Bhagavad Saptaha XXXX

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pastimes of holding Govardhana mountain
            This pastime is very pleasant; the word Govardhan, in Sanskrit the word go has a variety of meanings. Go means Upanishad-sarva upanisado gavo, go means mother cow, earth, senses etc. Govardhan means the pastimes which increases (bardhan) knowledge and bhakti. When knowledge and bhakti develops properly, the bodily pride goes away and then only entrance into raas-leela is possible.
            To increase the energy of the body as people goes for a change of climate and place, similarly in bhakti also there is a requirement to changes places. To increase knowledge and bhakti, abandonment of residence for some days is required. It is not correct for a householder to stay all the 12 months at his home, for one or two months he should leave his home and reside at the banks of Ganga, Jamuna etc. where the body, mind and intelligence are purified. For the general householder, house is an enjoyable place, where desire in the form of atom flies in the air and this atom makes the mind poisonous. So bhakti could not be performed at home, it does not properly arouse there. By going to the temple some satvik mood arises which is somewhat helpful for the performance of bhakti. So for all the 12 months not staying at home one should go and stay at some tirtha and have darshan of sadhu-mahatma and give a hearing to their speeches.
            Some persons wish to attain Paramatma through enjoying the happiness of samsara which is not possible. For God one has to abandon material enjoyment and its expectation. Thus in a solitary place if someone does sadhana then his knowledge and bhakti will increase.
            In the pastimes of Govardhan the Brajabasis takes shelter of Govardhan Maharaj forsaking their homes etc. Indra starts raining torrentially, Indra - proud deva of the senses, creates obstacles in various ways – so there are hymns and praises of the devatas in Upanishad.
            In our senses (indriya) desires and longings are always raining excessively to submerge knowledge, bhakti, mind and reasoning. To save oneself from it one has to engage his mind in murti (image) and mantra. By serving the Name and by serving the swarupa (real form) it is possible to tolerate the rains of desire.
            When Indra produced over Braja a deluge causing the rain to come down in torrents of cataclysmic and violent downpour, our Govinda holds up Giriraj (king of mountains) Govardhan upon the nail of His little finger and shelters the entire Braja under it.
            bhagavan api tatraiva baladevena samyutah
            apasyan nivasan gopan indra-yaga-kritodyaman  (10/24/1)
            Nandababa every year use to perform Indra yajna and preparation for that yajna is going on in every houses of Braja. Seven years old child Sri Krishna questions Nandababa –
            kathyatam me pitah ko yam sambhramo va upagatah
            kim phalam kasya voddesah kena va sadhyate makhah  (10/24/3)
            Father why are all so busy, for whom is this preparation for yajna going on, what is the result of it, towards which devata is this yajna intended to and how will it be performed please tell me about all these.
            At that time Nandababa starts saying proudly – see my dear son –
            parjanyo bhagavan indro meghas tasyatma-murtayah
            te bhivarsanti bhutanam prinanaĆ  jivanam payah  (10/24/8)
            Indra is the king of clouds, all the clouds are his image, they are pleasing for the living entities and showers for the subsistence of grass and creepers etc. Hence, we the cowherds are coming on performing his worship from many years.
            Sri Krishna says, father I also honour Indra, but he is the king of all devataas, that is not correct because after performing 100 aswamedha yajna he can become Indra, Indra is the king of heaven but not Iswara. In four sides there are four Lords – in the east it is Jagannath Deva, in the south it is Rameswar Bhagavan, in the west Dwarkanath and in the north it is Badrinath Deva. And my dear father our Giriraj Govardhan is the Lord of all devas king of all sides, he had given the lordship of heaven to Indra, so with all the items of Indra-worship you worship Govardhan Natha, all your activities will be fulfilled. You are worshipping Indra for so many days but have anyone seen Indra, Indra is a proud deva because, although for so many days his worship is being done yet he had never given darshan to you, but you worship this Govardhan Maharaj, you see he will accept your worship and in his ownself will give you darshan.
            Nandababa says, my dear son see we don’t have any objection in worshiping Govardhan but if Indra becomes angry than what will happen? Krishna say, father this Govardhan Natha will save us, be rest assured and believe My words.
            Sri Krishna further says, father all fruits are given by the devataas according to the activities.
            karmana jayate jantuh karmanaiva praliyate
            sukham duhkham bhayam ksemam karmanaivabhipadyate  (10/24/13)
            The jivas are originated from karma and his destruction is also from karma. From karma happiness, sorrows, fear, welfare is achieved.
            And further as we are cowherds by caste, we neither have any resident nor village –
            na nah purojanapada na grama na griha vayam
            vanaukasas tata nityam vana-saila-nivasinah
            tasmad gavam brahmananam adres csrabhyatam makhah
            ya indra-yaga-sambharas tair ayam sadhyatam makhah  (10/24/24,25)
            We don’t have any city, country, village, settlement, house anything, we are forest dwellers we live in forest and hills. So begin worshipping go-brahmana Govardhana with the articles of Indra-worship.
            The Brajabashis never disbelieved the words of Krishna, so taking eatables, fruits, roots and other items of worship which they have prepared in their homes for Indra, the villagers goes to Giriraj. 
            Govardhan Maharaj has thousands of mouth, thousands of hands and thousands of legs. His prime mouth is Jatipura twenty miles away from Mathura, here the whole day aviseka (coronation) of Govardhana Maharaja is being done and in the evening after sringara (dressing), bhoga is offered.
            All the Brajabashis alongwith Krishna-Balaram does aviseka and while doing so everybody becomes tired and exhausted, Govardhan mountain is vast.
            At that time Krishna says, hey Govardhan Natha please manifest Ganga from your inside, immediately from Govardhan Gangaji manifests and she is called as Manashi Ganga. After bathing and avisheka, Krishna Himself alongwith all Brajabashis beautifies Govardhan with markings (tilaka) of kesar chandan (pollen dust mixed with sandal) and wears him pitambar (yellow garments).
            Govardhan Maharaj then assumes four handed Vishnu form and seeing His beautiful form all the Brajabashis gets wondered, then Govardhan Maharaj starts feeding Himself with the 56 variety of items prepared and all the Brajabhasis keeps on serving Him. Seeing this sight everybody becomes restless due to happiness and starts cheering Giriraj Govardhan Maharaj ki jay, Nandanandana Sri Krishna ji ki jay, Dauji Maharaj Balaramji ki jay.
            After that Sri Krishna taking all the Brajabashis circumbulates Govardhan, everybody playing various musical instruments circumbulates Giriraj – Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.
            Within circumbulation of Giriraj, darshan of other places of pastimes such as Radha Kund, Shyam Kund, Kusum Sarovar etc. can also be made and circumbulated.
            After that all the Brajabashis sits down to have prasada and Sri Krishna in His own hands distributes it. This festival of Govardhan is called Annakuta utsab because in this festival almost a hill is formed of anna (rice) and distributed to all.
            On the other side, after viewing all these with great pleasure Devarshi Narada straightaway goes to heaven, approaches Indra and says, Devaraj are you truly the king of devas or somebody else, otherwise the Brajabashis stopping your yajna are worshiping mountain Govardhan, mother cows and the brahmanas. Hearing this, extreme anger is produced in Indra and so he orders his servitors, the great clouds to submerge the Brajabashis alongwith Braja region. Terrible thunder, lightening, cyclone all arrives and strikes dreadfully upon Braja – let’s see how can this Nander beta Kanu (son of Nanda, Kanu) save the Brajabashis.
            Seeing this terrific raining, all the Brajabashis alongwith Nanda Maharaj becomes frightened and starts saying –
            krishna krishna maha-bhaga tvan-natham gokulam prabho
            tratum arhasi devan nah kupitad bhakta-vatsala  (10/25/13)
            O most fortunate Sri Krishna, O affectionate to devotees only You are capable to save the cows and the people of Braja from the wrath of Indra.
            At that time Bhagavan Krishna conferring fearlessness to all says –
            tasman mac-charanam gostham man-natham mat-parigraham
            gopaye svatma-yogena so yam me vrata ahitah  (10/25/18)
            This is My resolution that with My unthinkable power, I will save My own people who had taken my shelter.
            Saying this and paying obeisance to Govardhan Maharaj, Sri Krishna with His own hand very easily and effortlessly lifts the huge Govardhan and holds it upon His head. He asks all Brajabashis gop-gopis to come under it and says, don’t worry all will be saved by Govardhan Maharaj. Baladevji takes His form of Ananta Sesa and surrounds the whole area so that not even a single drop of water can enter inside and Bhagavan orders Sudarshanji to absorb the water by his very powerful revelation.
            ksut-trd-vyatham sukhapektam hitva tair vraja-vasibhih
            viksyamano dadharadrim saptaham nacalat padat  (10/25/23)
            Nandanandana Sri Krishna disregarding the hardship of hunger and thirst, abandoning the wish of happiness, kept up holding this Giri Govardhan for one week without being agitated for a single moment. The Brajabashis watching this strange pastime of Sri Krishna became amazed.
            But they remembered the speeches of Garga muni, and says,
            tasman nanda kumaro yam narayana-samo gunaih
            sriya kirtyanubhavena tat-karmasu na vismayah  (10/26/22)
            Hey Maharaj Nanda this son of yours is similar to Narayana in quality, beauty, fame and might so there is no reason to surprise by His activities.
            All the Brajabashis returns back to their respective homes. As Devaraj Indra’s honour is thrashed, he realizes his offence and pride and in folded hands arrives at the proximity of Krishna and starts hymns and praises.
            visuddha-sattvam tava dhama santam
             tapo-mayam dhvasta-rajas-tamaskam
            maya-mayo yam guna-sampravaho
            na vidyate te grahaaanubandhan  (10/27/4)
            Hey Prabhu, by nature You are unperturbed, pure goodness, omniscient, devoid of qualities of passion and ignorance. You do not have samsara the producer of ignorance and maya (illusion).
            Indra with folded hands prays, Bhagavan Your nature is very calm, filled with knowledge, without qualities of goodness, passion and ignorance and of pure transcendental goodness. This world is based upon maya, to save dharma, to subdue the wicked and to preserve the virtuous people You accept incarnation. You are the one who persecutes and graces, all obeisance unto You. Prabhu as my yajna has been spoiled, I, due to pride, became extremely angry and with thunder, lightening and cyclone tried to destroy the grazing land. Hey Parameswara by foiling my attempt, by driving away my ahamkara (self ego) You have shown Your utmost mercy upon me. Hey Sri Krishna, the Supreme Controller, Spiritual Master of the entire universe, hey Paramatma I hereby take shelter unto You.
            Sukdev Maharaj says, Parikhit, in this way as Devaraj Indra finishes his glorification, Bhagavan Krishna smiles and says, Indra it is for your welfare that your yajna has been stopped. When someone becomes blind due to madness of opulence, to open his eyes of knowledge his ahamkara should be destroyed, then only he can endlessly take my shelter. Indra may all good happen to you, go back to your own abode and according to your authority, in appropriate manner preserve the dignity of dharma.
            In this way as Lord Krishna advices Indra, right at that time kamdhenu (mythological cow that grants all desire) mother Surabhi alongwith her sons adores Parameswara Sri Krishna denoting as cowherd by saying, hey Sachidananda Sri Krishna, You are a great yogi, Yogeswara, You Yourself is the universe and the cause of universe. You are infallible and today you have saved us. After that mother Surabhi with her own milk performs aviseka of Sri Krishna, Indra also brings Akash Ganga by the trunk of his elephant carrier Airavata and does aviseka of the Lord. Mother cow Surabhi is the one who performs aviseka of the Lord by the name of Govinda. At that time all the devatas scattered flowers of Parijat tree and Narada and other rishis sings the glories of Sri Krishna.
            The Brajabashis also performs aviseka of Govinda. After that Indra surrounded by devataas takes permission of the Lord and after completing obeisance etc. returns back to their respective abodes. to be continued
(A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)