Bhagabad Saptaha (XVI)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pastimes of Bhagavan Kapildeva
            Today Mother Devahuti after bathing her child Bhagavan Kapildev, beautifying Him with nice dresses, offering garland and chandan tilak (mark of sandal paste), adoring and glorifying Him decorates a byasasan (a special seat) and makes Him sit. She also invites and brings her nine daughters. This is one of the best and the first discussion in Srimad Bhagavattam – Kapil (Gita) Devahuti Sambad. Lord Kapila is seated in the byasasan surrounded by His nine sisters and mother Devahuti sitting in front, ask Him – Prabho my situation is very awful, these ten senses of mine (five knowledge and five for doing activities) they are drawing me towards material objects and I am unable to make out what to do. Eye-sight wants beauty, ears want good music, nasal wishes to smell nice, and tongue wants good taste, in this way they are pulling me. So my first question is; what is the way to control these senses and my second question is who gets bounded, the body or the soul. Bhagavan Kapila says, mother you are yourself very learned, erudite and saintly, what can I teach you, but still whatever I know I will say. The senses are surely to be controlled and for that self restraint is required. If by self restraint the senses could not be controlled than each and every sense has to be directed towards Paramatma. Secondly, mother, the soul does not have any bondage, so to think of soul’s liberation is also an offence, one which does not have any bondage what to think of its emancipation. So the soul is neither bonded nor liberated, bondage is for the mind, the mind presents bondage and deliverance. Attraction or attachment is bondage and cessation from material object is salvation. So make your mind detach from worldliness, and the first and foremost process is sat sanga (honest association). Hearing elegant speeches from the lips of great saintly persons and feeling the pastimes of the Lord is what is called attaining knowledge about God. As long as there is no knowledge about Bhagavat tattva (truth) till that time the mind will not adjoin into it. Without knowledge there will be no relation and without relation there will be no love. Sat (truth) means by associating with whom we get connected to the eternal Paramatma that is sat-sanga. The second process to control the mind is Astanga Yoga (eight branches of ayuraveda (hindu science of medicine) – yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi. To strengthen the mind you have to become non-violent, vegetarian and truthful. Have to only speak the truth, preserve brahmacharya (celibate) and always have to think of atma and Paramatma, the flag, the thunderbolt, the lotus and other signs which are there in the lotus feet of Paramatma. At first the thought should be only about the lotus feet of the Lord and if that mark of lotus feet is impressed in the heart than all the thoughts about the samsara will wipe out. From the feet then slowly rise up to the other parts of the body and at last is the thought of Mukha-arabindam (lotus face). Always think about the smiling face of the Lord and those who are immersed in the ocean of misery will get out of it and enter in the ocean of bliss by the thought of that smiling face.
            The life of Sri Krishna has always been of great difficulty. From His character is could be seen that, He took birth in a prison, immediately after his birth he had to escape, before passing of the seventh day demonic Putana’s arrival and execution, just entered the sixth months and had to eliminate Sankhasur and at the age of one year arrives Trinabrata. Next, enters into the lake, represses Kaliya and purifies Jamuna. Then uphold the huge Giriraj, then Aghasur, Bakasur, Bhomyasur, Dhenukasur, Keshi……only eleven years and 56 days of age, had to fight with Kamsha and eliminates him. After deliverance of Kamsha there were various kinds of disturbances in Mathura. Jarashandha, Kaljavan and others attacked Mathura again and again. At last had to leave the battle (Ranchor) and depart for Dwarka. After staying peacefully for some days, again the Pandavas summons – please save us, we are in a deep trouble. Victory of the Pandavas in the great battle of Kuruksetra. Return back to Dwarka. A huge quarrel among 99 lakhs Yadavas resulting to the destruction of the entire race, everything happening in front of His eyes and also as per His wish. But our Bal Gopal, Krishna Kanhaiya does not have any anxiety, always in a smiling face. Sadananda bhava (always in cheerful mood) is bhakti. Bhagavan Kapildev says – Mataji always think of that smiling face of the eternal Paramatma Bhagavan Sri Krishna.
            Bhagavan Kapildev further says – regularly worship and adore Prabhu mentally and in this way intentness of the mind will increase and gradually this mental worship will become realistic, will become true and Prabhu will truly appear in front of you. Mata wherever you look, you will only visualize Him. The person who does not visualize God in every particles, every atom, it will be impossible of him to view Him in the deity also. Once upon a time there was a great devotee named Eknath. By taking water in his kamandalu (ascetic bowl) from Gangotri he traveled to Jamunetri, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Vrindavan, Puskar and in this way traveled 12 thousand kilometers by foot. At last he comes to Rameswaram and the temple is just four or five kilometers away. Eknath had a resolution that he will bathe the Lord with the water of Gangotri. Only about one hour left to fulfill his resolution and Eknath was delighted and joyful. Just at that moment a strange incident occurred – on the way Eknath found a donkey struggling and as he went near he understood that the donkey was very thirsty and struggling for water. Without thinking for a single moment saint Eknath poured that water in his kamandalu into the mouth of the donkey and says – hey Rameswar You accept my water from here itself. Immediately Lord Rameswaram appears from the body of the donkey and says – Eknath you have recognized Me in this form also – blessed you are. Eknath baba says Prabhu is there any place where You do not exist. Bhagavan Kapildev says – mata my greatest devotee is he who visualizes Me everywhere, and those who do not think like that he is ignorant.
            Mata a living entity appears very subtle on the first day in its mother’s womb, on the fifth day grows a little, looks like a flower and on the tenth day grows a little bigger. After one month the brain is created, after three months it grows more, if a girl, than situates in the left position and if a boy than in the right position of the belly.
            Mother Devahuti says in the mother’s womb a living entity must be very happy as there is no miseries, no feelings of heat and cold no illusion nothing. Kapildev says mother don’t say like that, the suffering which a living entity undergoes in the womb of a mother that kind of suffering is neither felt before and nor will be ever  felt. So much trouble, inside the womb there are thousands of tiny worms, stinging and the child cries out of pain. When it is seven month old the living entity regains information of all his activities done in previous births and so it prays to God  – Lord, this time you rescue me and I will serve you so much that I will never have to return back to this place again. The Lord says, here in your mother’s womb you are praying, but as soon as you go out you will forget everything. The living entity says no, no, I will never forget, this time you take me out and I promise I will remember you forever. Nine months completes and at the beginning of the tenth month a momentum of air pressure is created in the delivery system and by its force the jiva comes out of its mother’s womb into the samsara. Mother Devahuti says – now it is nice, the trouble is over. Kapildev says – Mata to tell you the truth, in the outside also there is no happiness. Tell me who attained happiness here. The poor says the rich is happy, the rich says happiness is for a king, the king says the emperor is happy, the emperor say happiness is only for Indra (king of all demigods), Indra say Brahma is the happiest and Brahma says a tiny scorpion is happier than me. The decision of Tulsidas is, without Hari bhajana all living beings are unhappy.
            A child takes birth, helpless, does not have any power, preserved and nourished by mother or somebody else. So many flies are stinging but could not do anything, suffer sickness, pain, hunger, thirst but do not have the power to say anything, completely dependent upon others. After it grows a little starts education, education means how to fill the belly, and after that – marriage – the affection, attachment and respect which was there for the parents all these are now bestowed in the feet of Srimati (wife). Next comes old age – disease, mourning followed by insult. Then, punarati jananam, punarati maran punarati janani jathare sayanam ………repeatedly entering, getting birth and again dying, there is no end of it. From the severe situation of this samasara we should take this lesson that, everybody had to do some karma (activities) but alongwith that there should be love and devotion for Paramatma and for that there are three types of sadhana (practice), three tributaries of devotion. Bhakti (devotion) starts from faith. Biswaso phala dayan (faith yields result). Second tributary is relation – father, mother, friend, husband, in any of relation you have to get connected to Him and the third is bestowal, complete bestowal in the lotus feet of the Lord. Devahuti says – but, my dear son Lord Kapila, how is it to be done? Lord Kapila says – only Harinam kirtan (singing the praises of Hari), only sing the glories of Paramatma. By doing kirtan the mind becomes purified and in the mind there will thoughts of the Lord and from these thoughts you will realize and feel the Lord and be able to meet Him. Mother Devahuti says – doing kirtan without proper mood, will it fructify? Lord Kapila says, you can begin with without mood but gradually Bhagavat bhakti (devotion towards the Lord) and everything will come. First my mood will come than only I will do, than it will never come neither mood will come neither you can sing His glorification. to be continued
(A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)