Bhagavat Saptaha XXXIV

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bhagavan Krishna liberates Nala and Manigriva
            The companions of Balkrishna surrounding Him tries their best to make their friend free, but were unable to do so.
            In the ninth chapter there is a talk of Dambandhan leela and in the tenth chapter the attainment of salvation of Yamla-arjuna trees is described.
            Sukdevji says, Parikhit from many days there were twin (Yamal) Arjuna trees standing in front of Nandabhavan. By Devarshi Narada’s curse the two sons of Kuvera - Nala and Manigriva has attained this life of a tree.
            Wealth achieved without labour destroys the intelligence. There are three offences in too much property (1) Gambling (2) Drinking liquor (3) Increase of woman association.
            krishnas tu griha-krtyesu vyagrayam matari prabhu
            adraksid arjunau purvam guhyakau dhanadatmajau  (10/9/22)
            After binding Krishna as mother Yasoda becomes busy in her household works, Bhagavan Sri Krishna bounded in the wooden mortar sees outside Nandabhavan two great Arjuna trees, these two trees were in previous birth two sons of yaksha Kuvera.
            One day these two sons of yaksha Kuvera (the treasurer of devas) intoxicated by drinking barauni madira (wine), was sporting in the river Mandakini in a naked condition alongwith many other ladies.     By the influence of providence at that very moment Devarshi Narada was passing through that place playing his Devadatta vina and singing Krishna kirtana. Seeing Devarshi the ladies quickly ascends to the banks and covers themselves, but these two intoxicated yakshas even though seeing Narada did not felt ashamed and does not cover them. When Narada sees that though being a son of deva they are blinded by intoxication and madness and therefore being merciful upon them curses them by saying – O twin yakhyas you think that this body is immortal, ageless isn’t it, tell me whose property is this body –
            dehah kim anna-datuh svam nisektur matur eva ca
            matuh pitur va balinah kretur agneh suno pi va (10/10/11)
            Is this body the property of one who feeds it, does it belong to the father who causes impregnation, or the one who conceives for nine months, that is mother. Does it belong to the powerful purusha who by using force makes it work or to the Agnideva who devours it or is it the property of the dogs. A rich man has three flaws – one is money, next is offended state of mind due to money and third is thirst of more money. The poor has one flaw – thirst of money.
            So Narada curses the two yakshas to attain the body of trees, but their remembrance remain unimpaired and also bestowed mercy so that they attain salvation by accomplishing the darshan of the Lord.
            Meanwhile, Sri Krishna in this fastened condition gradually alongwith the wooden mortar goes in between the two Arjuna trees and as He crosses through the middle the mortar gets confined. Balgopala slightly pulls the mortar and as a result the two huge trees making a great sound slowly fall flat on the ground. Immediately by the touch of the feet of Bhagavan Balgopala they achieve salvation. After attaining divine bodies both of them starts glorifying Bhagavan Damodarlal Sri Krishna –
            namah parama-kalyana namah parama-mangala
            vasudevaya santaya yadunam pataye namah
            anujanihi nau bhumams tavanucara-kinkarau
            darsanah nau bhagavata rser asid anugrahat  (10/10/36,37)
            Greatest welfare, great auspicious hey Prabhu we pay our obeisance unto You. Yadupati You is the embodiment of tranquility, Vasudeva our obeisance unto You. By the mercy of Your servant Devarshi Narada, today although being sinful we are able to have darshan of Yours.
            After that both the sons of Kuvera assuming two new names Madhukanthi and Snigdhakanthi goes round the Lord and prays to Him –
            vani gunanukathane sravanau kathayam
            hastau ca karmasu manas tava padayor nah
            smrtyam siras tava nivasa-jagat-praname
            dristi satam darsane stu bhavat-tanunam  (10/10/38)
            Let our mind remain in glorifying Your qualities, our ears in hearing Your pastimes, hands in serving You, mind remembering Your lotus feet, sight having darshan of Your deity and darshan of sadhu mahatmas and our head remains engaged in bowing down before everything in this world which are Your different forms non-different from You. Please bestow us this mercy. Gopala fulfils this prayer of theirs and they once again paying obeisance to Bhagavan go back to their own be continued
(A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)