Monday, 27 September 2021

 (I am writing this just to share my 20 years experience in search of spirituality. May be I am wrong. I don't have any intention to hurt anyone and unknowingly if I have done so I beg forgiveness.)

Hey are you a vegetarian?


What about protein, you know protein is important for development of body especially brain which is very much required particularly for spirituality. 

Why milk?

Yes milk is a very good source of protein, not only protein, milk has everything, protein, minerals, vitamin everything. Nature has given all its valuable ingredients in milk. And about taste, even if you mix milk with feces, it will become tasty, such is milk.

 Nothing in this world is more auspicious than milk. But milk is not for grown ups. Nowhere, no living creatures in this earth consume milk. Why? Because its too much restricted. Nature has never given such restrictions to any other items except milk. It comes to mother along with the baby, stays only as long as the baby requires. After that vanishes. Even if you kill and search a cow you will not find a single drop of milk. But as soon as it sees its newly born calf  milk automatically comes to her breast. People only take this advantage, deprive the calf and steal away the milk. How can you use that milk and follow the path of spirituality. You think its possible? Simple. 

I understand but than what about protein which is important for body and brain.?

 That's your problem, life is very tricky. No safety, no safe path. But as a consequence of this offense you will be punished. You will  be covered by illusion. Gita says a person not performing any religiosity is rajashik but a person pursuing wrong religion is tamashik a person under the grab of spirituality is committing a offense knowingly or unknowingly. And as a result of this you will be attracted to a pseudo religion and here starts your illusive life. Some false knowledge will be inserted in your mind that family life is sinful resulting dukha (sorrow) impediment for enlightenment. People who are enlightened left their wife and children and may be if you are serious you will try to follow that path which is not your nature. Leaving family for enlightenment is Buddhism. Gautam Buddha initiated it and after him many religious leaders who actually propagated shadowed Buddhism followed this path. Some of these leaders died of severe diseases, murdered or committed suicide.

 I am not criticizing sanyas dharma, I just want to say that it's naturally inherited. A sanyasi is born, it's not circumstantial, not through knowledge, it's natural. A thought of marriage never crops in the mind of sanyasi. One of the greatest sanyasi of this era once said, I don't understand love between a boy and girl. A sanyasi belongs to the clan of four rishis brahma first created  who refused to go for family life. After that Brahma created Manu and we are from that clan. Moksha (relieve from dushcinta (evil thought) can be attained by both grihasth and sanyas depending upon the mercy of Devi. This maya jaal, the web of evil thought, that samsara is dukha and there is a need to get relieve is the only illusion erupts in the mind  as a punishment of some grave offense committed and this  inauspious thought, develops a guilt feeling and push onself to a fake addiction, designed by present so called spiritual environment which passes a wrong instance that family life is hindrance to  spirituality. Infact there is a song addressed to Maa Kali composed by sadhak Ramprasad that sangsar dharma boro dharma maa tai parina chere jete (Mother, dharma of family life is superior dharma so I cannot leave it).

Are are advocating some religion?

  I am just sharing what I understood.  Read my other blogs to know about my previous experience. Thanks.