is there in your heart. Rishi Kardama says I didn’t want to marry, but as you fixed everything than what to do. The Lord says, there is a manu named Swyambhuba, he has two sons Priyabrata and Uttanpada and three daughters Akruti, Prasuti and Devahuti. I have proposed your marriage with Devahuti and manu maharaj had no objection. Hearing this Kadarma rishi falls down at the feet of the Lord, says Bhagavan I will not lie, I had a desire to marry, but now as I had your darshan and all these desires have gone far away. Now I don’t have any longing, because after marriage I had to fulfill the desires of my wife and after a child is born then I will be more attached. More of less the japas which I chant daily if that is also discontinued than it will be another danger. Lord Chakrapani says – rishi you have to keep my word, Kardama says I had a condition at your lotus feet. What is it the Lord asks, You have to come to my house as my son, then only I will marry. The Lord says Ok that will be done; I will come as your son.
            On the other side Swyambhuba manu after receiving orders from God arrive at Kardama rishi’s asrama alongwith his daughter Devahuti and his wife Satarupa. After their marriage Devahuti who was born and brought up amidst all kinds of luxuries, comes to live with a rishi who does not have even a proper house and proper foodstuff to eat. Before marriage rishi Kardama had made one condition clear with Swambhuba manu that after attaining a child he will leave samsara and go to the forest and Swyambhuba however agrees to it. Alongwith his newly married wife Kardama rishi arrives at his hut. When Devahuti’s sight felt upon the hut she notices that in the ceiling a number of birds nest are hanging and in that nest lovely little babies of birds are playing and making noises, on the floor she observes that there are holes in the floor where there are rats, frogs, scorpions and somewhere poisonous snakes are lying. When asked the rishi replies, they think this place as their own and so they stay here with their families. Then where do you stay, Devahuti asks astonishingly, the rishi shows her one corner where there is a mat of one and half foot, this is the place where I live in. Devahuti’s eyes become tearful – such a self-denying great person, such a great saint I have achieved as my husband. Casting a glance outside Devahuti sees a flowing fountain, and there are cows, deer and tigers drinking water at a one place. Seeing all this her eyes are about to burst as there is no malice even among the animals. Kardama says to his wife you somehow reside here and let me do some meditation. The rishi than sat on Samadhi (immersed in meditation) – forty years have since passed but the rishi didn’t came out of it – Devahuti considers that my prime dharma is to serve my husband and in this way she somehow survived by eating fruits, leaves and sometimes even on water but remains united with the service of her husband. During this long period her body becomes aged and dilapidated, she thinks that when my husband finishes his meditation from that day onwards my household life will begin. In this way, after 40 years when the grave meditation ends Kardama muni opens his eyes and visualizes a old mother like lady in front of his eyes, he asks – who are you, what is your acquaintance. Devahuti says – I am manu’s daughter Devahuti whom you married 40 years back. Kardama says for so many days you are here, what did you eat, why didn’t you went back to your father. Devahuti says, for a wife, her husband house is a heaven not her father’s house. These words pierces the heart of Kadarma and he says – I am pleased with you, you have tolerated so much pain for me, your body had withered without food and sleep – you close your eyes - and then after sometime says, now you open. Devahuti opens her eyes and finds a beautiful fountain and in that there is a nine storeyed house, hundreds of maid servants and various kinds of pearls, jewels and other precious stones. The opulence which had arrived at the door of rishi Kadarma, Devahuti had not seen that kind of opulence even in her father’s palace. Seeing all these Devahuti becomes stunned, Kadarma muni gets hold her hands and as soon as she immersed and comes out of the fountain she attains the beauty and loveliness of a sixteen years old girl.
            As per the earlier agreement Kadarma muni is to leave his house after achieving a son, but Krishna’s wish was something else. So in the house of Kadarma, not son, but one after another appeared nine daughters. His first daughter Kala was married to Marichi rishi, second Anusuya to Atri muni, Bashitha rishi’s wife Arundhuti is Kadarma’s third daughter and Bhrigu’s wife Renuka is fourth. In this way all the nine daughters gets married to nine great rishis. Kadarma begins to think what a strange pastime of the Lord, as I planned that after getting one son I will go to forest, for this my Prabhu has given me a good consequence. As the thought of the Lord came to his mind, Prabhu Narayan Himself in the form of Kapildev appears in his house. He is the embodiment of knowledge, an exponent of shankhya darshan (numerical philosophy) in darshan shastra (philosophy).
            After handing over his nine daughters to good bridegroom and after the appearance of the Lord in his house, Kadarma muni approaches the Lord, Bhagavan Kapildev who is in the form of his own son, pays obeisance and says Prabhu having darshan of your beautiful form which I have established in the temple of my heart, now I wish to go to forest and do bhajana. I have completed my promise, now you please give me permission.
            Mother Devahuti is very lucky as her nine daughters, nine types of bhakti serving the rishis engaged in tapasya (austerities) in the form of their wives, Lord Himself is her son, and her husband is immersed in meditation. Jay Kapil Bhagavan ki jay, jay Kadarma rishi ki jay, jay mata Devahuti ki jay. to be continued
(A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)