Bhagavat Saptaha XXXIX

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pastimes of abduction of clothes
            Seizing clothes means dissolving the covering, it happens by the seizure of covering of unification of Brahma and atma. Mother to breast feed her child has to remove the covering of her breast than only she can breast feed him.
            To feel the breast, disbanding the covering is unavoidable and in this pastime Sri Krishna was not alone, His companion and brothers and husbands of gopis were also with Him.
            hemante prathame masi nanda-vraja-kamarikah
            cerur havisyam bhunjanah katyayany-arcana-vratam 
            aplutyambhasi kalindya jalante codite rune
            kritva pratikritim devim anarcur nripa saikatim
            gandhair malyaih surabhibhir balibhir dhupa-dipakaih
            uccavacais copaharaih pravala-phala-tandulaih
            katyayani maha-maye maha-yoginy adhisvari
            nanda-gopa-sutam devi patim me kuru te namah
            iti mantram japantyas tah pujam cakruh kamarikah  (10/22/1,2,3,4)
            Sri Sukdev Goswami says, in the first month of winter, the unmarried girls of Braja feeding themselves with havisanya (boiled rice mixed with clarified butter) happens to observe penance by worshipping vaishnavi energy jogomaya Katayini Devi for more than a month.
            Hey Rajan, at sunrise these unmarried girls takes bath in the water of Jamuna, creates an image of Katyani Devi at the riverbank and worships Her with fragrant flower garland, sandal etc. various aromatic items, various clothing, incense, lamps, various fruits and other gifts. Hey Katayini, the form of Sachitananda (existence, intelligence and bliss) energy of the Lord, hey jogini (female ascetic), hey devi, possessor of unending opulence make the son of Nandagopa my husband, my obeisance unto You. By chanting this mantra they use to worship the Devi.
            bhagavans tad abhipretya krishno yogesvaresvarah
            vayasyair avritas tatra gatas tat-karma-siddhaye  (10/22/8)
            Yogeswar Bhagavan Krishna understanding the mental wish of the beautiful ladies of Braja, to bestow the fruits of their endeavor, arrives at the banks of Jamuna.
            Now as He comes to the banks of Jamunu, He sees that all the beautiful ladies are bathing in the water of Jamuna quitting their personal clothes in the banks. Taking all the clothes, Krishna climbs up a nearby Kadamba tree, hangs the clothes  in the branches of the tree and inform the ladies to come and take their clothes otherwise they will have to suffer in the cold water.
            The Brajagopis says –
            syamasundara te dasyah karavama tavoditam
            dehi vasamsi dharma-jna no ced rajne bruvama he (10/22/15)
            Hey Shyamsundara Nandanandana, we are all Your maidservants, whatever You say we will do, hey knower of dharma please return our clothes otherwise we will lodge a complaint to the king. Hearing this the Lord starts laughing and says, hey beautiful ladies of Braja if you are my maid servant if you are willing to obey my order than come here and take your respective clothes, or else I will not give back your clothes, what can the old king do.
            The beautiful gopis covering their pubic area with their hands comes up from water and receives their dresses respectively because they have dedicated everything of theirs to Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna also, as the solemn vow of the gopis will not bear fruit due to their committing of an offence to water-god because of bathing naked, by their prayers forgives their offence and blesses them to attain their desire. The Braja gopis with extreme happiness returns back to their respective homes.

Mercy of the Lord towards wives of brahmanas or rice begging pastimes
            One day Krishna-Balaram accompanied by their companions while grazing cows goes far away from Vrindavana, reaches almost near Mathura. While conversing amongst themselves describing the beauty of the trees, creepers, forest etc. they reaches the banks of Jamuna where they make the cows drink the pure and refreshing water of Jamuna and they themselves also drinks.
            At that time the cowherd companions of Krishna-Balaram very distressfully says –
            rama rama maha-baho krishna dusta nibarhana
            esa vai badhate sun nas tac-chantim kartum arhathah  (10/23/1)
            Hey mighty armed Balarama and restrainer of the wicked Sri Krishna, at present demon in the form of hunger is giving us trouble, You should make it calm.
            Hearing this, Krishna says to His cowherd friends, my dear friends, a little away from here the Chaturvedi Mathura brahmanas, learned in Vedic injunctions are performing Angirasa yajna desiring for heaven, you go to their place of sacrifice and bring some eatable items stating Balaramji and My name.
            The cowherd friends hearing this from Krishna very quickly goes there and after completing the required formalities of paying obeisance etc. goes on saying –
            he bhumi-deva srunuta krishnasadesa-karina
            praptan janita bhadram vo gopan no rama-coditan  (10/23/6)
            Hey earthly gods please hear, we cowherd children, ordered by Sri Krishna and sent by Balaram have come here, may all good happen to you, we are afflicted by hunger. But as the brahmanas does not pay any heed to their words, the children gets disappointed, returns back to Krishna-Balaram and tells them everything.
            tad upakarnya bhagavan prahasya jagad-isvarah
            vyajahara punar gopan darsayan laukikim gatim 
            mam jnapayata patnibhyah sa-sa├Čkarsanam agatam
            dssyanti ksmam annam vah snigdha mayy usita dhiya
            gatvatha patni-salayam drstvasinah sv-alankrita
            natva dvija-satir gopa prasrita idam abruvan
            namo vo vipra-patnibhyo nibodhata vacamsi nah
            ito 'vidure carata krishnenesita vayam  (10/23/13,14,15,16)
            Krishna laughs hearing that the brahmanas did not pay any heed to the words of cowherd children. Saying that this is the rule of behavioral world again sends his companions to approach the wives of the brahmanas - tell them that I and Balaramji have come here, please give us necessary eatables, you will see that they will give us enough items to eat. So as per instruction as the cowherd children went and said to the wives of the  brahmanas, immediately they decorates golden plates with delicious foodstuff and in groups starts approaching towards Krishna-Balaram and their companions.
            syamam hirahya-paridhim vanamalya-barha-
            dhatu-pravala-nata-vesam anavratamse
            vinyasta-hastam itarena dhunanam abjam
            karnotpalalaka-kapola-mukhabja-hasam  (10/23/22)
            The wives of the brahmanas sees dark blue complexioned, wearing yellow garment, decorated with jungle flower garland, peacock tail and coloured minerals, dressed like a dramatic actor and resting His hands upon a friend standing beside Him and in another hand twirling a flower. Lilies are hanging in His ears, hair hung upto cheek and His face is smiling. Having darshan of this mind charming beauty the brahmanis attains utmost pleasure.
            Seeing them Sri Krishna says –
            swagatam vo maha-bhaga asyatam karavama kim
            yan no didrksaya prapta upapannam idam hi vah  (10/23/25)
            O fortunate ladies, you are welcome, please sit here. Tell what can we do, your coming to see Me is appropriate, we are hungry and by your various eatable items we have attained supreme satisfaction. Now you go back to your homes because without you the brahmanas will be unable to complete their yajna, you don’t have to worry; they will give you enough respect because you have My achieved mercy.
            Hearing this the wives of brahmanas becomes distressful and says –
            maivam vibho rhati bhavan gaditum nr-samsam
            satyam kurusva nigamam tava pada-mulam
            prapta vayam tulasi-dama padavasrstam
            kesair nivodhum atilanghya samasta-bandhun  (10/23/29)
            Hey Bhagavan to serve Your lotus feet we have renounced all our friends, relatives, everything and came here, telling us such hard-hearted words is not proper for You. You save Your promise and make it truthful, You have said - as one who serves Me I also serve Him like that, there is no ruination of My devotee – make it truthful. We have abandoned our all relatives and friends and arrived at the sole of Your foot to hold in our head the tulasi leaves offered unto You, so please be merciful upon us.
            Hey Prabhu if we, by Your order return back to our homes, our family will not accept us, we did not obey their obstructions. Bhagavan Sri Krishna says, O wives of brahmanas, you go back to your homes, your husbands will realize their respective mistakes and provide you enough respect.
            Now as the wives returns back the brahmanas says –
            dhig janma nas tri-vrd yat tad dhig vratam dhig bahu-jnatam
            dhik kulam dhik kriya-daksyam vimukha ye tv adhoksaje (10/23/40)
            As they have become averse to the Lord, the brahmanas censures their race, dharma, knowledge, birth, initiation everything. As the wives of brahmanas returns back to the place of sacrifice, nobody says them anything and everybody with their wives concludes their sacrificial activities accordingly. A powerful desire inspires among the brahmanas to see Krishna-Balaram but being afraid of Kamsa they could not dare to go there. Thinking about the good fortune of their wives they became pleased.