Bhagavad Saptaha XXXIII

Friday, 28 December 2012

Earth eating pastimes of Sri Krishna
            One day Krishna eats earth and all His companions comes and tells mother Yasoda about it. Mother quickly by her left hand catches Krishna and taking a stick in her right hand says –
            kasman mridam adantatman bhavan bhaksitavan rahah
            vadanti tavaka hy ete kumaras te grajo py ayam  (10/8/34)
            When mother scolds, Krishna refuses and says, mother I have not eaten earth, mother says, your friends are saying so, but Krishna says, they are all lying, mother in accordance to my sight I had not eaten anything, because besides Me there is no second object, if you don’t believe then have a look in my mouth.
            naham bhaksitavan amba sarve mithyabhisamsinah
            yadi satya-giras tarhi samaksam pasya me mukham (10/8/35)
            Sri Krishna asks His mother to check His mouth and opening it stands in front of His mother. Mother at that time sees inside His mouth the entire universal samsara and visualizing this universal form mother Yasoda Nandarani thinks, whether I am dreaming or is it a godly illusion, or whether my son is Iswara and while in these thoughts mother gets almost fainted. At that time Krishna by means of yogamaya (all pervading illusory energy of God) makes mother forget everything.
            Thus mother Yasoda forgetting everything takes her affectionate child in her lap and cause to breast feed Him.
            trayya copanisadbhis ca sankhya-yogais ca satvataih
            upagiyamana-mahatmyam harim samanyatatmajam (10/8/45)
            Acarya and chief Bhagavat Sri Sukdevji says, see Parikhit what a good fortune mother Yasoda has, the glories of Whom is narrated by the entire Veda Upanisad and various other scriptures thinking that Bhagavan to be her son, is nourishing Him, caring Him.
            Here Maharaj Parikhit asking a question, says, O best of the adorable Gurudeva please be merciful and say; this Nandaraj and mother Nandarani Yasoda, what solemn rites did they perform in their previous lives that they have attained this great fortune.
            Previously Drona Vasu and his wife Dhaara by the order of Brahma takes birth in Vrindavana as Nanda-Yasoda and they prays to Brahma for a benediction to achieve Bhagavan as their son and the same happens. By the blessings of Brahma, Nanda-Yasoda means Drona-Dhaara attains oneself God Bhagavan Sri Krishna as their son. Parikhit, God can only be attained by the mercy of sadhu-mahatma, by means of japa (chanting) tapa (austerity) sadhana (austere practices) and vrata (penance) God could not be attained.
            ekada griha-dasesu yasoda nanda-gehini
            karmAntara-niyuktasu nirmamantha svayam dadhi
            yani yaniha gitani tad-bala-caritani ca
            dadhi-nirmanthane kale smaranti tany agayata (10/9/1,2)
            Chief acharya Sukdevji says, one day as the maid servants were engaged in other household works, the wife of Nanda Yasoda begins churning yoghurt herself and causes to remember and sing the previous pastimes of the Lord.
            Paramatma Sri Krishna is the real form of param prema (supreme love). Love towards own sons, friends, family members etc that is only prema and impartial love with the company of everybody, that is param prema. In love where there is insignificant selfishness it is general love but supermost love is completely altruistic, dispassionate. A human being is more thoughtful, always cautious about his property and riches, but regarding his mind he is that much reckless. If the mind becomes dirty its transformation is not possible. That which decays is called body ‘siryate iti sariram’ the body is destroyed here dissolves with the five great elements, but the mind, even after death goes alongwith, subtle mind, subtle intelligence accompanies after death and so one should very carefully keep his mind correct. In this samsara only Paramatma is worthy to be loved, He is our prime relative and all others are assembled to enjoy or suffer the fruits of karma. As soon the relation activity ends, happiness transforms into sorrows, union converts into separation. In dealings it is seen that one who is most affectionate gives more grief, so it has to be always thought that Paramatma is the only giver of happiness and thinking in this way a relation of love will grow.
            Paramatma gives more honour, more wealth, more happiness to a person than he deserves, it is only He who loves without anything in return because it is His nature. The strength of love is the topmost strength in comparison to it the strength of body, wealth and knowledge. The laws of real love are different, too much honour is equivalent to dishonour and dishonour is caressing. Here the loser wins and winner loses.
            No jiva can stay without loving somebody, yet this jiva except loving God loves the world and as a result suffers various miseries. Samsara is for union and separation, in separation sorrow is 100 times more than the happiness achieved from union. Love related to body is lust, love related to money is avarice and love related to Paramatma is bhakti.
            Blind Billamangal while going through the roads of Vrindavan uttering Ha Krishna-Ha Krishna was about to fall down in a pit, Krishna catches hold of his hands and brings him back to the road. As this happened several times and every time Bilamangal tried to get hold of Him but could not succeed, thus Bilamangal Leelasukha says, Ohe Krishna You are strong, teenaged and I am blind, old – You are coming and holding my hand and again going away forsaking it, is it sign of Your manliness, is it appropriate? Yes, see if You can go away from my heart than I will accept you as a strong man otherwise not. Paramatma Bhagavan Sri Krishna is in all respect independent but prema is reliant. “aham bhakta paradhina” to rishi Durvasha Bhagavan Vishnu says I am subjugated to my devotee, I could not save you, you go to my dear devotee King Ambarisha and he will save you.
            A bee drinks the nectar of kamala (water lily). At the evening time when the sun sets the petals of lilies closes one by one and when the sun rises it again unfolds, the bee gets bounded and remains inside, waits for the once again unfolding of the petals and as there is no air inside, it dies. This bee, in spite of being able to dig a hole in a dry hard wood and reside there, being subjugated in love is unable to even tear off the petals of a lily.
            Bhagavan is –
            “Om purnamadam, purnamidam, purnyat, purnamuduchyate
            Purnasya purnamadaya purnameba basisyate” (Isa Upanishada) 
            Iswara confers fullness to a jiva because He is complete, when a jiva binds the Lord in the tie of love just then he get liberated from the bondage of maya. to be continued
(A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)