Bhagavad Saptah XXIX

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Appearance of Lord Sri Krishna
In this way Kamsa kills all the six children of Devaki-Vasudeva. In the seventh pregnancy of Devaki, Sri Balaram Sankarshan arrives. Sri Krishna tells Devi Yogamaya, you establish the seventh embryo of Devaki in the womb of Rohini and then you in the womb of Nandarani Jasoda and I in the womb of Devakiji shall take birth. My father will leave me at Gokula and bring you from Gokula and give to mother Devaki. As Kamsa tries to kill you, go away from his hands to the celestial sphere, warn and visualize him your actual form. By performing this act you will earn lots of fame and worship in this universe.
            When the Lord appears in this earth at that time He also needs maya the illusory energy. The Lord lets maya to take birth as His servant and the jivas are born as servants of maya. In the activities of samsara co-operation of maya is required but for that there is no need to become her servant, you are all vaishnavas, part of Parmatma, conscious by nature, not maya’s but you are all servant of Sri Krishna. The six sons of Vasudeva which Kamsa kills, they are the sar-bikar (the six delirium) after extermination of these six delirium one meets Parmatma.
            By the order of the Lord yogamaya establishes the seventh embryo of Devaki in the womb of Rohini.
            garbha-sankarshnat tam vai prahu sankarsanam bhuvi
            rameti loka-ramanad balabhadram balochrayat   (10/2/13)
            As Lord arrives in the womb of Devaki, the dark prison gets illuminated by the radiant coming out from her limbs. Kamsa becomes fearful seeing Devaki alongwith the illuminated prison and keeps waiting for the birth to take place. While on sleep, while sitting, eating, going, coming Kamsa always and everywhere visualizes only Sri Krishna. Although in envy, aversion and in enmity, yet always and everywhere keeps on thinking of Krishna, His life becomes Krishnamay (filled with Krishna).
            On the other side, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswar, Indra etc. devas comes in groups and glorifies the womb of Devaki because in this womb Prabhu Sri Krishna Bhagavan exists.
            satya-vratam satya-param tri-satyam satyasya yoni nihitam cha satye
            satyasya satyam rta-satya-netram satyatmakam tvam sararam prapanah (10/2/13)
            The devataas says, Prabhu Your vow is true. You have promised and now by manifesting You fulfill it. Truth is Your austere ascetic practice and we take shelter unto You. The devataas further says, Prabhu You accept the form of incarnation so that Your devotees can worship and adore Your bodied form, only to bestow mercy upon the jivas You assume the deity pastimes.
            sattvam visuddham srayate bhavan sthitau
            saririnam sreya-upayanang vapu  (10/2/34)
            O Lord You take the bodily form for the performance of worship so that by vedic kriyayoga (rituals according to the Vedas), tapasya (austerity) and samadhi (deep meditation) one can adore You.
            sattvam na ced dhatar idam nijam bhaved
            vijnanam ajnana-bhidapamarjanam  (10/2/35)
            Prabhu if You had not taken the form of avatara (incarnation) then God is there could not be proved, people would have only guessed about You but could never had Your direct perception.
            Later the devataas returns back to their respective abode asking Devaki to become fearless as the preserver of the universe and savor of Chandra vamsah (moon dynasty) is arriving.
            As the time arrives for Lord’s birth, the great Bhagavad acharya Sukdevji very beautifully describes - kala (time) is the devourer of all so its merciless, yet today this kala is also beautified as her husband is arriving today, nevertheless He is appearing honoring the decorum of kala. Kala today is blissful. The rulers of all sides who were terrified by the fear of Kamsa were also happy as the annihilator of Kamsa is manifesting. Bayu (air) is highly delighted as it will also be purified today by the sacred touch of the Lord. In the incarnation of Rama, Bayu had appointed his son Hanuman as the servitor of Lord Rama.
            Sukdevji says, Parikhit the entire nature has adorned itself and prepared to welcome the Lord. The mortal bodies are also purified; the whole universe is ready to greet the Lord.
            Today the mind of ascetics and saints are also ecstatic as Paramatma is coming. The gyanis (learned) says that mind is samsara, if there is no mind, there is no samsara. In gyana marg (path) force is applied to the mind but in bhakti there is friendship with the mind and making it wise one had to adjoin it in the lotus feet of the Lord. The clouds are thundering, they have heard that Parmatma resides in the ocean and they wish to have the darshan of the resident of ocean Sri Narayana. They prays to ocean, ocean says it is not cheap to have the darshan of Narayana, take my salty water and making it delicious, distribute it to the world, and serve the society selflessly. The clouds obeys the instructions and hence they are great saintly. One who enjoys and lets others enjoy is an honest person not a sadhu (saint), sadhu is one, who himself suffers the sorrows of others and confers them happiness. So the nature of sadhu is very lovable to the Lord and so the Lord assumes the colors of the saintly cloud and thus Sri Krishna is shyam (dark blue).
            The fire enkindled from the kunda (hole) of the Agnihotri brahmanas starts dancing in ecstasy because it knows that Bhagavan Sri Krishna will drink him. Even in the night lotuses unfolds as it is very dear to the Lord. The whole world is absorbed in sleep; only Vasudeva and Devaki are awake. One who is in sleep attains samsara and one who is awake attains Parmatma. One who had conquered lust and his senses, he is awake. All his properties are destroyed, posterities are destroyed, without any guilt both hands and legs are chained still Vasudeva and Devaki are peacefully calling the Lord. Hey Prabhu please give Your darshan once, please be merciful. When a vaishnava is very anxious the Lord incarnates. to be continued (A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)