Bhagavad Saptaha XXXV

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pastimes with the lady fruit seller
One day a lady fruit seller in front of Nandabhavan goes on calling –
            krinihi bhoh phalaneti srutvs satvaram acyutah
            phalarthi dhanyam adaya yayau sarva-phala-pradah  (10/11/10)
            Hey Brajabashis would someone of you want to buy fruits, see what nice and sweet fruits I have brought. Hearing these words of the lady fruit seller, giver of all fruits ownself Bhagavan with a wish to buy fruits, quickly comes taking some paddy in His hands. Yet while coming almost all the paddy falls from His hands except one or two seeds left which Balgopala gives to the lady and asks for fruits. The lady says, lala I am very poor, the whole day I could not sell any fruit, by selling fruits I run my samsara, I did not come here to donate fruits.
            Krishna then says, what is it, in Gokula all gopis, mother Yasoda calls and gives me butter, yoghurt, milk but they don’t ask for anything. See I will also ascend in your lap call you ma, ma and caress you. Saying this Nandanandana Krishna climbs on her lap and starts calling her ma, ma. By the touch of Sri Krishna and by His ma, ma utterance, the lady fruit-seller becomes mad due to ecstasy and all the fruits which was there in her basket –
            phala-vikrayini tasya cyuta-dhanya-kara-dvayam
            phalair apurayad ratnaih phala-bhandam apuri ca  (10/11/11)
she hands over them to Krishna and as she returns home thinking about the extremely wonderful form of the child alongwith His strange calling, she finds that her fruit basket is filled with various costly jewels. Balgopala forever ousted her birth after birth sufferings and poverty. His determination is, whosever jiva comes to my courtyard, his wretchedness will not remain. And those who are hearing this talks of Krishna, who are remembering Him, who are chanting His names, all their wretchedness all their dirtiness of mind will go away. This intelligence of human being is the container and in that the symbol of love the mood of bhakti is the most precious jewel. Performance of each limbs of bhakti is attainment of each precious jewel.  Dedicate to Sri Krishna all the fruits achieved in your life, all the fruits of virtuous activities and in return He will fill your life with jewels in the form of prema-bhakti. This tale of lady fruit seller teaches us this lesson only.
Shifting to Vrindavana
            In Gokula there was an aged gopa by the name Upananda, he was all-knowing and all-seeing, and everybody even Nandaraj use to respect him. His duty is to sit in the courtyard of Nandaraj and make the children listen all kinds of strange and weird stories. All the children including Nandalala, Balaram, Manshukha, Tanshukha, Dhanshukha, Sridama, Sudama, Subala were all his devoted spectators.
            And by the advice of this Upananda all aged gopas including Nandaraj abandoning Gokula mahabana (great forest) decides to go to brihatban (huge forest) Vrindavan. The reason for this is, after the birth of Krishna there has been some or the other disturbance occurring everyday in Gokula. In Bhagavata, Vrindavana is described thus –
            vanam vrindavanam nama pasavyam nava-kananam
            gopa-gopi-gavam sevyam punyadri-trna-virudham  (10/11/28)
            There is a ban (forest) by the name Vrindavana worthy for the gop-gopis and gogana (cows) to live in as it possess fresh plants, grass and creepers beneficial for cows and other animals. It also consist a sacred mountain Giri Govardhan which is also filled with grass and creepers. Thus hearing about the beauty and the advantages for dwelling, everybody starts for Vrindavana.
            At that time Sri Krishna has just completed His fifth year and stepped into His sixth year of age; both Sri Krishna and Balarama were fascinated seeing Vrindavana.
            vrindavanam govardhanam yamuna-pulinani ca
            viksyasid uttama priti rama-madhavayor nripa  (10/11/36)
            Sukdevji says, Rajan witnessing pleasant Vrindavana and the banks of Jamuna both Balarama and Krishna became very happy.
            Immediately after arriving Vrindavana Sri Krishna and Balarama starts grazing the calves. Now Krishna-Balarama and their companions will start to proceed to the banks of Jamuma to graze the calves. It is from here that the practice of flute playing of Sri Krishna begins. His benu-madhuri (sweetness of His flute) can stun all kinds of musical instruments as well as any kind of sound, hearing His flute the cows and the calves those have gone a long distance, comes running towards Him. In the evening when Krishna reaches home He says to mother Yasoda that today I have learnt to play flute. Mother Yasoda says, how in one day lala you have learnt it, it’s very astonishing.
            Mother Yasoda invites the gopis and all of them arrives and sits down in her courtyard. Balkrishna coming in the midst of the gopis starts playing His flute and hearing the pleasing sound of His flute not only the gop-gopis of Vrindavana, not only the cows and the calves, the mountains, the banks of Jamuna, the animals and birds even the devas, apsaras, gandharvas, jaksyas, naga kinnars all became stupefied.
            One day as Shyama and Balarama alongwith their companions were tending their calves in the banks of Jamuna, one daitya (demon) desiring to kill Krishna and Balarama takes the form of a calf enters among the group of calves.
            kadacid yamuna-tire vatsams carayatoh svakaih
            vayasyaih krishna-balayor jighamsur daitya agamat   (10/11/41)
            Seeing that demon in the form of calf, Sri Krishna slowly goes near to him –
            grhitvapara-padabhyam saha-langulam acyutah
            bhramayitva kapitthagre prahinod gata-jivitam
            sa kapitthair maha-kayah patyamanaih papata ha  (10/11/43)
            Sri Sukdevji Goswamipad says, Sri Krishna getting hold the two hind legs alongwith the tail of that calf-demon and twirls it until its life ends and then throws it into the top of a Kapitha tree. The demon assuming a huge form and while destructing many trees at last falls down to the ground. This calf-demon in his previous life was the son of demon Mura and his name was Pramil. One day taking the form of a brahmana goes to the asrama of Bashistha muni to kidnap his homdhenu (cow whose milk is used in religious sacrifices) Nandini. At that time mother Nandini curses him to become a calf-demon and also blesses him that he will be rescued by getting killed in the hands of Krishna. So today Sri Krishna killing this demon assuming the form of a calf proves the truthfulness of the words of mother cow Nandini.
            Then another demon assuming the form of baka (crane) arrive Vrindavan to harm Sri Krishna –
            sa vai bako nama mahan asuro baka-rupa-dhrk
            agatya sahasa Krishnam tiksna-tundo grasad bali  (10/11/48)
            This is again a tale of one another day as the gopbalak (cowherd) takes their calves in the banks of Jamuna to make them drink water. There they saw a gigantic creature assuming the form of a crane and seeing this they became very fearful. This creature a companion of Kamsa, is a terrible demon taking the form of a crane arrives at Braja.
            That powerful demon Bakasura impersonating as a crane, with his sharp beak, suddenly swallows Krishna. Bhagavan Krishna entering his throat takes the terrible form of fire and the demon unable to tolerate it disgorged Him. Then with his sharp beak as he is about to strike, Sri Krishna catch hold his two beaks and in front of all cowherd boys and tears it.  By the death of this terrific demon the devatas gets delighted, they start drizzling flowers and sing hymns in praise of Lord Sri Krishna.
            Bakasura in his previous life was the son of demon Hayagriva and his name of Utkal. One day, at the confluence of Gangasagara besides the asrama of Jajali muni  Utkal comes and starts catching and eating fishes. When the muni forbids him he doesn’t listen, so the muni curses him to become Bakasura and also says that he will be rescued after getting killed in the hands of Bhagavan Krishna Chandra.
Deliverance of Aghasura 
            drstvarbhakan krishna-mukhan aghasurah kamsanusistah sa baki-bakanujah
            ayam tu me sodara-nasa-krt tayor dvayor mamainam sa-balam hanisye  (10/12/14)
            Younger brother of Putana and Baka, dispatched by Kamsa, this demon Aghasura seeing Krishna heading the other children thinks, this child is the killer of my brother and sister and for their satiety I  shall kill this child Krishna alongwith his cowherd group.
            Sukdevji says, Parikhit one day in the early morning Sri Krishna makes arrangement for a picnic, thus alongwith all the cowherd children He proceeds towards the forest and going there starts playing various games. Everyday, Krishna friends use to come to Nandabhavan to awaken Krishna and Balarama and this was almost a practice, again sometimes Krishna also goes to the houses of His companions and awakens them.
            At that time Aghasura the younger brother of Putana and Bakasura sent by Kamsa assumes the form of a giant python and lies down on the way to the jungle vastly spreading his mouth. The mouth of Aghasura looked like a cave of a mountain and his aim was to swallow Sri Krishna including all his cowherd friends. On this side seeing this Aghasura the cowherd children thought that it might be some beauty of Vrindavan and seeing his shape they starts imagining various things.
            One child among them asks, if we enter inside will it gulp us, another child says if he tries to gulps us than will Krishna leave him, in this way while various children saying various thing they ultimately enters into the mouth of Aghasura.
            These children never goes anywhere without Krishna and Krishna also does not let them go anywhere without Him, wherever they goes they takes Krishna alongwith them. We should also make this rule that wherever we go we should take Krishna alongwith us. In our mind, in the throne inside our heart we should make Him existent and then we should proceed. This is bhakti – to have His darshan repeatedly by closing our eyes then there will be no danger.
            Bhagavan Sri Krishna already knew that this python is a great terrible demon so He decided His job earlier and then He Himself also enters the mouth of Aghasura.
            Aghasura determines that he will chew all the cowherd children and the calves’ alongwith Sri Krishna but right at that time Bhagavan Sri Krishna starts to expand His body and gradually takes a huge gigantic form. As a result of this the throat of Aghasura obstructs, he starts to struggle in pain and at last his life breath comes out splitting the Brahmarandra (palate). This pastime was performed by the Lord during His kaumara age, that is when he was five years old but this incident was described by the cowherd children in Braja after one year that is when Sri Krishna was in His pauganda age (six years old).
            The formless Bhagavan of the heart and the embodied Bhagavan outside has to be united and that is sadhana (austere ascetic practice) and when it becomes possible, immediately liberation is attained, liberation from bondage.
            The word Aghasura means (aga means sin, asu means life breath, body and ra means raman (sport) one who sports by committing sins with his body he is Aghasura. A sinner is never happy, the result of sin is always sorrowful, but in this kaliyuga the opposite will be witnessed. By judging subtly, it could be felt that a person is not happy because he is performing sinful activity, but he is happy because he is enjoying the fruits of his previous pious activities. Vice first comes in the mind, and then speech than the behavior worsens means becomes polluted. An activity starts after pronunciation of a word; this is the rule of grammar that without utterance of a word no activity is performed. If word is spoiled then behavior also spoils.
            This is the characteristic of a human being that although he performs pious activities, but could not renounce sinful activities. If Paramatma or sadhu-mahatma favours excessively than only he can be rescued from the inclination of doing sinful activity. So this Aghasura of life has to be destroyed with the help of Sri Krishna as has been done by the cowherd children.
            In the days of yore Aghasura was the son of Sankhasura and he was as beautiful as Cupid. One day in the Malayachal mountain, he laughed very loudly seeing the ill formed style of walking of Astabakra muni (Asta-eight, bakra-bend). Hearing this, the muni curses him - attain sarpa-yoni (snake birth) and subsequently overcome by mercy benedicts that as he dies in the hands of Krishna he will be liberated.