Bhagavat Saptaha (XXIV)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Maharaj Ambarish the great devotee of the Lord
            Sukdev Goswami says, Rajan although all the 24 avatars (incarnations) of God are adorable, but two avatars are more connected to human characters and they are Sri Ram and Sri Krishna. “Ramakrishna dou ek hay, antar nehi nimesh-Inke nayan Gambhir hay inke chapal vishesh” (Ram and Krishna are both same and there is not even a difference of a twinkle of an eye – One is grave and the Other is especially restless).
            Follow the activities done by Sri Ramchandra and obey the instructions of Sri Krishna. King Parikshit is made to hear the summary of Ramayan by Sri Sukdevji. The dynasty in which Lord Ramchandra appears, people calls it Surya Vamsha (dynasty of Sungod). Narayana’s son is Brahma, Brahma’s son Marichi, Marichi’s son Kashyapa and Kashyapa’s son is Surya Bhagavan (Sungod). Another name of Surya is Bibhashwan and from Bibhaswan starts Surya vamaha. Bibhashwan’s son is Baibashyat Manu and his son is Pradyunma who by mistake enters the asrama of Bhagavan Shiv and hence gets transformed into a female. Among ten sons of Baibashyat Manu one is Saryati and Saryati’s daughter’s name is Sukanya.
            King Saryati once upon a time goes to forest alongwith his family and soldiers. In that forest rishi Chaban was engaged in tapasya, his body was entirely covered by anthill and only two holes glittering could be seen in place of his two eyes. Sukanya while examining about the glittering two holes inserts a thorn and as a result blood starts flowing out. At this incident the stool and urine of all citizens along with soldiers gets confined in their body and does not come out. At last the king came to know that his daughter Sukanya had pierced a thorn inside the eyes of Chaban rishi and so he goes there and beg forgiveness at his feet. Chaban rishi asks the king to give his daughter Sukanya’s marriage with him as because of her he became blind, so now it is her duty to look after him. Later on by Ashwini Kumar duo (two brothers named Ashwini Kumar), rishi Chaban again attains his youth as well as his auspicious eyes and in return the rishi makes Saryati perform a yajna in which he invites Ashwini Kumar duo and made them drink somras (beverage prepared from juice) which they were very eager to enjoy.
            Another powerful ruler of Surya vamsha was Navag, his son Naavaag and Naavaag son was Maharaj Ambarish, who although being the emperor of this great universe was a very powerful devotee of Lord Vishnu. The whole year, in every ekadashi (eleventh day of the lunar month) he use to preserve nirjala brata (vow to abstain from food and water). Merely a human being should observe ekadashi brata, it pleases Sri Hari and keeps the body healthy. Giving rest to our digestive organ twice in a month keeps it nicely active for a longer period and beyond this the juice which is there in our body sometimes increases and sometimes decreases mainly from ekadashi day to panchami (fifteenth day), so by observing fast during ekadashi we can also be saved from that variability. Emperor Ambarish use to maintain this vow with great devotedness. Once during the parana (ekadashi break) time in the early morning, rishi Durvasha arrives at the palace of Ambarish Maharaj. Ambarish gets overwhelmed by seeing him and says, how fortunate I am, today in my house the great rishi Durvasha had arrived. He alongwith his wife washes the feet of rishi Durvasha and request him to have his food at his palace. Durvasha agrees and says I had also observed ekadashi brata, so you prepare, I am just coming after having a bath. Durvasha goes to bath and there he performs various regular worship, adoration and homage by which much of time passes away. In the meantime Maharaj Ambarish realizing that the dwadashi parana is about to end, drinks a little charanamrita (water kept after washing the deity’s feet) as before serving the saint how could he feed himself. But just at that moment rishi Durvasha arrives and says, how can you serve yourself without my order. The king prays for forgiveness at his feet but the great angry Durvasha uproots a hair from his matted locks and hurls it in the ground and from there Kryita (female demon) in the form of fire is produced and the rishi instructs her to kill Ambarish.
            Maharaj Ambarish folding his hands says, if I really commit any mistake than may I die in this fire, I have no regrets. As soon as he says this Sudarshan charka (discus) of Lord Vishnu comes there and swallows Kryita (which was in the form of fire) and runs after Durvasha. Durvasha now gets feared and rushes to Brahmaloka and fells down at the feet of Brahma and request, hey Brahmaji please save me, the sudarahan charka of Vishnu is running after me and will swallow me. Brahmaji says, I am incapable to a save a person who had offended in the feet of Vishnu, you go somewhere else. Than Durvasha goes to Shivaloka and there also Lord Shiva told him the same thing. At last, by the advice of Lord Shiva, he goes to Vaikuntha and there falls down at the feet of Narayana, please save me, he utters and starts crying. Narayana says, Durvasha “Aham Bhakta paradhina….” I am not independent, always under Bhakta’s subjugation and king Ambarish is my chief devotee. Rishi you think yourself as great saint and king Ambarish as a general king isn’t it, you go to Ambarish Maharaj and beg forgiveness from him, otherwise I cannot do anything.
            Durvasha rishi to save himself had been running here and there in this Martyaloka (mortal world) for the past one year and as soon as he gets orders from Vishnu, he arrives at the door of Maharaj Ambarish’s palace. Reaching there he visualizes a strange sight – king Ambarish for the last one year is standing there with charanamrita in his hands as he had determined that without feeding the great Durvasha, he will not feed himself and hence waiting for him. Maharaj Ambarish was a great devotee of the Lord, a great saintly person, Durvasha speedily goes and fells down at his feet, Maharaj Ambarish picks up and embraces Durvasha with his two hands and himself fells down at his feet saying, rishibar I am only a servitor of the dust particle of rishi muni’s feet. Maharaj Ambarish than requests Sudarshan, my dear Prabhu Sudarshan, if I don’t discriminate between a devotee, sadhu, sant-mahatma and Bhagavan than you please calm down, and return back to Vaikuntha dham and make the rishi fearless. Hearing this prayer Sudarshan Maharaj returns back to the Lord. Maharaj Ambarish with folded hands begs for forgiveness and says, for me you have to endure so much suffering, come give me your prasad (left over) so that I can also feed myself. Rishi Durvasha’s eye gets filled with tears.
            Today I came to know an affectionate devotee of eternal Lord, the king whom I had tried to kill, has saved my life. Rishi blesses the king and takes leave from him.
Tales of Solar dynasty
            Among the other kings of Surya Vamsha (Solar dynasty) King Juvanashya was very powerful. There is a specialty among the kings of Surya Vamsha that without performing yajna nobody has achieved any children etc. In the Surya Vamsha, beginning from Suryadev upto Maharaj Dasarath, majority of them attained children after performing yajna.
            Again in Chandra Vamsha (lunar dynasty), there is no marriage without a quarrel, starting from Chandrama (moon god) upto to Lord of Dwaraka Bhagavan Sri Krishna, nobody’s marriage has been solemnized without a fight.
            King Juvanashya also performs a yajna but by mistake he himself drinks the special water sanctified by mantra which his wife was supposed to drink. At the darkness of night, afflicted by thirst, the water which his wife was supposed to drink, King Juvanashya caught hold of the pot and he himself drinks it.
            When Bashistha muni, by his meditation came to know about it, he says, rajan you have done a great mistake, now the child will be born to you. The king became very thoughtful; the child was brought out by cutting his stomach. Now everybody begins to think whose milk will this child drink, at that time Devaraj Indra comes from heaven and holds his thumb is the mouth of the child and says, this child will drink my milk. This child’s name happens to be Mandhata. Mandhata’s son was a great ascetic named Muchkund. Muchkund, by his sight destroys Kaljavan sent by Lord Krishna and by the mercy of the Lord Krishna attains liberation. Later on in the dynasty of Maharaj Mandhata, Trinandan, Trisanku and Maharaj Harishchandra took birth. Maharaj Harishchandra to preserve the truth sacrifices his total possession.
            In this dynasty, after a long time a strange king name Bahuk took birth. He makes his eldest queen drink the yajna-churu sanctified by mantra. When the queen becomes pregnant, the other queens of the king, out of jealousy poison her to kill the child which was in her womb, but gurudev Basistha by the power of mantra saves the child. Since the child takes birth with poison or garh, he was named Sagar. King Sagar has two queens, Sumati and Keshini. Sumati give birth a piece of flesh and Keshini a child named Ashamanjash. Sumati out of anger cuts the piece of flesh into 60 thousand pieces and by the power of mantra all the pieces gets converted into a child.
            Once King Sagar was performing a Aswamedha yajna, Indra steals the horse to be used for yajna and hides it in Gangasagar in the asrama of Bhagavan Kapildev. The sons of Sagar Maharaj dig the entire earth in search of the horses
 and as a result of this excavating, the oceans (sagar) are created. At last when they finds the horse in the asrama of Mahatma Kapildev, they wrongly thinks Him to be the thief and was about to kill Him. At that time Bhagavan Kapildev open His eyes and by his powerful sight all of them get burnt into ashes.
            Son of Ashamanjash, Anshuman, by doing religious performance satisfies Kapildev and begs for the revival of sons of Maharaj Sagar. Mahatma Kapildev says, Ganga which flows from the auspicious feet of Bhagavan Bamandev, if that water of Ganga flows and comes here and washes this Vasma (ash), than all of them will get salvation. Anshuman performs great tapasya to bring Ganga from Brahmaloka, but could not get the darshan of Gangadevi. His son Dilip also tried but could not succeed. But son of Dilip, the crown gem of saints Maharaj Bhagirath, by his severe austerities makes mother Ganga agree, but under certain conditions. Gangaji comes out of the kamandalu (water pot) of Brahmaji, first goes to Dhruvaloka, then Sapta rishi mandal (orb of seven great saints), from there enters the matted hair of Lord Shiva, from there to Sumeru and via Himalayas comes down to earth.
            Travelling alongwith Bhagirath to different countries, mountains, mother Ganga comes to Gangasagar and there in the asrama of Kapildev touches the Vasma and thus all the sons of Sagar Maharaj achieves spiritual salvation.