Bhagavat Saptaha XXXI

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Putana badh
Meanwhile, in the morning of Krishna chaturdashi (14th day) Putana the demoness enters Gokula. She steals the sacred soul children, so her name is Putana, ‘Putanapi nayati’ Putana is a evil star which commences upon a child.
            Why Putana came in the chaturdasi (14th) day, neither in the ekadashi nor in amavasya. Sri Ramchandra’s banishment was also for 14 years because Ravana is symbol of lust and his dwelling is in the 14th place.
            Five working senses, five knowledge acquiring senses – mind, reasoning, thought and ego, in these 14 places resides desires, lust and ignorance, so 14 years. Sri Ramchandra practiced austerities for 14 years and then he killed Ravana. ‘Put’ means pure and ‘na’ means not, which is not pure is Putana. Now what is purity; in Bhagavad Gita the Lords says – “Nahi gyanena sadrisyam pabitramiha bidyate” the knowledge of the nature of soul is pure and its unknowingness is impure. From ignorance-lack of knowledge, desires take birth, I am this body from this ignorance desire is born. You are neither a man nor you are a woman, you are a pure conscious soul, part of Parmatma.
            In Bhagavattam Sukdevji Maharaj says :-
            kamsena prahita ghora putana bala-ghatini
            sisums cacara nighnanti pura-grama-vrajadisu  (10/6/2)
            Putana literally means an evil spirit seizing infants and causing their death. In Sanskrit upto three years of age a child is said to be in his saisab kaal (infancy). Sete iti sishu – one who sleeps more is an infant, Putana seizes children upto three years of age. The talks of Bhagavata are described by Mahapurushas in various ways. Three years means in three conditions Putana gives panic to jivas and these three conditions are wakefulness, dreaming and deep sleep, then the fourth condition is turya, in this state a jiva becomes related with Brahman and Putana cannot do anything.
            The cruel demoness Putana has come well dressed. One whose appearance is very nice but nature is bad she is a demoness. One who body is beautiful but mind is ugly, she is Putana.
            The beauty of Putana as described in Bhagavata:-
            tam kesa-bandha-vyatisakta-mallikam
            suvasasam kalpita-karna-bhusana
            tvisollasat-kuntala-manditananam  (10/6/5)
            By the dress and physical beauty of Putana the brajabashis becomes infatuated. When beauty enchants conscience and intelligence does not work, knowledge gets destroyed. Although Nandababa told everybody to remain alert and the brajabashis are engaged in guarding from door to door, yet an unknown lady came inside, nobody is stopping her, nobody is asking her – where are you going, why are you going, seems like everybody has lost their senses. Putana straightaway enters the interior of Nanda Bhavan and seeing Yasodaji says, I am daughter of a brahmana of Mathura, I have heard that in an old age King Nanda had attained a child, so I have come to give my blessing to your son. I wish to let your son drink my milk and if He drinks the milk of my breast He will become very strong.
            Mother Yasoda was very simple, easy and an honest person and so she never thinks others to be deceitful and hypocritical. One who is deceitful himself, never sees a sadhu anywhere.
            vibudhya tam balaka-marika-graham
            caracaratma sa nimiliteksana
            anantam aropayad ankam antakam
            yathoragam suptam abuddhi-rajju-dhih  (10/6/8) HiH
            Nandalala was lying in his rocking cradle; just as Putana comes lala closes His eyes. He thinks, this Putana has very nicely decorated her body but her mind is not clean, I will not look at her face. If you want God to look at you than wash and wipe your mind and make it clean before going to the Lord. Just changing and wearing nice clothes will not do, Prabhu does not see the clothes, maya stays in clothes, decorate the mind with the colors of bhakti and then go to the temple. If eyes get into contact with another eye then affection grows, so Nandalala did not look at the face of Putana because He is to kill Putana and deliver her, if there is love than killing is not possible. Putana has come in the form of woman and in the scriptures it is said that a woman is not worthy to be killed, but here she must be killed otherwise deliverance is not possible, so the Lord closes His eyes. These are all description of the mahatmas regarding the closing of Lord’s eyes. Another acharya says Putana is desire, desire enter through the eyes into the mind. So to keep the mind uncontaminated, the eyes are to be kept purified. Through the eyes desire in the form of Putana enters the body and so to desist her by closing the eyes it what the Lord is giving advice to the jivas. In the tenth canto of Srimad Bhagavattam, the pastimes of Sri Krishna - Sri Sanatana Goswamipad, Sri Jiva Goswamipad, Sri Viswanath Chakraborty Thakura, Sridhar Swami, Sri Ballav Acharya – all these mahapurushas as they have thought and viewed had written about their realizations in their respective commentaries.
            In this birth Putana does not have any virtuous deed, in other births what virtuous act she had performed – the Lord closes His eyes and thinks, because without piety nobody can come in front of the Lord. Nandalala is seeing – oh, this is the daughter of King Bali - in the yajna of King Bali Lord has appeared for alms taking the form of Bamana (dwarf). Then the daughter of Bali desired the Lord as her child, the mood of motherhood arises in her, but when Bamana Bhagavan takes the birat rupa (vast form) and abducts everything of Maharaj Bali at that time his daughter Ratnamala wishes to kill Bamanadeva. Once willing to be mother and again desiring to kill Him, God fulfills both her wishes. This is Krishna avatara.
            Another mahatma says – the Lord to manifest the power of knowledge does not require to close His eyes, the jivas need to close their eyes and think and than only they can grasp the knowledge.
            Another mahatma says, Putana is desire and to catch her upasana (meditation) is required and to meditate one has to close his eyes and divert his mind from samsara to the feet of the Lord.
            Sri Gopala gradually, alongwith her breast begins to draw Putana’s life breath also. Putana becomes extremely worried and starts shouting –
            sa munca muncalam iti prabhashini nispidyamanakhila-jiva-marmani
            vivrtya netre caranau bhujau muhum prasvinna-gatra kripati ruroda ha (10/6/11)
            Afflicted with pain in all her vital parts, Putana begins to shout, leave me, leave me, her body becomes drenched with perspiration, her eyes bursts out, throws out her hands and legs and starts screaming. Putna twice said leave me-leave me, means ‘Aasmalokyava parang cha lokat muhyat’‑ virtue and sin, from this two please relieve me, relieve me Prabhu from all kinds of duality all kinds of intention of discrimation anger-aversion, attachment-false ego etc.
            Putana taking Gopal went up to the sky and at last falls in the huge garden of Kamsa, taking the form of demoness. Her live breath leaves the body and Bal Gopal Himself is upon her chest. One gopi goes and tries to bring Gopal, the brajabashis rises up the mountain like body of Putana and bring Gopal down. Everybody triumphs Narayana, because in Braja nobody thinks Krishna as God, they thinks Gopal is their son and Narayana, they believe has saved them. Narayana is their Istadeva (tutelary God) and so they think that He has saved Gopala from the terrible demoness. The brajabashis of Gokula are in the mood of parental love and the brajabashis of Nandagram has the temper of friendship. In Vrindavan the mood of sweetness prevails and in Dwarka it is opulence. In Dwarka Krishna is great king and in Gokula Krishna is Gopala. Seeing this terrible sight mother Yashoda faints, one of the gopis brings Krishna and whispers to mother Yasoda, mother the demoness had died, take your lala and give Him your breast milk. As soon as the limbs of Krishna touches mother Yasoda, her faint breaks, she takes Sri Krishna in her lap and attains supreme bliss, forgets all the previous foul incidents.
            Mother Yasoda, Rohini and other gopis goes to Gosala (cowshed) and makes provision for the safety of Gopala. Bathes Gopala with go-mutra (urine of cows) and with go-dhuli (mud of cattle shed) draws the twelve names of Kesava etc. in His twelve limbs.
            Let Hrishikesha guard Your senses, Narayana Your life breath, the ruler of Sweta Dwipa defends Your heart, Yogeswara-mind, Prishnigarva-Your intelligence and let God Himself save your soul. Let Govinda during Your play time, Madhava when You are asleep, the ruler of Vaikuntha when you are going and Yagnabhuk, the fearful enemy of evil planets when You are feeding protects You.
            In this way taking Mother Yasoda and Rohini, the rishis in the form of gopis remove all the inauspiciousness of Nanadanandana. They were all great rishis so their knowledge of mantras are complete, to teach the world they prescripts the safety of Bal Gopala.
            Yasoda with the juice of love and affection begins to feed child Gopala with her breast milk. The affection of mother’s heart transforms into milk and flows down her breast. Then mother Yasoda makes lala sleep in the cradle.
            Right at that time Nandababa arrives from Mathura and seeing lala healthy becomes pleased. The body of Putana was alighted and from the funeral pyre comes out a sweet aroma of sandalwood which spreads in all the directions. Bhagavan Sri Nandana bestows Putana attain the final beatitude.
            When infant killer, blood sucker Putana, aiming to kill Bhagavan Krishna mixing poison in her breast, attains the final beatitude than what to say about devotees like mother Yasoda, Devaki etc.