Bhagavad Saptaha XXXXIX

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Jarasandha and Kalajavan
            The nature of Paramatma Sri Krishna is ever blissful, formless bliss manifests taking the form of humanly Sri Krishna. All the pastimes of Sri Krishna are filled with happiness, the talks about Sri Krishna, seeing His deity, hearing His names, glorifying everything is extreme delight.
            Now begins the second part of 10th canto.
            astih praptis ca kamsasya mahisyau bharatarsabha
            mrite bhartari duhkharte iyatuh sma pitur grihan  (10/50/1)
            Kamsa’s two wives Asti and Prapti, Asti means already possessed and Prapti means will possess. I possess happiness and this happiness, I shall enjoy. Everybody knows that this soul is different from the body and so the pleasure of soul should also be different, still human beings spends the maximum part of their life enjoying the pleasure of body and senses. Everyone wishes happiness but what is real happiness that very few people judges. This is what the real nature of Kamsa is. After the death of Kamsa his two wives goes back to Magadha the capital of their father’s kingdom and describes all the incidents about the death of Kamsa to their demon brothers alongwith their father Jarasandha.
            Jarasandha decides Sri Krishna as his extreme enemy and alongwith with 23 akhayini soldiers attacks Mathura. Sri Krishna says to Balarama – brother, don’t kill Jarasandha but destroy all his soldiers. Jarasandha losing the battle goes back to his kingdom and after assembling a huge army once more starts a war with Sri Krishna suffering yet another great defeat. In this way for 17 times Jarasandha was defeated by Sri Krishna.
            In everybody’s life, after completion of 49 years Jarasandha will wage a war. The digestive system will not function properly, the eyes will be unable to see properly, feeling of tiredness all these are soldiers of Jarasandha. A human life is of 100 years and the first 50 years is the first part and the rest is the second. In the second part one had to be very cautious – 17 times means several times Jarasandha in the form of disease attacks and then at the time of 18th attack when Jarasandha accompanied by Kaljavan attacks one is bound to leave this body. At the end Sri Krishna goes away from Mathura.
            The talks of Bhagavad can be described in many ways. Kaljavan comes and attacks Mathura and seeing Mathura being attacked in various ways Sri Krishna and Balaram decides to leave Mathura and go to Anarta desha (Gujrat). At that time daughter of King Revata Revati is married to Balarama and as dowry Balaramji achieves Okha a province of Anarta desha. Balaramji wishes to come and live in this province and Sri Krishna also deciding to live there calls Biswakarma and orders him to create the city of Dwarka in the midst of the ocean. All the devataas bestows all their wealth to Sri Krishna to construct the city of Dwarka and thus in the ocean the beautiful city of Dwarka is build. The Yadavas unable to find doors to exit repeatedly asks dwar kaha-dwar kaha and from there this city gets the name of Dwarka.
            Dwarka is the city of brahma-vidya (prodigy of learning about brahman), as the ocean does not have any end like that the brahman also does not have any end. dwar means door and ka means Paramatma, in all the exits of Dwarka Paramatma is ever existing.
            Residing in tirtha is good but where Govinda had sheltered me that place has to be made as pure as tirtha that is more auspicious. The body resembling house and the senses resembling door is where the Lord is to be established. In the eyes Sri Krishna, in the ears Sri Krishna in all the senses Sri Krishna is to be kept, the senses by which bhakti is not performed that sense will commit sin. One who by all his senses performs bhakti achieves atmagyana (knowledge of the soul) and becomes able to meet Paramatma. The knowledge gathered from books is temporary but this atmagyana is everlasting, one who attains the nature of brahman to him Kaljavana is also unable to kill.
            Keeping the Yadavas in Dwarka Sri Krishna departs to wage a war against Kaljavana. Nobody from the clan of Yadus could kill Kalajavana as per benediction of Brahma.  Sri Krishna to fulfill the boon of Brahma leaves away suffering defeat in the hands of Kaljavana and so He receives the name Ranchora (one who leaves the war). Kaljavana starts following Him, Sri Krishna while going enters a cave in Girinara mountain where Muchkund Maharaj was sleeping. Sri Krishna while passing covers the body of Muchkund Maharaj with his pitambar (garment) and then Kaljavana arriving there; thinking him to be Krishna gives him a kick. Maharaj Muchkund opens his eyes, Maharaj Muchkund had a boon that anyone who breaks his sleep and if his sight falls upon him that person will be immediately reduced into ash and so happens to Kaljavana. After that Muchkund Maharaj attains the darshan of Sri Krishna and he very nicely glorifies the Lord.
            labdhva jano durlabham atra manusam kathancid avyangam ayatnato nagha
            padaravindam na bhajaty asan-matir grihandha-kupe patito yatha pasuh
            pura rathair hema-pariskrtais caran matam-gajair va nara-deva-samjnitah
            sa eva kalena duratyayena te kalevaro vit-krmi-bhasma-samjnitah  (10/51/46 & 50)
            Muchkund Maharja praising the Lord says, hey Bhagavan the condition of human being is like a frog before the mouth of a snake. Half of the body of the frog is inside the mouth of the snake and the rest half is outside but in this condition also if an insect comes in front of the frog it tries to catch and eat it.
            Sri Sukdev Maharaji describes that at the age of 50 the human body falls into the mouth of kala (death) still his sight towards bhakti does not awakens, remains in enjoying material pleasure. How much a jiva is indifferent, if somebody travels somewhere then from three or four days or somewhere it is seen that for one or two months before a person takes preparation, but for this last journey the human jiva does not undertake any preparation and that is very strange. Everyday taking sometime a person should take some preparation. By the order of the Lord, Maharaj Muchkund happens to perform austere practice at Badrinath and there he leaves his body and acquires the lotus feet of the Lord.
            After that Sri Krishna comes to Mathura. Jarasandha for 18 times wages war against Him, he wishes to the brahmanas that atleast once he can win over Krishna and so all the Brahmanas enrolls themselves in his army. Seeing the brahmanas in front Sri Krishna leaves the fight as He is a devotee of the brahmanas and as a result Jarasandha wins. Krishna flies and climbs over Prabarshan mountain, Parbarshan mountain is – where barshan (raining) of gyana and bhakti occurs eternally, it is a satwik land, when Jarasandha attacks we should also take refuge there.
            A healthy person breathes nine hundred times in an hour, so in 24 hours or in one day and night he breathes 21 thousand times. While taking breath one should chant the holy name of Krishna and whoever in his breath takes the name of the Lord he does not fall short of taking the name of the Lord at the time of death. By sincerely performing bhakti one’s death become auspicious and alone by bhakti one can become free from the sufferings of birth and death.