Bhagavad Saptaha XXXIII

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Damodara pastimes
            Mother Yasoda does not like everyone calling her son makhan chora (butter thief), her son Krishna goes to other’s house and steals butter which means in my house although there is so many butter-curd yet He does not like it. Then surely the butter in my house is not of good quality – butter, yoghurt etc in the house of gopis are excellent because they prepare all these by their own hands and in my house the maid servants does it. So mother Yasoda decides and gets ready to churn milk in her own hands. Adorable Sukdevji himself visualizing the pastimes of Krishna and describes as if also making others visualize –
            kausmam vasah prthu-kati-tate bibhrati sutra-naddham
            putra-sneha-snuta-kuca-yugam jata-kampam ca subhruh
            rajjv-akarsa-srama-bhuja-calat-kankanau kundale ca
            svinnam vaktram kabara-vigalan-malati nirmamantha  (10/9/3)
            Describing mother Yasoda acharya Sukdev says, Parikhit extremely beautiful is her eye-brows, her large hips are surrounded by chandrahaar (ornamental necklace) wearing silken, purified clothes and because of churning, her breast quakes and on account of parental affection milk oozes out. All the limbs of her body are tired by the labour of churning, earring, bangles, perspiring body and malati flowers falling from her hair braid in this condition mother Yasoda was churning milk.
            Mother Yasoda is the swarupa (essence) of suddha bhakti (pure devotion). Sraddha and bhakti binds the Lord, although mother Yasoda happen to be queen of Nanda Maharaj but she is the direct resemblance of parental devotion. Earring in her two ears represents sankhya (numeral philosophy) and yoga. Sankhya philosophy divides matter and consciousness. One who can correctly segregate matter-consciousness, body-soul, he is the one who can perform bhakti. Body is inanimate made of five great elements; soul is conscious, part of Paramatma. And yoga is - the mind alongwith senses are to be united, concentrated and adjoined with Bhagavan and yoga scriptures specifies the method. By this practice of yoga bhakti is attained.
            Nandarani in the service of Krishna, while churning milk remembers the pastimes of Sri Krishna in her mind and through her lips she performs kirtana, all the activities in this samsara are to be carried out keeping the remembrance of Iswara. Bhakti and dealings, there is no difference between the two, all dealings are to made devotional. This samsara is identical to a container and it is filled with milk of illusion and material object. Material objects alike milk is bitterer and is combined with acidity, it is not all sweet, but if it is stirred becomes afresh, extremely sweet and tender. So in this samsara alike container if the acidic material objects alike milk are stirred up perfectly, sweetness alike love, alike bhakti is attained and that love alike sweetness is the dear object of Bhagavan Govinda. 
            The heart of mother Yasoda liquefies by affection towards Krishna in parental mood, hence putra-sneha-snuta-kuca-yugam – milk starts flowing out from the breast.
            In this side, Nandananda today awakens a little early and unable to find mother besides Him as he glances the four directions He finds her churning milk outside the door. Immediately He climbs down from the bed and with His two tender hands embraces mother from the back side. Gopala holds tight the churning rod and tells mother to take Him in her lap and breast feed Him.
            tam ankam arudham apayayat stanam
            sneha-snutam sa-smitam iksati mukham
            atriptam utsrjya javena sa yayav
            utsicyamane payasi tva adhisrite  (10/9/5)
            Carrying the child in her lap mother makes Him drink the milk of affection starring at His smiling face. In the meantime the milk which was kept upon fire starts to swell up and fall down, mother Yasoda quitting unsatisfied Krishna, bringing Him down from her lap, runs to dismount the boiling milk.
            Mother feeding breast milk to the child means – mother and child becomes one, the mood of advaita arises. Here the relation of mother Yasoda with Brahman, it is said, as soon as jiva gets related to Brahman right at that time milk swells up. Whenever a jiva sits down to do japa, tapa, puja just then various thought of samsara arrives in his mind, this is swelling of milk - means creating a hindrance. The nature of a jiva is - if a little absorbedness comes, he begins to think about the happiness which he had already enjoyed or contemplate about his future happiness. The wish of this milk is, let mother make Krishna drink less milk otherwise this milk will not be engaged in the service of Krishna, so it has created this interruption.
            About this swelling of milk different mahatmas had described it in different ways.
            Sri Krishna is not yet satisfied yet mother neglecting Him gives more greatness to the milk, this is not liked by Krishna, thus when mother Yasoda goes to check the boiling milk, Krishna with a piece of stone lying besides Him, shatters the milk container into pieces. Forsaking the service of Bhagavan and giving more importance to public activities, Prabhu makes the public activity unsuccessful. Mother Yasoda might save her one or two liters of milk which was in fire, but Balakrishna destroys her one mound milk. This container represents attachment in samsara. This attachment is the destroyer and obstructer of bhakti, so Krishna breaks the material attachment of mother.
            Jivas irrespectively believe that after performing all my activities and duties, then I will do japa, then I will meditate upon Lord but this is completely a wrong conviction. Up till today nobody is able to complete all his duties, neither could ever enact his life, only if thinking and remembering of Paramatma can be done than only all the deeds of samsara gets fulfilled life gets properly enacted.

Mother Yasoda binds Krishna
            ulukhalanghrer upari vyavasthitam
            markaya kamam dadatam sici sthitam
            haiyangavam caurya-visankiteksanam
            niriksya pascat sutam agamac chanaih  (10/9/8)
            After concluding this offensive activity of breaking the milk container, Bhagavan climbs upon a wooden mortar kept upside down and willfully distributes the shelved up afresh yoghurt among the monkeys. His eyes were fearful and restless knowing the offence committed by him. Seeing her son in this condition mother Yasoda quietly comes and stands at His back.
            Bhagavan Sri Krishna was serving with great pleasure the monkey named vaishnavas who were His devotees during His incarnation as Lord Rama.
            Seeing this offensive deed of Krishna and because of His sealing nature, mother Yasoda gets very angry and determining to punish gets ready to catch Him.
            Even if your son is god but still he has to be administered, his misdeeds should never be supported – this is what mother Yasoda teaches to the jivas of this universe.
            Sri Krishna seeing mother Yasoda approaching gets down from the wooden mortar and flies – mother Yasoda runs after to catch Him. In mother’s hand there is a stick, today she will certainly punish her child. To catch Bhagavan, this offended state of mind taking the form of stick has to be thrown away first, then only Bhagavan will be merciful and let Himself get caught.
            Mother is in the back and Bhagavan before – to catch Bhagavan is very tough, if He Himself does not. The above mentioned has been discussed by the mahajanas (great personalities) is various forms. At the back of Bhagavan there is impiety and in front there is religiosity so God could not be get hold by running after impiety.
            dharmah stanad daksinato yatra narayanah svayam
            adharmah prsthato yasman mrityur loka-bhayankarah  (3/12/25)
            If bhakti is favourable to dharma then Bhagavan let Himself get caught. One’s own religion, traditional customs and practices of his family and caste are to be preserved properly. At present some new vaishnava community has been created - they do not follow any religion, they themselves prepared various opinions and saying them to be shastra running their communities by one’s ownself. As a result a complicated situation has been created. For example, as regards to sraddha (obsequies) asaucha palan (preservation of impurity) some are observing asaucha for 10 days, some 12, some 15 days only and ends up all karmas by performing vaishnava seva, bhoga to Mahaprabhu and observing mahaotsava. As a result of this, a crucial danger in the sanatana Hindu dharma had arrived and this has to be taken care of at the earliest, all the acharyas of different communities should sit together and solve this problem according to the scriptures.
            As long as there is engrossment of body as long as one is body conscious it is not proper to forsake one’s own religion. One who is beyond this body, beyond material qualities, he does not have any dharma, any duty, he is udasina (disinterested) like Rishavdeva.
            Mother Yasoda throws away the stick and at that time Sri Krishna let Himself caught. Now it is turn to fasten, today mother will fasten her child which she has determined. Mother goes and brings a rope to bind Krishna with the wooden mortar but whenever she tries to fasten Sri Krishna the rope turns to be two finger’s short.
            na cantar na bahir yasya na purvam napi caparam
            purvaparam bahis cantar jagato yo jagac ca yah  (10/9/13)
            The rope becoming short, about this the mahatmas had written various commentaries. One says that in the rope the mood of mercy awakens, because relating with Brahman the nature of rope becomes tender, so it becomes two finger’s shorter. In this way there is two finger differences between jiva and Iswara. If jiva becomes zero illusion, zero pride then only it can fasten the Lord.
            Many gopis arrives at that place and seeing the insistence of Yasoda that she will positively bind Gopala is not liked by them. They tell each other, Kanha has come to liberate us, can anybody fasten Him? Here a conflict is going on between the opulent energy of Bhagavan and parental bhakti of mother Yasoda. On one side mother Yasoda, as her son has developed a nature of stealing wants to punish and bring Him to the right path, this is her decision, on the other side the opulent energy of Krishna is not agreeing to accept fastening. Visualizing this wonderful dam bandhan leela (pastimes of fastening rope) Maharaj Sukdevji says –
            sva-matuh svinna-gatraya visrasta-kabara-srajah
            drastva parisramam Krishna krpayasit sva-bandhane  (10/9/18)
            Mother Yasoda starts perspiring due to tiredness. From her braid the flower garland fells down. Seeing the diligence of His mother Sri Krishna out of mercy accepts fastening of Himself.
            Although a jiva possesses insignificant power still he has wicked desires and although Bhagavan is the holder of unending power yet He is always dispassionate. So the Lord gladly accepts the affectionate binding in the hands of mother Yasoda, Paramatma accepts bondage, when Iswara gets bonded jivas attains liberation. Mother Yasoda fastening Krishna with the wooden mortar engages in other household works. to be continued
(A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)