Bhagavad Saptaha XXXXVII

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Uddhava comes to Vrindavana
            Sri Krishna sends Uddhav Maharaj to Gokula Vrindavana –
            vrindavan pravaro mantri krishnasya dayita sakha
            sisyo brhaspatei saksad uddhavo buddhi-sattamah  (10/46/1)
            As per consideration of Uddabji gyana (knowledge to discriminate matter and spirit) is pre-eminence because it bestows liberation. The gopis considers - if a gyani (learned) is a devotee of the Lord then only he achieves liberation. Only after achieving prema-bhakti (love and devotion), Paramatma removes the curtain of maya and manifest Himself. If a gyani does not acquire prema-bhakti he falls down, although gyana and bhakti both are required, however in bhakti gyana is not inevitably required – feeling is predominant, pure emotion. Without bhakti gyana is like a horse and without gyana bhakti is blind, mahapurushas says not two but three (bhakti, gyana and bairagya) are required. Brahman is luscious, so to taste this luscious object bhakti, gyana and bairagya is necessary, after attaining brahma-vidya if affection in brahman does not awaken than the gyana becomes unsuccessful. It is easy to become brahma-gyani but always preserving brahma-dristi (vision of brahman) is very difficult, one who visualize this universe in the form of brahman he can only feel Paramatma in his heart. For the gopis the whole world is krishnamay, premomay, rasamay (filled with Krishna, filled with love wit and humour).
            Uddhabji Maharaj to become guru of the gopis, to explain them comes to Vrindavana but witnessing their love towards Krishna his pride of knowledge water down. Bhakti which prevails in Braja, in this samsara that kind of bhakti Uddhabji had neither seen anywhere nor ever heard off. Here where is there the requirement of knowledge, austerities, yoga etc?
            Uddhab says to the gopis to close their eyes and meditate upon Krishna and the gopis says, wherever our eyes goes we perceive Krishna therefore why should we close our eyes. Without closing, keeping it open if one envisages Paramatma then his is knowledge is pure. Uddhabji then goes to have darshan of Radharani and in this context is the brahmara-geet (song of the bee). Uddhabji says to Radharani - Krishna did not forget you, He always remembers you, now He is present in Mathura, Radharani says, Uddhab after reading four Vedas and six sastras yet you could not make out anything, in all four sides I envision Krishna, the brahman which is prevalent everywhere how could He be enclosed in Mathura “kim badanti” what are you saying. Radhaji then starts playing the flute and from inside it the sound of Radhe Govinda starts playing. All the gopis begins to dance and Mahatma Sri Uddhabji achieves the divine darshan of Sri Radha-Govinda. The gopis says – Uddhab our Krishna Nandanandan did not left us, He is with us, the Krishna of Mathura may be somebody else you better check it nicely.
            Uddhabji witnessing this wonderful untainted love adores the gopis by saying –
            asam aho carana-renu-jusam aham syam
            vrindavane kim api gulma-latausadhinam
            ya dustyajam sva-janam arya-patham ca hitva
            bhejur mukunda-padavim srutibhir vimrgyam  (10/47/61)
            Uddhabji understands that by bhakti gyana achieves it fulfillment. Without bhakti, without prema gyana is dry, tasteless. So a gyani must be a bhakta, must be a premi because a bhakta is much superior to gyani. Uddhabji came to Vrindavana for two three days but he stayed there for months, he was not even willing to return back to Mathura leaving Braja, but when Radharani tells him, he returns back.
            Uddhabji was judging, will he tell Krishna returning back to Mathura that He had disrespected the love of the gopis? Going there he adores the lotus feet of Krishna, Krishna resting His blessed hands upon Uddhab’s head says, Uddhab I never go anywhere leaving Braja, I am eternally Brajajana (resident of Braja) always stay in the company of gopis. This pastime is an ideal of bhakti characterizing prema.
            Then Sri Krishna sends Akrura to Hastinapur to collect the news of His affectionate devotees, the Pandavas because He got the news that the Kauravas tried to be burn them inside lakhyagriha (house made of lac), so to obtain the correct information He sends Akrura. Akrura reaching Hastinapur meets Dhritarastra and says –
            ekah prasuyate jantur eka eva praliyate
            eko nubhunkte sukritam eka eva ca duskritam  (10/49/21)
            Maharaj, the body which you wish to give pleasure will not accompany you, prana or jiva comes and goes alone, there are many at the time of happiness but sufferings are to be borne alone. Dhritarastra, favouring Duryodhana you are encouraging sin and for that you have to suffer the consequences. You give half the kingdom to the Pandavas, but this Dhritarastra does not agree. Later Akrurji meets Kunti devi and Bidura Maharaj, acquires all the news, returns back to Mathura and describes Lord Krishna everything in details.
            sasamsa rama-krishnabhyam dritarastra-vicestitam
            pandavan prati kauravya yad-artham presitam svayam  (10/49/31)to be continued
(A part of the Summary of Srimad Bhagavattam translated from the diary of Sri Gurudeb)