Bhagavad Saptaha XXXXXI

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lord’s pastimes with Rukmini Devi
            Once Rukmini devi becomes proud of being the most beautiful among all the queens and also holder of all good qualities and that Sri Krishna likes her most.
            karhicit sukham asinam sva-talpa-stham jagad-gurum
            patim paryacarad bhaismi vyajanena sakhi-janaih   (10/60/1)
            Once Sri Krishna is lying down in His bed, Rukminiji very nicely decorating herself, with a hand-fan earnestly is serving Lord Sri Krishna. Today Rukminiji is serving the Lord and repeatedly seeing herself, although she is serving her master but in her mind she is thinking about her own beauty. The thought of material world is futile, thought about conscience is proper and no object or person is more lovable than God, the connection of jiva with iswara is truth and connection with samsara is false. In the service of Rukminiji inadvertence is produced, again and again she thinks of her beauty and with her eyes observes herself. In this way her mind and eyes both become restless, in the waking condition the mind resides in the eyes and to fix the mind one needs to fix the eyes first. Rukminiji is serving but her mind and eyes are not there resulting to carelessness. Sri Krishna understands that pride has appeared in devi which is destroyer of dharma and obstacle of bhakti. So to purify Rukmini Krishna performs a pastime. He says to Rukminiji – devi you are very beautiful, I even think that there is no one in this samsara as beautiful as you, but you have made a grave mistake by marrying me, I could never understand by seeing what have you married me, there is no similarity between you and me. You are born and brought in a palace and I am gopa grown up amidst jungles wandering after the cows of Vrindavana. You are fair looking and I am dark, the great kings were crazy to achieve you and they does not even wish to see my face so I am sitting here in the middle of this ocean.
            rajabhyo bibhyatah su-bhru samudram saranam gatan
            balavadbhih krta-dvesan prayas tyakta-nrpasanan   (10/60/12)
            The language of Sri Krishna had double meaning. Here He is saying that I very much fear the kings and so leaving war I have escaped here and everybody says me Ranchora.
            By judging the kings it could be seen – whomever possesses more rajaguna (mode of passion) is a king, rajaguna is the father of desire and anger – kama esa crodha esa rajaguna samudbhava’. King means extremely lustrous and luxurious jiva and so the Lord says I stay far away from the kings. Denouncing the association of the kings means sacrificing desire and luxury I exist here. The king slanders but sadhu-brahmanas admires me.
            vaidarbhy etad avijnaya tvayadirgha-samiksaya
            vrita vayam gunair hina bhiksubhih slaghita mudha   (10/60/16)
            I love the sadhu-brahmanas and hearing my praises in their mouth you have committed this mistake, see devi I could not caress the beauty of yours, I am not capable of it. Lustful persons are the appreciator of beauty and Sri Krishna is totally niskaama (desireless), Paramatma is dispassionate so His devotees are also like that.
            udasina vayam nunam na stry-apatyartha-kamukah
            atma-labdhyasmahe purna gehayor jyotir-akriyah   (10/60/20)
            Sri Nandanandana Krishna says, devi wherever you wish you may go, you can become queen of other kings also, you will be happy there, they will caress you.
            Hearing all these words from Sri Krishna, Rukmini devi becomes very sad. She thinks that will Govinda abandon me, her body starts to perspire, the handfan falls from her hand, she faints and was about to fall down, right at that time Sri Krishna confines her in His arms. He makes her seated in the bed, fans and serves her accordingly.
            Sukdevji says rajan Lord is greatest of all prideless, but to drive away the proudness of Rukminiji Lord frightens her and now again He makes her fearless. Bhagavan although is giver of fear but He also the destroyer, the nature of Lord is like that of the mother.
            After Rukminiji’s pride has gone away Sri Krishna says – I was only joking, it is just only an entertainment there is nothing to believe in it, you are very dear to me and I belong to you and that is the truth. As the pride of Rukminiji vanishes she makes a very nice statement –
            nanv evam etad aravinda-vilocanaha
            yad vai bhavan bhagavato sadrsi vibhumnah
            kva sve mahimny abhirato bhagavams try-adhisah
            kvaham guna-prakrtir ajna-grhita-pada    (10/60/34)
            Rukminiji says – hey prabhu I myself am not worthy for You, the lustrous persons runs after the beauty of a woman – worships Lakshmi but the gyanis does not adores Lakshmi but worships the master of Lakshmi. Although not deserving still You have mercifully accepted this maid servant and given her a place in Your home, I am not your queen hey deva I am just your servitor, don’t abandon me. All what You have said is absolutely true but as You have said me to go to some other king, that is not proper please don’t say that again.
            kanyam srayeta tava pada-saroja-gandham
            aghraya san-mukharitam janatapavargam
            laksmy-alayam tv aviganayya gunalayasya
            martya sadoru-bhayam artha-viviita-dristi   (10/60/42)
            That woman who did not have darshan of Yours she can love another man’s body, but one who had darshan of Yours, she will never wish to see any other person, Hey master please be merciful. Hearing these words from Rukminiji Krishna adores her very much and a blissful atmosphere spreads all over the place.
            In this chapter talk of ancestry is also described. Rukminiji’s son Pradunmya and Pradunmya’s son is Aniruddha. Aniruddha’s marriage is solemnized with Banasura’s daughter Usha devi and in this marriage a terrible battle takes place. Banasura was a foremost devotee of Sankara Bhagavan and although there is great love and affection between Sri Krishna and Shiva, but among the Shaivas and the Vaishnavas that love and affection is not to be seen, rather bickering is evident.