Bhagavad Saptaha XXXXXIII

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Assertainment of Absoluteness
            Uddhavji says – hey Bhagavan
            naivatmano na dehasya samsrtir drastr-drsyayoh
            anatma-sva-drsor isa kasya syad upalabhyate    (11/28/10)
            Soul is the seer and body is the scene, soul is self revealed and body is inert, in this condition this samsara of birth and death neither happens to the body nor the atma but all these are happening and that is felt, then whom does it happens?
            Lord says, dear Uddhav –
            soka-harsa-bhaya-krodha- lobha-moha-sprhadayah
            ahankarasya drsyante janma-mrtyus ca natmanah   (11/28/15)
            Ahankara becomes the prey of mourning, fear, anger, greed, illusion, longing alongwith birth and death, with atma it does not have any relation. When the atma situated in body, life-breath, mind and senses becomes deluded and thinks all these as its swarupa (own self) at that time he is named as jiva. The image of this extremely subtle atma is – a linga sarira built up of guna and karma. It is somewhere termed as sutratma and again somewhere as mahat tattva, there are many other names also. Subjugated under Parameswara in the form of kala (time) this atma wanders in the samsara of birth and death. Infact the mind, speech, life-breath and body these are activities of ahankara. Although it is root-less but impresses in the form of devataas, humans etc, a thoughtful person by worship and acuteness of knowledge cutting off the root of ahankara can and wander untroubled around the earth and in him there is no remainder of any hope and thirst.
            vijnanam etat triy-avastham anga guna-trayam karana-karya-karta
            samanvayena vyatirekatas ca yenaiva turyena tad eva satyam   (11/28/20)
            Means there are three states of mind, jagrata, swapna and sususpti (wakefulness, dreaming and dreamless) and for this reason the gunas are also three, sattva, raja, and tamo and this universe is also divided into three segments – adhyatma (the senses), adhibhuta (earth etc. great elements) and adhidaiva (doer). All of them are gods whose existence seems to be true and in samadhi (spiritual absorption) etc. these three gods does not exist although he still exists. That turiya tattva is beyond all these three states of mind and dependent upon it the fourth mahat tattva which is the absolute truth.
            The jivas subdued by samsara adjoins with karma from birth to death, in that reasons good and evil and thus attains joyfulness and lamentation etc. But one who realizes the truth, although he is located, doing activities as per code and conduct and under the aberration of dosa (criticism) and guna (qualities) yet he is not united with all these aberration.
            Yoga-sadhana performed as per my advice and by taking shelter unto me one can easily be absorbed into atma ananda (bliss) and no obstacles can do any harm to him.

Talks of Bhagavad dharma and departure of Uddhav
            Uddhabji says, hey Achyuta, one who cannot control his own mind, for him to do any sadhana as per your instruction will be very hard, so You say something simple by which human beings can achieve Your lotus feet very easily.
            Bhagavan Sri Krishna says, dear Uddhav, now I am telling you about the auspicious Bhagavad dharma which if practiced with due respect, a human being can conquer the turbulent death in the form of samsara.
            My devotee will perform all activities for Me and while performing he will slowly keep on remembering Me and in doing so in few days becomes dedicated unto Me. Keep following  the conduct and behaviour of my devotees, the sadhus, those pure hearted humans who witnesses Me existing as Paramatma in all living entities. The sadhaka who takes shelter of only that vision of knowledge by which he witnesses Me in all living beings and objects, cordially receives them as form of Mine and views impartially the brahmanas-chandalas, the robber and the virtuous, the merciful and the cruel he is real gyani.
            To attain Me the sadhanas which are there, the best among them I think is that in all living entities and objects, by the faculty of mind, speech and body, one should think only of Me - and this is My Bhagavad dharma. 
            Uddhav the mystery of this complete knowledge of brahman I have now described you in short, understanding it, let alone the humans, even for the devataas it is very difficult. One who is able to understand this mystery will attain that sanatana (eternal) parabrahma (supreme brahma) which is the supreme secret of the Vedas.
            After that Uddhavji pays obeisance and circumbulates the Lord and leaves for Badrika asrama.