Bhagavad Saptaha XXXXVI

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mathura after death of Kamsa
            Relating with Paramatma Sri Krishna both life and death becomes auspicious, without relation there is no affection and from relation originates the frame of mind. Kamsa, not friendship but established enmity with the Lord but in that also he use to always think of Sri Krishna.
            sa nityadodvigna-dhiya tam isvaram
            pibann adan va vicaran svapan svasan
            dadarsa cakrayudham agrato yatas
            tad eva rupam duravapam apa  (10/44/39)
            The Lord liberates Kamsa, His anger is also filled with affection, He rescues His motherland from the terror of Kamsa.
            After the death of Kamsa all the companions of Krishna starts triumphing the glories of Krishna-Balarama, they decorates beautiful elephants and makes Krishna-Balarama sit upon it and takes out a large procession. All the citizens of Mathura becomes very much pleased and starts raining flowers, the citizens of heaven also starts dancing with them and all the four sides jubilates the victory of the Lord.
            Kamsa in his previous life was asura named Kalnemi, he was annihilated by Lord Vishnu during the churning of ocean, Sukracharya the guru of the demons makes him alive by administering Mritasanjivani (a kind of medicine which could recall the dead to live). After that He meditated upon Lord Brahma in the mountains of Mandharachal for 100 years and attains a boon that - you will never die in the hands of any devataa, in the dwapara yuga by getting birth in the womb of Ugrasena’s wife, you will be killed by Sri Krishna and in this way you will be released.
            Once upon a time as time Jarasandha winning all sides reaches the banks of Jamuna and establishes a camp there, the chain of his elephant Kubliayapira unfastens. Seeing this everybody ran away except Kamsa who again fastens back the elephant. Jarasandha become very much pleased at this incident and he gives marriage of his two daughters Arti and Prapti with Kamsa.
            Again once upon a time Kamsa goes to Mahendra Mountain and meets Bhagavan Parusurama. He receives a Haradhanu (bow) from Him and Parusurama tell him that no-one can ever break this but if anyone breaks, then he will be killed by that person. Only Bhagavan Vishnu will be able to break this bow.
            The previous lives of the wrestlers are – previously in a place known as Amravati there were five sons of Utkhya muni, they not studying the education of brahmana learnt the art of war of the ksatriyas from King Bali. So rishi Utkhya curses them to become wrestlers and they became the five wrestlers namely Chanura, Mustika, Kuta, Shala and Toshala and got killed in the hands of the Lord and attain salvation.
            On the other side the eight brothers of Kamsa, in their previous life they were eight sons of a jakhya (kind of devataa) who was a devotee of Lord Shiva and lived in a place named Alakapuri.
            By the order of their father they go to river Manasa to bring a thousand lotus flowers. While returning as they became enchanted by the fragrance of the flowers, they smell the odor and for this offence they got birth in the womb of asura. They took birth as brothers of Kamsa and being killed in the hands of Balarama they achieves liberation.
            Kubliayapira in its previous life was the son of King Bali by the name Mandagati. He with his huge body while walking along the road knocks a muni and that muni curses him and says, go, you are walking like an elephant, be born therefore as an elephant. Later on as he prays at the feet of the muni the muni says, in dwapara when you get killed in the hands of Sri Krishna you will attain liberation.
            Krishna-Balarama opens the chain of their parents Vasudeva and Devaki and prostrates at their feet.
            mataram pitaram vriddham bharyam sadhvim sutam sisum
            gurum vipram prapannam ca kalpo bibhrac chvasan-mritah  (10/45/7)
            One who does not preserve his living father, mother, wife, son, guru-brahmana and one who has taken shelter, he is a deathlike person.
            Vasudeva and Devaki with utmost affection embrace their children, kisses and bless them. After that Krishna makes Ugrasena the king of Mathura and asks Nandababa and His friends to quickly return back to Braja as mother Yasoda is very much inflicted with sorrows. He tells them that after reaching Braja they should explain everything to the Brajabashis and tell them that He will return after few days as some of His works are yet to be completed.
            Later on Vasudeva performs the thread giving and other sacraments of Krishna-Balarama by rishi Gargacharya and other brahmanas and donates cows as promised at the time of birth of Krishna.
            After that Vasudeva send the two brothers to the asrama of Sandipani muni for learning and there in 64 days Krishna-Balarama become skilled in 64 types of knowledge. A brahmana named Sudama was their dearest friend at that time.
            After completing studies as Krishna-Balarama wishes to give dakshina (sacrificial fee) to their spiritual master, guruma (wife of spiritual master) asks them to bring back their son who died while bathing in the ocean at Pravasa khetra.
            Sri Krishna to fulfill this wish of guruma goes to the ocean at Pravasa khetra.  The ocean god, by the arrival of Sri Krishna worships Him with various offerings, Krishna says, hey lord of ocean where is the son of my guru, the ocean god say, Prabhu I don’t know, may be asura by the name of Panchajanya knows about him. Sri Krishna kills asura Panchajanya and from inside his stomach gets a conch but does not find the son of His guru. Then He takes the Panchajanya conch and goes straightaway in the abode of Yama (god of death) and from their He bring the son of His guru and gives him to guruma as sacrificial fee. Guruma and Sandipani muni becomes very pleased, Sandipani muni tells them to return back to their homes and blesses them by saying, may the vedic hymns which I have taught remains ever fresh in Your minds birth after birth.
            After attaining blessings of Guruji and his wife Sri Krishna and Balaram returns back to Mathura and witnessing them Maharaj Ugrasena happens to be very happy. He bestows all his properties to Sri Krishna.
            When a jiva achieves too much property he forgets his duties and responsibilities but Lord Sri Krishna was cautious. His life, how was it in Gokula and how is it now in Mathura, in Gokula He use to wander around the cows and the calves but now He is the king of Mathura, golden palace, 56 kinds of foodstuffs numerous servants etc.