Bhagavad Saptaha XXXVIII

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pastimes of deliverance of Pralambasura
            Sri Sukdevji Maharaj is going on describing the pastimes of Sri Krishna and Maharaj Parikhit alongwith the assembly of munis are hearing.
            One day Balaram and Sri Krishna alongwith their companions arrives at Bhandariban -
            pasums carayator gopais tad-vane rama-krishnayoh
            gopa-rupi pralambo gad asuras taj-jihirsaya  (10/18/17)
            Alongwith the cowherd friends as Krishna-Balaram grazes the cows, Pralambasura sent by Kamsa, with an intention to abduct Krishna-Balaram, arrives in that forest assuming the form of a cowherd boy.    
            Parikhit, Bhagavan Sri Krishna is omniscient, seeing Pralambasura in the form of cowherd He immediately understood that he is a demon and makes friendship with him. Now Bhagavan fixes a plan and says, dear friends today we will play in a new process dividing ourselves into two groups. Balaram is the chief of one group and Krishna is the chief of another.
            Sri Krishna and Balaram pick their dear ones for their own groups. Now Pralambasura thinks that it is better to stay in the group of Krishna as Krishna is incredibly powerful, if I am in His group then I don’t have to fight with Him and thus he enters into Krishna’s group. Now the play starts –
            uvaha krishno Bhagavan sridamanam parajitah
            vrisabham bhadrasenas tu pralambo rohini-sutam  (10/18/24)
            In the play Balaramji’s companions Sridama, Vrishava etc. wins, so the companions of Sri Krishna lift them on their shoulders and start to move. Sri Krishna lift Sridama, Bhadrasena lift Vrishava and Pralambasura taking Balaram on his back start moving. Now Pralambasura considers that anyway I have carried at least one upon my shoulders and now with him I will go away. In this way he crosses the indicated mark and moves forward. Balaramji understood his cleverness and makes Himself so heavy that Pralambasura could not carry Him much further. Now this demon takes his form and at that time Balaramji becoming very angry and hits a severe blow upon his head. By that single blow the head of Pralambasura gets shattered into pieces and thus the asura leave his life breath. Pralambasura was the embodiment of sin and by his death the devataas becoming very happy showers flowers upon Balaramji and announces “All glories to Balaramji”.
            In his previous birth Pralambasura’s name was Bijay and he was the son of a gandharva named Huhu. Because of plucking flowers from the garden of Kuvera he was cursed to become asura and by getting killed in the hands of Balarama he will be relieved, that blessing was also bestowed. That Bijay was a devotee of Vishnu and thus being killed by Balarama he gets liberated.
            In this way as the cowherd children were absorbed in their various plays, their cows while feeding themselves with grass and creepers strolls far away into the dense forest. When the children could not see their cows, they start wandering in the forest and following the footmarks of the cows they also enter into the deep forest. The cows unable to find their way into the forest starts calling and Sri Krishna hearing the sound starts calling all the cows by their names. The cows hearing the calling of Shyamsundara by their names replies repeatedly. The cowherd children entering into the jungles also could not find their way back.
            In the meantime a terrible storm begins and by the friction of branches of trees a forest fire spreads all over the area. At that time to save themselves from the terrific forest fire, the cowherd children seeks shelter of Sri Krishna and Balaramji –
            krishna krishna maha-vira he ramamogha vikrama
            davagnina dahyamanan prapannams tratum arhathah  (10/19/9)
            Hey Krishna, hey Balaram, hey immeasurably powerful, hey great hero, we being extremely afflicted by the forest fire take refuge unto You, You are capable to save us.
            Sri Krishna hearing this kind of distress by His dear companions tells them to close their eyes. As they close their eyes Jogeswar Sri Krishna drinks the forest fire and saves the cowherd as well as the cows from this crucial danger.
            Bhagavan Krishnachandra, during His incarnation as Rama in the treta juga Agnideva well protects Janakimata Sitadevi, so accepting this gift, in this juga as incarnation of Krishna, He awards Agnideva a place in His mouth and gives him a cordial reception.
            Appeasing Agnidev by His mouth, the Lord makes to understand that this forest fire of samsara can only be calmed down by the brahmanas as brahmanas are originated from the mouth of the Lord.  

Description of the Rainy season and Autumn
            Sri Sukdevji says, Parikhit the Sungod collects water for eight months and when the time comes to preserve His citizens, He starts raining. During that time all the creatures becomes vigorous and the earth becomes cool from the severe heat of Baisakh and Jaistha (months). Due to growth of green grass, bushes and creepers in the garden and forest greenery spreads everywhere. All the reservoirs of water get filled and the trees get decorated by flowers and fruits. Tying swing in the branches of Kadamba trees the gopis starts swinging themselves. All the agricultural field gets filled up by greens and the peacocks happens to perform beautiful dance. The sky is clear; the group of thick clouds showering profusely drives away the dryness of the earth and makes it luscious. The water in the rivers also became free from dirt and the stars in the sky reveals brightly. The entire surface of the earth gets filled with happiness but the the gopis of Vrindavana are restless and perturbed because Sri Krishna had abducted their hearts.

Song of the flute
            barhapidam nata-vara-vapuh karnayoh karnikaram
            bibhrad vasah kanaka-kapisam vaijayantim ca malam
            randhran venor adhara-sudhayapurayan gopa-vrindair
            vrindaranyam sva-pada-ramanam pravisad gita-kirtih  (10/21/5)
            Like best of the dancers, in His transcendental form, wearing a cap of peacock feather in His head and blue Karnika flowers in His ears, adorned with yellow garments dazzling as gold, embracing a garland of Vaijainti in His neck, filling the holes of the flute by the nectar of His lips and being glorified by the gopis Sri Krishna enters the forest of Vrindavan which has become enthralled by His footsteps.
            Visualizing the beauty of Sri Krishna, hearing about His pastimes, drinking the nectar of His lips alongwith the musical note of His flute the gopas and gopis of Vrindavana, the animals and birds, trees-creepers, hills and mountains, rivers and lakes all becomes enchanted and each gopi describes about her feeling to another gopi.
            Here in eleven slokas the gopis describes about how they with their eleven senses drank the flavour of Sri Krishna. All of them however describe about the flute the dearest companion of Sri Krishna –
            vrindavanam sakhi bhuvo vitanoti kirtim
            yad devaki-suta-padambuja-labdha-laksmi
            govinda-venum anu matta-mayura-nrityam
             preksyadri-sanv-avaratanya-samasta-sattvam  (10/21/10)
            The fame of Vrindavana is especially spreading because by the touch of the lotus feet of Devaki’s son Sri Krishna it is becoming richer of its beauty. Seeing the dance of the peacocks who became intoxicated hearing the sound of Govinda’s flute, the creatures that were located at the plateaus abandons their activities.
            Hearing the sound of Krishna’s flute each gopis expresses their mood. When bhakti develops, foresight and distant hearing, both increases. Uptill now the gopis used to visit Yasodha’s palace to have darshan of Sri Krishna but now while sitting in the homes they can visualize Him. One who sees God going to the temple, he is a general vaishnava, but one who sees God while sitting in his home is a true vaishnava. The gopis completing their household work sits down peacefully and meditates upon Sri Krishna. The gopis never did their household works which is more than necessity. It is not correct to increase one’s propensity rather it is better to decrease it because there is opposition between bhakti and propensities. That much is to be said, heard and done as much it is necessary, more of anything is not good. Unnecessary talking, hearing, speaking creates distraction in bhakti.
            The gopis after completing their household works happens to talk about Krishna in-between them and that talks are described by the mahapurushas as benugit (song of the flute). In Srimad Bhagavattam this song is very pleasant.
            aksanvatam phalam idam na param vidamah
            sakhyah pasun anuvivesayator vayasyaih
            vaktram vrajesa-sutayor anavenu-justam
            yair va nipitam anurakta-kataksa-moksam (10/21/7)
            Seeing the beloved is the achievement of the eyes to the persons possessing sight. As usual when Krishna-Balarama playing their flute departs to the forest of Vrindavana, one who drink the nectar of their loving side-glance alongwith the soft gentle smile in their faces, their eyes are successful my dear sakhi because accept witnessing the dearest I don’t know if there is any other fruits attained by the eyes.
            Sri Krishna is playing his flute sitting at Govardhana and the gopis are enjoying it at their homes. One gopi is saying to another gopi, see this flute is very lucky, the whole day Shyamsundar keeps it in His hands and thus the whole day it gets the touch of Sri Krishna. Its pleasure does not have any limit because Sri Krishna even for a moment cannot stay without him, it sleeps besides Sri Krishna and one who sleeps with Paramatma can his fortune be compared?
            ayam benu; phusalam kim acharan -? O flute what virtuous activity have you done that you are so fortunate? Flute says, I have done many tapasya and tolerated many difficulties. One who keeps his mind peaceful and tolerate miseries he becomes dear to Paramatma and achieves His mercy. The flute further says, I have tolerated heat, cold, rains everything, in my body, seven holes are made yet I didn’t uttered a single world, thus I am so dear to my Lord. In me there is no knot, no node means no any attachment and I am plain and straight there is no curvature/crookedness in me. In the Upanishad desire is termed as knot, I never speak of my own, whenever Prabhu wishes I speak and whatever Prabhu makes me say I only say that.
            The flute say, my resonance is very pleasant; I never speak any cruel or harsh words, hearing my tune even snakes dances in happiness. Therefore speak the truth, speak pleasant and dear words, never speak unpleasant words even if it is true.
            Another sakhi says, see sakhi when our Krishna plays His flute at that time even the inert bamboos becomes conscious and happens to shower nectar like tears in happiness. The trees think, the flute in the hand of lalla, he is a child of some one who is also a tree like us and so they attains utmost pleasure owing racial feelings.
            In the benugit each one of the gopis is admiring the flute in a certain way – the united mood of all the gopis, that mood is manifested in each slokas, thus assembling the mood of every gopi this benugit is created.
            dhanyah sma mudha-gatayo pi harinya eta
            ya nanda-nandanam upata-vicitra-vesam
            akarnya venu-ranitam saha-krishna-sarah
            pujam dadhur viracitam pranayavalokaih  (10/19/11)
            In this Vrindavana the deer are greatly fortunate as by their sight they can have the darshan of Govinda and with their ears they can hear the pleasing sound of Govinda’s flute and thus they attain supreme happiness. Not only they themselves but they even bring their husbands and make them have the darshan of Govinda. The relation between the husband and wife is due to Paramatma, one who gives company to carry out bhakti she is a wife and one who absorbs her husband in lavishness and luxury she is not a wife, but an enemy.
            gavas ca krishna-mukha-nirgata-venu-gita
            piyusam uttabhita-karna-putaih pibantyah
            savah snuta-stana-payah-kavalah sma tasthur
            govindam atmani drisasru-kalah sprisantyah  (10/21/13)
            The cows hearing the sound of the flute emerging from the lips of Krishna stops eating grass and fixes their sight observing the face of Govinda. Their calves also forget to drink milk and in a thirsty eye looks for Krishna.
            The gopis are saying, these cows attain great pleasure seeing Govinda and embracing Him by bringing Him to their heart through their eyesight and that is why they are so gladdened, so delighted. O gopi the same thing happens in my mind also, hearing the flute playing of Govinda I wish I go running to Him and embrace Him but when I think that I am an woman, fear of public disgrace arises in my mind. At that I time I ponder if I had been a cow or calf than I could have ran to Govinda, but because I am a woman, unification with Sri Krishna is not possible.
            When the knowledge of difference and non-difference between man and woman becomes zero at that time one can have the darshan of raas-leela of Sri Krishna otherwise the good fortune of raas-leela darshan will not happen.
            Another gopi is saying, sakhi see the condition of the forest birds –
            prayo batamba vihaga munayo vane smin
            krishneksitam tad-uditam kala-venu-gitam
            aruhya ye druma-bhujan rucira-pravalan
            srnvanti milita-drso vigatanya-vacah  (10/21/14)
            It is the nature of the birds to make noise during the evening time, but when Krishna plays His flute all the bird family becomes silent, they become speechless as if they are all rishi, muni in their previous birth closing their eyes, engaged in meditation.
            Some other gopi is saying about the clouds, see sakhi in the sky the holder of fresh water hearing Krishna’s flute seems like holding an umbrella right upon His head to save Him from the heat of the sun and sometime by drizzling drives away His fatigue. They are also servitor of santa-rasa (tranquil sentiment).
            drstvatape vraja-pasun saha rama-gopaih
            sancarayantam anu venum udirayantam
            prema-pravriddha uditah kusumavalibhih
            sakhyur vyadhat sva-vapusambuda atapatram  (10/11/16)
            The king of clouds and son of king Nanda, as their colours are same so in between them there is deep love. From the sky they bestow shadow, water and cold, to Sri Krishna. Wherever Krishna goes they move alongwith Him and when Krishna halts they also halts and stays upon His head.
            Another gopi says, sakhi why only clouds, the animals, birds, trees, forest, even the hill and mountains of Vrindavana always remains eager to serve Krishna. They are forever going on serving Him, but we in spite of being humans and possessing all the qualities yet we are averse to serve Krishna.
            ga gopakair anu-vanam nayator udara
            venu-svanaih kala-padais tanu-bhritsu sakhyah
            aspandanam gati-matam pulakas tarunam
            niryoga-pasa-krita-laksanayor vicitram  (10/21/19)
            He is Giriraj (king of mountains), wherever Krishna keeps His feet, Giriraj by the touch of His feet becomes soft like butter. The whole day by the movement of so many cows and cowherds, don’t know how many footsteps Giriraj holds upon him, but as soon as Krishna ascends and showers His nectarous sight upon him all the scores in the body of Giriraj goes away and he again regains his previous state.
            evam-vidha bhagavato ya vrindavana-carinah
            varnayantyo mitho gopyah kridas tan-mayatam yayuh (10/21/20)
            The gopis while talking about Krishna in between themselves becomes fully absorbed and their samadhi occurs, they very easily forgets about samsara and family ties. Benugit is talk about brahmacharini gopis, talk about grihasthini gopis as yajna patni (wife of brahmanas performing sacrifice), about vanprasthini gopis in the Govardhana pastimes and in the raas-leela about sanyasini gopis.
            The attraction power of Paramatma is supra-mundane, to attract all the jivas He plays His flute and from His flute divine pleasant sound emerges. Today even after thousands of years as we hear the pastimes of Krishna, when we hear, narrate and remember Srimad Bhagavattam, we achieve utmost pleasure, so visualizing it directly, hearing His flute playing directly the attainment of samadhi by the gopis is nothing strange.
            The jivas does not belong to samsara, jivas belongs to Iswara, so Krishna playing His flute calls all the jivas, come to Me, paramananda is with Me not in samsara. Sri Krishna being a Bhagavan is performing pastimes with all the energies, thus He is Supreme Person not incarnation. There were divine powers in Krishna and also in His talks.
            Flute is the real form of nada-brahma (nada-sound), when nada-brahma and naama-brahma (naama-name) becomes one at that time Parabrahma Sri Krishna’s darshan is achieved. to be continued
(A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)


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