Bhagavad Saptaha XXXXVIII

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Rukmini’s wedding
            brahman krishna-kathah punya madhvir loka-malapahah
            ko nu trpyeta srivanah sruta-jno nitya-nutanah  (10/52/20)
            Sri Krishna is blissful, auspicious, to Maharaj Parikhit Sukdevji is describing –
            rajasid bhismako nama vidarbhadhipatir mahan
            tasya pancabhavan putrah kanyaika ca varanana  (10/52/21)
            The province of Bidharba now Amravati where in the days of past lived a king named Bhismaka. He had five sons and a daughter named Rukmini who bears resemblance of Lakshmi devi. On the banks of Ganga where all great sadhus had assembled to hear Bhagavad katha Maharaj Sukdev the acharya of all starts the talks of marriage of Rukmini. Now this talk, means the talk of marriage, what is so important for the sadhus-sanyasis and Maharaj Parikhit whose death is imminent to hear all these? The specialty is, this marriage is not an ordinary marriage between a husband and wife but it is about marriage of jivatma and Paramatma. It is unknown how many times this jiva has become husband and wife but could not attain peace, now Sukdevji is narrating about the final marriage of jiva with Paramatma. Here Parikhit Maharaj who is being cursed to die by the fatal bite of Takshak the snake, is seated hearing Srimad Bhagavat, he had established a special relation with Paramatma and so he does not have any fear of death. Takshak in the form of death bites the body but could not touch the soul.
            Rukmini devi sends a letter of seven syntax (saptapadi) to Sri Krishna. Srimati Rukmini devi is mother of the universe and Krishna is Paramatma, one who gets married with Paramatma had to bear several family torments. Rukmini devi’s brother Rukmi desires that his sister gets married to Damghosh’s son Sishipal but Rukmini was never willing to become a queen of a king. From her childhood age she, by satsanga (truthful association) and hearing satkatha (talks about absolute truth) had admitted Govinda as her husband.
            Her father Bhismaka also wished to give away his daughter to Sri Krishna but is unable to speak against his eldest son Rukmi. Sishupal means a lustful jiva. Rukmini writes a letter to Krishna and sends it to Dwarka through a trustworthy brahmana named Sudeb and tells him – on my behalf handover this letter to Sri Krishna and tell him what is in my mind. If a sadhu-brahmana says about somebody to the Lord the Lord becomes pleased. Sudebji reaches Dwarka and handing over the letter to Sri Krishna says – Rukmini devi is extremely beautiful and deserving, I knew her from her childhood, You accept her. Sri Krishna makes the brahmana read the letter because in this letter His glorification are written and hearing one’s glorification by one’s own mouth is not proper. In the letter an extreme concealed mood is expressed.
            srutva gunan bhuvana-sundara srnvatam te
            nirvisya karna-vivarair harato nga-tapam
            rupam drisam drsimatam akhilartha-labham
            tvayy acyutavisati cittam apatrapam me  (10/52/37) 
            One who recites Vaishnava sahasranaam (thousand names) he knows that one of the name of the Lord is Achyuta. The word Achyuta means infallible. By the touch of lust a jiva falls (chyuta) but Sri Krishna is absolutely dispassionate. Without sun the darkness does not fade away and darkness could not touch the sun. Rukmini address Krishna by say Bhubansundar means there is nobody as beautiful as Sri Krishna, Sri Krishna is dispassionate hence beautiful, by the touch of lust beauty is destroyed. Sri Rukmini devi says, hey Krishna You are extremely attractive, You are detached, I have heard about you from the sadhu-mahatmas, You are the destroyer of miseries of honest persons.
            tan me bhavan khalu vrtah patir anga jayam
            atmarpitas ca bhavato tra vibho vidhehi
            ma vira-bhagam abhimarsatu caidya arad
            gomayu-van mrga-pater balim ambujaksa   (10/52/39)
            I do not wish to become queen of any king, my wish is only to serve Paramatma and You are dispassionate and I am indifferent, I am only a part of You, hey Lord be merciful to me. If the share of lion is taken away by a jackal then the lion’s reputation is stained. You are the lion and Sishupal is a jackal.
            yasyanghri-pankaja-rajah-snapanam mahanto
            vanchanty uma-patir ivatma-tamo-pahatyai
            yarhy ambujaksa na labheya bhavat-prasadam
            jahyam asun vrata-krsan sata-janmabhih syat  (10/52/43)
            I believe that You will accept me as Your maid servant, if You don’t, I will take birth again and again but if I marry then I will only admit You as my husband. Doing penance repeatedly I will become thin and give up my body but will never accept anyone else as my husband. Prabhu hears the letter recited and says to brahmana Sudev – I know this maiden, I heard her admiration and I will accept her.
            Sri Krishna calls His charioteer Daruka and prepares His chariot, then remembering Bhudeva and adoring Ganapati Maharaj starts His journey alongwith brahmana Sudeb.
            By showing this ideal Sri Krishna teaches the jivas that although I am the Lord still I respect everyone, I preserve dignity of dharma and never renounce it. Sri Krishna in one night reaches the city of Bidharba, the residents of Bidharba takes darshan of Dwarkanath and they felt very happy. In their mind they also admit Sri Krishna as the best husband of Rukmini.
            Rukmini devi is waiting in the palace – time is passing away, Bhudeva has yet not arrived. Right at that time Sudeb brahmana arrives there, he was looking very much satisfied and seeing him Rukmini devi attains great pleasure.
            The brahmana says – my dear daughter, don’t worry, I have brought Dwarkadhisa here, you are going to worship Mother Bhavani in the temple and while coming back you will meet Him.
From there He will take you in His chariot and will return back to Dwarka. My blessing stays with you.
            A sadguru while connecting his truthful disciple with Paramatma receives utmost pleasure, a sacred brahmana who trisandhya (three periods of a day) worships Suryanarayana and chants gayatri mantra can never be a foolish or indigent.
            Shisupal arrives with his fellow men, Jarasandha, Dantabakra etc. various kings are also with him. Reaching there he receives the news that Sri Krishna has also come and hearing this Shisupal gets upset. Jarasandha and all others purvey courage, they says, Krishna is one and we are so many, so why fear.
            Rukmi comes and says, don’t you worry even a bird could not approach near the princess such arrangement is being made, all the heroic soldiers are guarding her. Upto the temple of Mother Bhavani the two sides of the road are guarded by the soldiers with their swords open.
            16 sakhis performing auspicious bath of Rukmini beautifies her with 16 sringara. Rukmini devi completes her daily rituals as worshiping Tulasi, serving Balagopala and adoring her parents etc. Her parents blesses her, may you be fortunate, may you attain sons and thus she starts to move towards the temple of Mother Ambika. In her left there are 8 sakhis and in her right there are 8 moving alongwith her. Slowly she is approaching, her movements are like a swan, and kings from various countries had assembled to see her but as all the king’s soldiers had surrounded her from all four sides the kings assembled could not witness her properly. Rukmini devi prays –
            Hey mother Ambike, you alongwith Ganesh etc. sons is by nature auspicious, my obeisance to you again and again. You kindly approve that may Lord Sri Krishna be my husband. Then after donating the brahmanas she comes out of the temple. As she was coming down the stairs of the temple, all the kings witnessing her whisper among themselves, how lucky Sishupal is to attain this beautiful lady.
            All jivas are called Sriman, it means that mere jivas are sons of mother Lakshmi and so she should be kept in everybody’s house and worshipped in the form of mother and by that her mercy is obtained. Rukmini devi did not like the intention of the kings, so anger manifests in her eyes which the kings assembled could not bear and seeing it all of them faints. 
            Right at that moment Sri Krishna arrives there, lifts her in His chariot and speedily drives away -
            ratham samaropya suparna-laksnam rajanya-cakram paribhuya madhavah
            tato yayau rama-purogamah sanaih srigala-madhyad iva bhaga-hrd dharih  (10/53/56)
            All the kings comes back to their senses and dashes towards Krishna, all of them gets ready to wage a war against Him.
            On the other side Balaramji hearing the news enters Bidharba alongwith a huge army, going there He routs the soldiers of all the kings with His plough and mallet and the kings unable to withstand begins to fly hither and thither.
            Rukmi also comes there to fight and Sri Krishna decides to kill him but at the prayer of Rukmini He shaves his head and pouring whey chases him away.
            Sri Krishna alongwith Rukmini arrives at Dwarka and Naradaji fixes a auspicious moment – the month of Magha, sukla pakkha, panchami tithi for their marriage. When the time arrive Sri Krishna-Balarma both of them quickly arrives Gokula Vrindavana and takes father Nanda mother Yasodha and the residents of Braja alongwith the gopis to Dwarka. Near Dwarka there is a place named Gopi kunda and besides it is the dwelling place of the gopis. The marriage of Sri Krishna with Rukmini devi is held at the day of Basant panchami at Madhavpur.
            All over jubilations of Lakshmi Narayana are celebrated. Auspicious arrival of direct Mahalakshmi, here the opulence is indescribable, they witnessing Sri Krishna and Rukmini devi becomes extremely pleased, while meditating upon they absorbs at the feet of Paramatma Sri Krishna.
            At the estrangement of jiva and iswara one who connects jiva with iswara she is Rukmini means hladini energy, part of Srimati Radharani, mother of all jivas, being merciful she confers brahma-sambandha (relation with brahman). In the scriptures three forms of Lakshmi are narrated – alakshmi, lakshmi and mahalakshmi. Alakshmi is produced from sins and her carrier is gibbon – wealth which ends with sorrow is alakshmi, wealth which comes to house through dharma-adharma and is spent more in enjoyment and luxury rather that serving the Lord that is lakshmi and the form of mahalakshmi is wealth which enters by following the principles of dharma and spent in virtuous activities. Mahalakshmi’s carrier is Garuda Maharaj. Lakshmi should be utilized with proper conscience, never to be misused. Earning wealth is not so hard but utilizing it truthfully is very difficult. Adequate utilization of wealth is dharma and enjoying it is adharma. Lakshmi is not for enjoyment, it is the means to acquire bhakti. No jiva can be the enjoyer or husband of Lakshmi, her husband is only one i.e. Sriman Narayana. When somebody worship mother Lakshmi truthfully she seats the jiva at the lap of Narayana.