Bhagavad Saptaha XXXXXIV

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Brahma Vidya
            Once Krishna was at Dwarka and at that time the day of solar eclipse arrives. There is divine grace of taking bath at Kurukhetra during solar eclipse and so many sadhu-mahatma and general public from various places arrives there.
            When there is solar eclipse all over the place it becomes dark, Sun is the resemblance of knowledge. Rahu and Ketu comes to swallow the sun and moon and that is called eclipse. When knowledge gets covered by ignorance one should take bath, chant and perform charity, at that time no other work should be done.
            Sungod is the proprietor of intelligence, Vasudevaji at that time performs great yajna.
            Krishna at that time adores His parents and asks them, please tell me what desires you have in your mind because desire is the cause of rebirth. Vasudevaji says, let my last exam becomes successful that is my only wish. The last exam of a human being is death, whose death becomes beautiful and auspicious his life is successful. Hearing the talks of Bhagavattam and narrating it, all sins are annihilated and a pure life is attained.
            Vasudevaji wishes to make his death auspicious. Krishna then asks His mother and mother says that the sons of mine whom Kamsa had killed, I wish to see them, this is my desire. This desire is strangest of all, one who had received Lord Krishna as her son still her desire is not fulfilled, she wishes to see her dead sons, very strange.
            Desires are to be destroyed by conscience and reasoning and the mind should be made to understand that in this samsara, there is no object no pleasure which is yet to be enjoyed by you as all these you have enjoyed many times. From enjoyment although for a little while happiness is achieved but through renunciation an unending peace is obtained.
            To fulfill the wish of His mother Sri Krishna goes to patal-loka (netherworld) and from there brings back those children whom Kamsa had killed earlier. Bringing them in front of His mother Krishna further asks, mother, what more desire do you have, mother Devaki says, hey Krishna let my death become auspicious that is my only desire left. Krishna then advises them about tattva-gyana.
            Then there are talks about marriage of Subhadra, Krishna’s sister. At Jagannath temple of Sri Puri dham there is a deity of Subhadraji in the middle of Krishna Balaram. The word bhadra means welfare, learning which grants welfare is Subhadra, the actual learning is that which liberates one from the crucial danger of birth and death. Subhadra is brahma-vidya (learning of brahman) existing in the middle of Krishna and Balaram. Balaram is the resemblance of sabda-brahma and Sri Krishna is para-brahma. One who worships sabda-brahma and para-brahma in him brahma-vidya is awakened. Bhagavan Sri Krishna bestows that brahma-vidya personified as Subhadra to Arjuna.
            Then the talks about Krishna’s going to the Mithila province and meeting brahmana Srutadeva and king Bahulaswara is described. After that the talks of veda-­stuti is narrated in Bhagavattam. All the Vedas glorifies Paramatma Nandanandan Sri Krishna.
            The Vedas glorifies Paramatma in both ways, one as nirguna-nirakara (without quality and form) and also as shaguna-sakara (with quality and form). In the veda-stuti the secret of arambhabad (theory of commencement), parinambad (transformation) and bibartabad (evolution) is explained. In this chapter Shiva tattva and Vishnu tattva is also explained.
            Sri Sukdevji says, Bhagavan Sri Krishna has unending qualities and His talks are also unending, so topics about unending never end.     
            Sri Krishna appears at Mathura and from there comes to Gokula, for 11 years and 52 days stays at Gokula Vrindavana, performs various pastimes and confers great pleasure to the gopis, kills Kamsa etc. demons and become Mathuradhisa, then becomes Dwarkadhisa. Amidst the war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas slays many sinful kings and abducts the weight of earth. Advises Arjuna and Uddhab and at the end goes back to His abode Goloka Vrindavana. The 10th canto is very briefly described.
            martyas tayanusavam edhitaya mukunda
            tad dhama dustara-krtanta-javapavargam
            gramad vanam ksiti-bhujo pi yayur yad-arthah   (10/90/50)