Bhagavad Saptaha (XV)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Austere practices of Dhruva Maharaj
            Dhruva says – mother you are advising me to go to the forest, but tell me where does Bhagavan-Parmatma-Naryana resides. Mother says He is everywhere, ever present and for everybody. There is a bhajan “Har desh me tu har besh me tu” (You are present in all countries; You are present in all costumes). Dhruva Maharaj paying obeisance to his mother and taking her blessings leaves for the forest. But in the scriptures it is said that the person who removes the darkness of ignorance from our heart (gu) and reveals knowledge (ru) he is a guru. If a greatest guru could not be discovered than make Hanumanthlal you guru and Hanumanji will cause you to meet Rama. Dhruva was also thinking about Guru and right at that time Naradji was passing in front of him. When Naradji saw Dhruva he began to think – such a lovely boy, if I can make him my disciple than it would be nice, but first let me take his test whether he is ripe or raw. When a saint like Naradji arrives, Dhruva fells down flat at his lotus feet, Naradji thinks, the first stair is firm, paying obeisance immediately seeing a sadhu. Naradji asks him – whose son are you, where are you going, Dhruva replies, I am son of Uttanapada and am going to forest to meet the Lord. Naradji gives a false laugh and says God does not live in the forest, only tiger, wolves, snakes lives, they will devour you and you cannot even comprehend, go back to your home; as if a heavy devotee has come to exhibit the Lord. Dhruva says, this is my mother’s speech – tigers, lions - everywhere there is God, Paramatma exist both internally and externally of everyone. Narada thinks the second stair of this boy is also solid – firm belief. Narada says, if you feel hungry, how many times do you take food, Dhruva says sometimes four, sometimes five, as and whenever my mother takes me in her lap and gives me to eat. Naradji says that’s why I am telling you, your mother is waiting, when you will be hungry who will give you to eat, so you return home. Dhruvaji smiles and says it seems you are not Naradji, because my mother says if somebody had the darshan (visual) of Naradji than remember that Parmatma darshan is almost done. Naradji embraces Dhruva and says – I am Narad muni, I was just taking your examination, my heart is now filled with happiness, you have passed your exam, such a small child but what a great faith upon Parmatma. I am very much pleased.
            You must go to the forest, but have you settled anybody as your guru. Dhruva says you will be a better guru than you, please forgive me, due to my anger I might have told you something improper. Then Naradji bestows guru mantra in the ear of Dhruva and tells him to go to the forest. There is a very nice forest near Vrindavan named Madhuban, my dear child if you wish to achieve Govinda then first you have to conquer your mind and for that you have to conquer your tongue, go to Madhuban and take bath in the Jamuna, eat fruits and start bhajana, I hope you will achieve Govinda.
            Doing bhajan according to one’s own whims and not following history, puranas, veda etc creates only disturbances in bhakti and nothing else. “Om Namah Bhagavate Vasudevaya”- Dhruva takes bath and does achman (purification of one’s body with water before worship) in the Jamuna, goes in a solitary place under a banyan tree and starts chanting “Om Namah Bhagavate Vasudevaya” with each breathe he takes. In the first month of sadhana meditation begins with fasting for three days and eating only fruit on the fourth day and in this way it is continuing. In the second month begins fasting for six days and on the seventh day consuming only leaves. Dhruva’s akhanda (unbreakable) meditation is going on. In the third month, for nine days there is no intake of food and on the tenth day, only water. The fourth month has begun – fasting for twelve days and after that only intake of air for one day. On the fifth month, shuts up the life breath and starts meditating and chanting. The life gets completely confined and everything becomes tranquil, Narayan appears in the heart of Dhruva. Dhruva is standing in one leg, the life breath of all demigods and the universes are also blocked and in this condition the demigods becomes astounded and approaches Brahmaji and says Lord we are unable to breathe, our life is besieging, all the creation is going to be destroyed, you please save us. Brahma says – my condition is also same, I am also having severe problem to breathe, so everybody approached the Lord in a pitiful condition. Please save us O Lord, our life air seems to be blocked, we don’t know. Prabhu says – my dear demigods don’t be afraid, one of my junior devotee Dhruva has taken Samadhi (deep meditation) of Me and now I will immediately go and give him darshan and then your life breath will again be in motion as usual. Lord calls his carrier Garuda and starts to have darshan of Dhruvaji (not to give darshan). In the Madhuban forest child Dhruva is engaged in a severe religious performance. The form of Lord which was centered in the mind of Dhruvaji, that same image of Lord appeared in his heart. Dhruva was standing in one leg, totally unaware of anything outside, absolutely seized of bodily consciousness and now that same image of Lord appears in front of him. Jay Sriman Narayan Bhagavan ki jay.
            Immediately after having darshan of Narayana the life air again starts circulating in his body and the life breath of all demigods and other living entities becomes normal once again. Respected Sri Sukdevji says Parikhit please close your eyes and bring that sight in you heart and visualize it – only seven years old child and God is standing in front of him, Chaturbuja (four handed) Narayan in the standing posture is in front, what a beautiful sight, so pleasing, both of them are staring at each other. One, two, ten, twenty who knows how many hours, how much time – both of them, quite, no talks nothing.
            After a long time when God smiles, Dhruva seeing Him smiling also smiles and while seeing both of them laugh all the demigods also starts laughing and seeing all the three laugh, Acharya Sukdev also starts laughing. Seeing all four of them laugh, king Parikhit also starts to laugh and by seeing five of them laugh, thousands of muni and rishis who were assembled there also begins to laughs. Parikhit says the Lord is very merciful, He is laughing because, I am standing in front of his little devotee for sometime but he is not saying anything. Dhruvaji is laughing – what will he say as he has no knowledge about any subject, the demigods are laughing as they were thinking if we would have got a chance like this, than we would have petitioned a list to Him. Sukdevji is laughing because – now as Govinda is attained what else remains to be achieved. Why Parikhit is laughing – because amidst talks Acharya Sukdev had made him visualized the delightful and pleasant form of the Lord. Why did the muni, rishis laugh – because they are thinking – blessed Maharaj Parikhit, at the fag end of your life you have achieved a great Bhagavad like Sukhdevji who by means of Srimad Bhagvattam made you perceive the Lord and by his mercy we also had direct consequence of that beautiful, pleasing, Hero of the whole universe – Chidananda-ghana (condensed bliss/Supreme Spirit) Shyam Govinda.
            Dhruva Maharaj wants to say many things but he was unable to speak, as he does not know what to speak. The Lord says Dhruva my dear devotee wants sing praises of me but it is not coming, so Prabhu touches his divine conch in Dhruva’s cheek and as soon as it touches immediately all wisdom of Veda-Vedanta, Upanishad unfolds in his heart.
            Had Meeraji ever studied in college, yet in the university, literature of Meeraji is being taught and many are doing PhD on it. By whose kindness all these are being done, only by the mercy of Govinda. Surdas had never seen a school in his lifetime but people are doing PhD upon each line of poetry which he had written, only Govinda’s kindness and compassion of saints and great souls, Bhagavat kripa (kindness).
            Compassion of Paramatma, saints and great devotees are always showered upon all but to accept, to feel, depends upon faith and respect of each and every individual. For example if I have a container of 5 ltrs capacity than I can be able to contain 5 ltrs only and one who had a 10 ltrs. can contain 10 ltrs. Similarly depending upon the depth of my faith and respect, I can hold that much mercy accordingly. Dhruvaji achieves complete mercy of the Lord and so his hymn and praises are instructive and full of wisdom. The word Dhruva means devotedness, steadiness which is indestructible, convinced intelligence, firmly convinced. The words of Bhagavattam which Respected Sukdevji recounts to Parikhit Maharaj, those were spoken by Maitrayee muni to Bidurji and the narration which Sukdev Maharaj made Parikhit Maharaj listen, the same was recounted by Suta muni to Saunaka etc. rishis. The hymns and praises of Dhruva Maharaj are :- Bhagavan today you have awakened by slumbering speeches – obeisance again and again at Your lotus feet. One who realizes Paramatma becomes Paramatmamoy. Dhruvaji further states, today I am lucky and blessed, today I am totally successful and gratified. By Your mercy the air flows and we breathe, by Your mercy the sun confers revelation and brightens the world, the moon who is the ruler of all plants and vegetables make them nectarous, today I am blessed Prabhu and I pray for another blessing, what is it, the Lord asks, may I attain pleasure and affection towards the lotus feet of Your devotees and saints and that my bhakti develops successively.
            The Lord is thinking, the primary reason for this boy coming to this jungle and doing severe austerities, why is he not mentioning that, his intention was to sit in the royal throne and exhibit his authority over his step mother, his mind is after the kingly throne but he is talking about bhakti, so let me first grant him the royal throne and than I will confer bhakti.
            Lord Vasudeva says, Dhruva go back home, you have attained bhakti and now go and rule the kingdom and preserve the citizens, everybody is waiting for you, your father, your mother the entire kingdom. What is the ultimatum of bhakti, to think oneself lower than grass and more tolerant than a tree, not to think of getting respect from others but always respecting others and always sing the glorification of the Lord. This is the real acquaintance of a Vaishnava. As Dhruva enters the palace he receives the blessings and darshan (sight) of Lord Himself, he first pays obeisance to his step mother because she is the first one to provide him inspiration to get united with the Lord. Although she may be an enemy yet she is his real and best companion. Offering respect he says, mother if you had not spoken the unkind words than today I would not have met Sri Narayan Bhagavan. Then paying obeisance in his father’s feet he says, if you would not have detachment towards my mother and attachment towards my step mother than I would not have gone to the forest – you would not have let me go there and neither would I have had darshan of the Lord. Falling at the feet of his own mother Dhruva begins to cry and says, may the Paramatma grant everyone a mother like you, it is not a matter of less fortune and greatest commencement could be achieved if somebody gets a mother like you. In this way he pays obeisance in his mother’s feet again and again.
            King Uttanapada takes his son Dhruva into his lap and says – my dear son there is no reliability of life, now I want to go to the forest and do bhajan and thus conferring the royal throne to Dhruva Maharaj, Maharaj Uttanapada leaves for the forest to worship the Lord.
            Dhruva becomes the king; the son of his step mother, his younger brother Uttam is a spoiled boy and is uncontrollable. One day he goes to the forest and enters into the garden of  jakshya Kuvera (who is the superintendent of treasure of the devataas) and begins to destroy it, the servitors of jakshya prays and request him not to destroy it as it belong to Maharaj Kuvera, but Uttam does not pay any heed to their request and hence a fight begins in which Uttam gets killed. As the news of his brother’s death reaches Dhruva Maharaj he gets angry and prepares to take revenge. Alongwith a huge army Dhruva starts a war against the jakshyas and a large number of innocent jakshyas were killed in his hands. Even after attaining direct perception of the Lord Dhruvaji becoming a king could not freed himself from rajaguna (second of the three natural qualities of creatures characterized by activeness) and assimilates in the mode of anger. Even after having the darshan of the Lord Maharaj Dhruva could not attain total un-enviousness because as he is a king and king should possess rajaguna otherwise it will not be possible for him to manage his kingdom. The divine grace or power of one moment of satsanga (truthful association) cannot be compared to acquisition of heaven or salvation. Kamsa, Sishupal everyone had darshan of Lord Krishna a number of times but as they did not achieve satsanga, so they could not liberate themselves from anger, malice and enviousness. Devarshi Narad gave Dhruva Maharaj the mantra to attain darshan of the Lord but did not incite him to satsanga. Dhruvaji gets entangled in a great battle with the jakshyas and at that time best of the adorable, his grandfather, Swyambhuba Manu arrives there. Manu says, Dhruva, you are not going in a path which is situated within Hrishikesh, you are a great devotee of Sriman Narayan and you have had his darshan also. The character of a great devotee is to see the form of Lord in each and every particle. For your spoiled brother Uttam you are unnecessarily killing the innocent jakshyas, what kind of your religious activity is this. A devotee should be merciful, forbearing, tolerant, calm and modest, but you are doing the opposite of these. Maharaj Manu further says, my dear son you are a chief arya (noble by birth), giving pain to thousands of jakshyas cannot be the activity of a person like you, accept this birth and death as optional of the Lord, nobody can be a perceptible cause for this, may be circumstantial. Dhruvaji after administering his kingdom for 36 thousand years retires to the forest and gets immersed in the worship of the Lord. While doing austere practices an airplane arrives for him from Vaikuntha – the companions of the Lord has come to take Dhruvaji. As Dhruva goes to ride the aircraft, Kala (time) resembling death arrives in front of him. Dhruva says who are you, kala says, I am visible death, the proprietor of this samsara, this sphere belongs to me and that is why it is named mrityuloka (world of death), everything is mortal here. This body whether it belongs to a king, a saint, a learned, whatever you may say, it has three destination  – mukti (salvation), Vaikuntha or heaven and hell but anything you want, first you have to die, you have to accept me otherwise you cannot go anywhere. The companions of the Lord says, tell Death to bow down his head –  Sukdev Maharaj says, after Death bows down his head Maharaj Dhruva places his feet in his head and climbs up the aircraft. Death keeps on watching and Dhruva Maharaj consequently conquers him. Such a mercy is achieved by Dhruva by the compassion of a great devotee, by the compassion of his Guru Devarshi Narada. to be continued
(A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)